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Oman Business Guide

Oman Business Guide

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Doing Business in


Produced by the UKTI Team in OMAN Contact: Sam Oliver Email: Sam.Oliver@fco.gov.uk Last Updated: July 2012
The purpose of the Doing Business guides, prepared by UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) is to provide information to help recipients form their own judgments about making business decisions as to whether to invest or operate in a particular country. The Report’s contents were believed (at the time that the Report was prepared) to be reliable, but no representations or warranties, express or implied, are made or given by UKTI or its parent Departments (the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS)) as to the accuracy of the Report, its completeness or its suitability for any purpose. In particular, none of the Report’s contents should be construed as advice or solicitation to purchase or sell securities, commodities or any other form of financial instrument. No liability is accepted by UKTI, the FCO or BIS for any loss or damage (whether consequential or otherwise) which may arise out of or in connection with the Report.


potential opportunities and an introduction to other relevant issues. Novice exporters.Are you a member of a UK company wishing to export overseas? Interested in entering or expanding your activity in the Omani market? Then this guide is for you! The main objective of this Doing Business Guide is to provide you with basic knowledge about Oman. an overview of its economy. Full contact details are available at the end of this guide. Exporting companies are responsible for checking that their goods can be exported and that they are using the correct licences. business culture. Further assistance is available from the UKTI team in Oman. Further information is available on the Businesslink site 2 . Important Information Sanctions and Embargoes Some countries maybe subject to export restrictions due to sanctions and embargoes placed on them by the UN or EU. in particular will find it a useful starting point.

...........................................4 Preparing to Export to Oman ...............6 Business Etiquette........... 6..................14 What are the challenges? ............... 7.....6 How to do business in Oman .......................Content 1............................................................................................... Introduction...............................................................................................................16 3 ............................. 3............................... 8............... 2.....................................................................................................................14 How to Invest in Oman ...........................................................15 Contacts .................... Language and Culture ......15 Resources/Useful Links ....................................................................... 5.. 4.............................................................

net profit and royalties English widely spoken and accepted as a business language. a number of projects involving international contractors are in the pipeline. No personal income tax. industrial zones and special economic zones. port and logistics development. Oil and gas exports provide the backbone of Oman’s economy. Machinery. Total spend on developmental projects between now and 2020 will be in the region of $30 billion. 4 . and a modern and expanded tourism industry. is very strong and continues to grow year on year. Gitex (IT/Telecoms). Opportunities in Oman Against the backdrop of the global economic situation. British Standards are widely used and accepted. Consistently high oil prices mean that Oman’s economy. Plans to develop Oman’s tourism potential have stimulated activity in the hotel and leisure sector. mostly reliant on imports. and construction products are in good demand. Index (buildings). British engineering consultants and specialist service providers still continue to have a major share of the market. like the rest of the Gulf. the Government of Oman is committed to public spending and all the planned projects are going ahead as scheduled. airports. Apart from oil. In 2009 Omani exports to the UK reached £149 million. and a new railway line over 1000 Km in length that should be operational by 2018-19. These include new build ports. The country relies on oil for most its revenue. Good connectivity by air to all major cities Access route to Asian and African markets Oman is one of UK’s major trade partners UK is Oman’s preferred educational destination Majority of the Western tourists visiting Oman are from the UK and UK residents are the largest Western expatriate segment in Oman Britain has enjoyed a formal trading relationship with Oman for over 350 years and is Oman's eight largest source of imports. ArabHealth etc draw a large number of Omani visitors. education and training also provide good opportunities for the UK. healthcare.1. British goods and services are well known and well received. Record budget surpluses are adding impetus to Oman’s ongoing infrastructure and industrial development programme. tools. A key strand of current economic policy. therefore. and defence accounts for one third of its expenditure. engineering equipment. is to gradually decrease the country’s reliance on oil income through downstream oil industry development (petrochemicals/metals). Strengths of the market          Open economy. A number of large infrastructure and developmental projects are now under construction. UK consultants with a varying range of expertise are able to find frequent short and medium term assignments in a number of areas. gas and petrochemicals. roads. Although bulk of the construction work is carried out by local contractors. Introduction The UK exported £389 million worth of goods to the Sultanate of Oman in 2011. Full repatriation of capital. Exhibitions held in the UAE eg Big Five (construction). fisheries. A long-term approach and a high level of business loyalty are essential for successful market penetration and for sustaining market share.

