First you must install 'mobileEx_setup_v3.4_rev1.

2_20100624_' then run 'blackberry_usb_dongle_driver_setup' installer and after all that's done then plug in the usb dongle to your computer and.. UPDATE KEY FIRST YOU DO THIS BY To update: Open 'mobileEx_setup_v3.4_rev1.0_20100503' from your desktop 1. Goto Options->Module, select "Nokia Service Tool" and click "Update" 2. Goto Options->Module, select "BlackBerry Tool" and click "Update" 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Open 'mobileEx_setup_v3.4_rev1.0_20100503' from your desktop Click on the 'Options' tab Click on 'Connect' Double click where it says 'BlackBerry Tool' and it will load up Click on the 'Scan Device' button and all the fields will become enabled Type in the required IMEI Type in the MEP in 'MEP' field like so; MEP-XXXX-XXX Click on 'Calc Code' Wait 20 seconds for your code to appear onscreen

Note: internet connection and Windows XP / Vista required.

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