Syllabus for FET – JNTUH - 2010

Subject Code : 03 Subject Name : Mechanical Engineering Thermodynamics, Cycles and IC Engines, Basic concepts, Open and Closed systems. Heat and work. Zeroth, First and Second Law, Application to non-Flow and Flow processes. Entropy, Availability, Irreversibility and Tds relations. Claperyron and real gas equations, Properties of ideal gases and vapours. Standard vapour, Gas power and Refrigeration cycles. Two stage compressor. C-I and S.I. Engines. Preignition, Detonation and Diesel-knock, Fuel injection and Carburation,

Supercharging. Turbo-prop and Rocket engines, Engine Cooling, Emission & Control, Flue gas analysis, Measurement of Calorific values. Conventional and Nuclear fuels, Elements of Nuclear power production.

Heat Transfer and Refrigeration and Airconditioning. Modes of heat transfer. One dimensional steady and unsteady conduction. Composite slab and Equivalent Resistance. Heat dissipation from extended surfaces, Heat exchangers, Overall heat transfer coefficient, Empirical correlations for heat transfer in laminar and turbulent flows and for free and forced Convection, Thermal boundary layer over a flat plate. Fundamentals of diffusive and connective mass transfer, Black body and basic concepts in Radiation, Enclosure theory, Shape factor, Net work analysis. Heat pump and Refrigeration cycles and systems, Refrigerants. Condensers, Evaporates and Expansion devices, Psychrometry, Charts and application to air conditioning, Sensible heating and cooling, Effective temperature, comfort indices, Load calculations, Solar refrigeration, controls, Duct design.

Metal Casting: Casting processes - types and applications; patterns - types and materials; allowances; moulds and cores - materials, making, and testing; moulding methods; design of casting, gating and risering; casting inspection, defects and remedies.


CI engine working principle. M1G. extrusion. and explosive welding.geometry of culling tools. Merchant's analysis. Engine lubrication. piercing. selection of machining parameters. Charging circuit. Self starter. coining and embossing. Automotive engines. mechanics of machining . metal working defects. broaching. super finishing. and wheels Automobile electrical system. grinding. lapping. tool materials. electron beam. gear cutting. Gear box construction. laser beam welding processes. rolling. other joining processes . cutting forces and power requirements. forge. chip formation. Engine servicing.Engine construction. friction. and other controls -2- . principles and applications of nontraditional machining processes.Clutch working principle. concept of flow stress. Automobile power transmission. bending. cutting fluids. Metal Joining Processes: Welding processes . Lighting system. honing. Universal joint. Various fuels. Hybrid engine working principle. resistance. hot and cold working . construction and types. economics of machining. Types of engine. electroslag.Metal Forming: Stress-strain relations in elastic and plastic deformation. brazing. alternator. machining processes-turning. thread production.forging. deep drawing. milling. plasma arc. SI engine working principle. Rear axle.soldering. inspection of welded joints. defects and remedies. thermit. Differential. too! wear and tool life. Engine cooling. boring. sheet metal working processes such as blanking. Hydrogen engine working principle. deformation mechanisms. submerged arc. types and requirements. machinability. braze welding. Propeller shaft.Battery construction and maintenance. planing. thermal aspects of machining. Machining and Machine Tool Operations: Basic machine tools. wire and tube drawing. TIG. shaping. drilling.manual metal arc.

Electronic Interface Subsystems : TTL.Electro-hydraulic Actuation Systems .Power Supply . mechanical.Timing Belts – Ball Screw and Nut .Bearings. Precision Mechanical Systems: Pneumatic Actuation Systems . thermal dissipation . buffer IC’s . resetable fuses .opto coupling.Automobile controls. construction and advantages. motors Isoation schemes.Motor / Drive Selection.Hydraulic Actuation Systems .Bipolar transistors / mosfets.Linear Motion Guides . Braking system. steering system construction. -3- . over current sensing . types.Steering system geometry.Linear Bearings . hydraulic and pneumatic breaks.Protection schemes – circuit breakers . CMOS interfacing .Harmonic Transmission .Electro-pneumatic Actuation Systems .Sensor interfacing – Actuator interfacing – solenoids .

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