Daniel Kim Physics 20 P4

Car activity
Question: What are the speeds of two different toy cars? If one car is released 3.0s after the other, where will they meet? Variables: Manipulated variables: point of time which the car is released Responding variable: speed of the car Controlled variables: type of car, the distance car travels Materials and Equipment: Two battery operated toy cars Ticker tape Carbon disk Spark timer (60hz) Ruler Graph paper Masking tape

Procedure: 1. On a flat surface, such as the floor or lab bench, mark the initial starting position of car 1 with masking tape 2. Using masking tape, attach 1.m of ticker tape to the end of car 1. 3. Thread the ticker tape through the spark timer 4. Turn the car on. 5. Turn the spark timer on as you release the car from its initial position 6. Observe the path of car 1 until the ticker tape is used up. Label the ticker tape “car 1” 7. Repeat steps 2-6 for car 2 Analysis 1. Draw a line through the first dot on each ticker tape and label it t=0s 2. Depending on the calibration of your ticker timer, count from the starting position, and place a mark after a fixed number of dots 3. Using an appropriate scale, graph each set of data for each toy car, separately 4. Determine the slope of the line of best fit for each graph 5. What is the speed of each toy car? Car 1 travels 38.4 cm/s

Daniel Kim Physics 20 P4 Car 2 travels 38. .7s to travel 30m Imagine that you release the faster car 3.0s after the slower car.4cm/s)(15s)= 576cm=5. 9. how far would car 1 travel in 15s (38. car 1 will travel 5. how long would it take car 2 to travel 30m? 30m=3000cm 3000cm/(38.76m In 15s.1cm/s)=78.76m Assuming uniform motion.7s Car 2 would take 78. 7. Assume uniform motion. 6. 8. Graphically determine the position here the two cars meet.1 cm/s How do the speeds of car 1 and car 2 compare? Car 1 is faster than Car 2 by a small difference Assuming uniform motion.

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