natural gas. with a Human Development Index (HDI) value of 0. but also the largest city. Standard of living Oman is ranked 89th in the 2011 UN Human Development Report. In 2011. UK exports are mainly industrial machinery and transport equipment. Saudi Arabia. 5 .Trade between UK and Oman British          businesses have performed well in the following sectors: Transport equipment (largely defence-related) Telecommunications Power-generating machinery Industrial machinery Electrical machinery Scientific instruments Pharmaceuticals Chemicals Invisible exports (training/education/services etc) Economic and political situation The major industries in Oman are oil. the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait). Salalah. major port and centre for finance. the second largest city. petrochemical and industrial cluster. In many sectors the UK is seen as the clear partner of choice. light industry and many of the service industries. fishing harbor. a small fishing village midway between Muscat and Salalah has been slated for focused development and will be home for about 20. Driving times are approximately: Nizwa 1. and power generating machinery and equipment. in addition to an already operational Dry Dock. and has good working relations with Iran.5% in 2011.000 people in ten years. an increase in natural gas output and buoyant activity in the non-hydrocarbon sector. agriculture and fishing. Sohar 2 hours and Sur 3 hours. much of it associated with the oil industry.841. 2011 GDP per capita was US$22. Oman’s economy grew by nearly 5. It’s main industry is the ultra modern Salalah container port and Free Trade Zone. education and a decent standard of living. Bilateral Trade The UK has a healthy trading relationship with Oman. Oman has an excellent road network. The UK is Oman’s eight largest trading partner. UK Defence sales to Oman are considerable but the amounts are not included in generic export data. supported by high oil prices (oil revenues make up over 50 per cent of GDP).15 hours. International Relations Oman values its good relations with its GCC partners (Bahrain. Principal commercial centres and towns Muscat is not only the capital of Oman and seat of government. Qatar. industrial port. Developmental activity envisaged here includes.705. Duqm. Flying time to Salalah is 1½ hours. tourism and leisure facilities etc. British exports to Oman totaled £389 million. The HDI focuses on three measurable dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life. For those who wish to get out and about. In the first Quarter of 2012 exports had increased by a further 29%. is 1000kms south of Muscat.

Preparing to Export to Oman The FCO website has travel advice to help you prepare for your visits overseas and to stay safe and secure while you are there. These services include the provision of market information. establishing the interest of such contacts in working with the company. In addition. the Embassy's Trade & Investment Advisers. The appointment of a local partner/representative will only be the first step. and personal relationships are important. mostly from the sub-continent. Preparing to Export to Oman In most cases doing business in Oman requires local representation in the form of an agent or distributor. 2. Therefore regular visits to the market. The indigenous population is growing at 3.utki.Population The Omani society is multi-racial with an estimated population of 3. please contact your local UKTI office. You can commission these chargeable services through UK Trade & Investment (UKTI). Local representation To find out more about commissioning work. who have wide local experience and 3.5 per cent and over half of the population is under the age of 20. Family businesses dominate the business environment. How to do business in Oman knowledge. can identify business partners and provide the support and advice most relevant to your company's specific needs in the market. they can also organise events specifically designed to cultivate contacts or launch or promote a company and its products/services. British companies wishing to approach the Oman market are advised to undertake as much market research and planning as possible in the UK. Under this service.uk 6 . UKTI’s team in Oman can provide a range of services to help UK companies access the market.2 million of which over a million are expatriates. validated lists of agents/potential partners. Our services include the provision of market information. and arranging appointments. especially during the early phase. UKTI’s team in Oman can provide a range of services to British-based companies wishing to grow their For advice please visit the FCO Travel section business in the Oman market. validated For more details regarding Oman visas please visit the Royal Oman Police website. • World Bank’s Country Profile for Oman • The Omani Centre for Investment Promotion and Export Development Getting here and advice about your stay FCO Travel Advice 2. See www. are an important part of a successful interaction with the agent/distributor. key market players or potential customers. Useful Weblinks The following websites provide practical advice about investing and setting up a business in Oman.gov.

Commercial Samples and Temporary Imports Oman has no provisions for the temporary entry of goods. which should be given. in reasonable quantities. many food products may also have to comply with hygiene and ingredients regulations. Therefore samples brought into the country are liable to duty. export rebates. and standard quality disclosures. Import of goods originating from Israel is prohibited. The bank guarantee. With the exception of a few items. Bona fide un-saleable commercial samples. less 1% in the case of jewellery. jewellery. Such arrangements can become difficult and expensive to get out of once in place. in order to gain market share or undermine an existing or emerging industry in Oman. Import controls Imports must be accompanied by a certificate of origin and a commercial invoice. favourable loan guarantees. Import of alcohol. a bank guarantee is required the value is calculated on the basis of the appropriate duty. capital loans. may be sent by post or as airfreight and no duty is charged.g. For samples of high value. On departure. with an itemised list (in duplicate) of the samples. highly competitive and has a vendor culture.The Omani market is import-oriented. representational or selling arrangements are tested out over a trial period before being formalised. Additionally. The success of a product depends to a great extent on the agent. import duties in Oman are levied at a rate of five to 15 per cent. to the customs officer on arrival. Several major end-users. Labeling and packaging regulations Labeling in Arabic is required on all consumer products. product information. narcotics and explosives require a special license. Such samples should have a declaration that they are samples. firearms. There is no standard format for agency agreements. Oman can apply anti-dumping or countervailing duties to these products. which must be certified by an Omani Consulate or representative abroad. will then be given back to the returning visitor. identification of the manufacturer. as well as the Omani Commercial Law. An example of an unfair subsidy would be government grants. the items will be checked against a copy of the list and customs duty must then be paid on the items not re-exported. Labels need to provide information that includes placement of identification data. These additional duties are imposed on a temporary basis to counteract the effects of an unfairly low price or an unfair subsidy to the producer. Anti Dumping and Countervailing Dumping occurs when a non-Oman firm sells its product in Oman for less than it sells it in its own country. 7 . Arrangements should be made for a bank in Oman to issue a guarantee in Rials Omani. e. however it is recommended that if necessary. and tax incentives. encourage vendors to have a registered local agent. For more details please visit the Royal Oman Police website.

The Government imposes duties of 10 to 50 per cent on some items in order to protect nascent domestic industries. Higher tax rates previously levied on branches of foreign companies have been removed. Certain essential consumer goods and other items are exempted from customs duty. seeds. The rates are three per cent for Government eight per cent for employers and five per cent for employees. credit will be given in the taxpayer's country of residence for tax imposed on the same income in the source country. For more details on customs. Under the terms of the agreement. Examples of these include currency.001 OMRs. agricultural implements and insecticides.pdf. Customs duties Customs duties for most goods are charged at 5 per cent of cost. Website address http://www. Capital gains relating to business activities are subject to tax as business profits. insurance and freight (CIF) value. refined petroleum products. live plants. employers and employees must make contributions towards a pension fund. Social Security Taxes Social security currently only applies to Omani employees. Corporate Income Tax Since 2010. gold and silver bullion. tea and various foodstuffs.gov. and branches of companies registered in the GCC will be taxed at rate 12 per cent for taxable income over 30. business profits are generally to be taxed only in the country where the taxpayer is resident. goods produced in other GCC countries enter duty free if accompanied by certificates of origin. books. Where. In addition to this. material harm to the Oman domestic market. With a few exceptions. tobacco and pork products (up to 200 per cent).hmrc. income continues to be taxable in both countries. Special duties apply to alcoholic beverages. 8 . Capital Gains Tax There is no separate tax levied on capital gains.uk/taxtreaties/in-force/oman-dtaconsolidated.These duties can only be imposed if the imported goods have caused. exempted goods. Double Taxation Agreement A double taxation agreement between the Sultanate of Oman and the United Kingdom was signed in London on 23 February 1998 and revised in 2009. fertilisers. companies registered in Oman with or without foreign participation. under the agreement. employers must contribute an amount equal to one per cent of an employee's salary to cover the risks of occupational injuries and diseases. restricted & banned items and temporary exports visit the Royal Oman Police website. The Government. unless they arise through a 'permanent establishment' in the other country. This was the UK's first such agreement with a Gulf country. or are likely to cause.

with some 2. Website Address: https://etendering.om For further guidance and technical support please contact: E-Tendering Helpdesk 9 .Export Documentation Most UK imports into Oman (except those of low monetary value) require a commercial invoice and an Arab-British Chamber of Commerce Certificate of Origin. Tenders are contested keenly and the bidding process is fairly transparent. Companies with valid Tender Board registration are exempted from paying any additional registration fee. However post-tender price negotiations is a common practice. the environmental management systems standard. relating to international quality management systems. Both of these standards have Bidding for Tenders in Oman All ministries have an internal tender department that deals with projects within a value of RO 1 million. Contractors and consultants are registered with the Tender Board(s) and are graded according to their capabilities. making it easier for British companies to export their products to these markets on the back of conformity to established specifications. Standards and Technical Regulations All imported foodstuffs must have the date of manufacture and date of expiry clearly shown on the labels. There is also more emphasis now for UK suppliers to be registered to ISO 9000. British Standards are widely used in the Sultanate of Oman. All companies registered and non-registered with Tender Board should register themselves in the new e-Tendering system and create their unique user IDs. as well as ISO 14001. The new electronic system is designed for transparent and swift processing of tenders. It should be a supplier's certified statement of origin. Companies are requested to fill in their company details as per the information requested and submit the same for approval by Tender Board.gov. processes and technologies. The Tender Board has introduced an e-Tendering System to float tenders (as per Tender Law) for all Ministries and Government entities with an aim to simplify the entire bid submission and tender evaluation process. Contracts for all Government projects having a value above this limit is dealt with by the Oman Tender Board. The commercial invoice and certificate of origin must be legalised by the Embassy of the Sultanate of Oman in London. The lowest bidder usually wins. Registration through e-Tendering system has been available online since 12th July 2010.tenderboard. The commercial invoice must be a supplier's invoice and may not originate from agents or representatives or importers.000 new or revised standards being issued each year to keep the technical content up-to-date and to encompass new materials. There are now over 18.000 British Standard publications covering all industry sectors.

However. Trademarks are protected for 10 year renewable periods. Advertising and participation in sales promotions and other trade events is often helpful for raising consumer awareness and gaining market share. Muscat Daily and the Oman Tribune . Failing this. Some firms have successfully offered special. insurance and freight (CIF). There are several advertising agencies in Muscat. Times of Oman.om Working hours: 8 am to 5 pm (+3 hours GMT) Ramadan hours: 9 am to 2 pm Intellectual Property Patents The law on patents issued in 2000 establishes a facility for the registration and protection of patents. price is the most important factor in promoting sales in Oman. but effectiveness will vary according to product. Price quotations should be given in Omani Riyal (OMR). Patents may be registered for a term of 20 years Trademarks Trademarks law was revised in 2008.gov. all charges paid including customs duty. 10 . British exporters are advised to consult their advertising agents before embarking on an advertising campaign.there is a growing number of economic and other publications in English. it is evident that product quality and after-sales service are also becoming important selling factors in the Omani market. low introductory prices on consumer products to gain a foothold in the market and develop customer awareness and loyalty. Sales Promotion Generally.Oman Daily Observer.Tender Board Oman Tel: +968 2469 8621 R-mail: helpdesk@tenderboard. Selling & Communication Advertising Advertising is permitted in the press and on television. Local and foreign companies may apply to the Department of Trademarks for protection. The market is importorientated and a vendor culture prevails. Appointing an agent/distributor is recommended to aid in marketing and sales. Exchange Controls Oman imposes no foreign exchange controls and no other restrictions on the repatriation of profits or capital by foreign investors. Apart from four English dailies . Copyrights Penalties are imposed for breach of law protecting original works on copyrights issued by Royal Decree in 2008. prices should at least be quoted in Omani Rial cost.

as to the chosen foreign law. Telephone There are sophisticated telephone links between Muscat and the rest of the world. Muslims in private companies are only expected to work a six-hour day or a 36 hour week during this period. particularly a commercial contract. Incoterms provide guidance on the commonly used trade terms in international trade. Friday is the Muslim holy day. The IDD code for Oman is 00 968 followed by the subscriber's number.Incoterms Exporters will find Incoterms 2000 a useful guide for specifying their obligations for delivering goods safely in international contracts. hours are liable to vary. and to agree upon that evidence. However. are free to arrange their own affairs. 11 . including the UK and France. Contract Law The approach adopted by the Commercial Court is that parties to a contract. a precedent has not been set in which the courts in Oman have applied a law other than the law of Oman. Oman is a signatory to the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) and has entered into a number of investment protection treaties with other states. that the judgement must not be contrary to Omani law. the Government has an ambitious e-commerce programme. These are subject to a number of conditions being fulfilled. provided that the parties to a case before it are able to bring evidence. The court holds the view that it has no objection on grounds of public policy or otherwise to a choice of a foreign law in preference to Omani law. Hours of business Working hours are regulated by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in the case of the private sector and by the Diwan of Royal Court for the public sector. including that both parties must have been correctly represented in the foreign court. subject to mandatory legislative provisions. Internet/email Internet services have improved greatly in recent years and most state organisations now have websites and useful links. and that it must have been obtained in a jurisdiction in which Omani judgements or arbitral awards are enforceable. although the majority of shops remain open. During the month of Ramadan. The private sector uses the internet and email extensively. Enforcement of Foreign Judgements Oman has express reciprocal enforcement provisions which may be applied by the courts regarding foreign judgements or arbitral awards. Jurisdiction and Governing Law Omani law does not limit the choices of jurisdiction or governing law in contracts. You should read it if you are a member of a company's marketing or sales team. (No area code is required). Although in the early stage of development.

uk Passports/visas Passports are required by anyone entering Oman and must be valid for at least six months from arrival.30 AM -14. sea and air entry ports after completing and presenting a visa application form. Government and business hours vary British Embassy including the Commercial Section 07. Visas All British visitors to Oman require visas. SW7 5HE Tel: 020 7225 0001 12 .gov.Muscat@fco. Friday: Varies (Supermarkets are open all day from 07:30/09:00 – 22:00/00:00) ** However.00 – 14:00 Saturday – Wednesday: 08:00 – 13:00 & 16:00 .00 straight through with an hour for lunch and taking a two day weekend.30 PM Saturday to Wednesday Tel: 00 968 24609002 Fax: 00 968 24609012 E: Ukti. British citizens can buy a combined tourist/business single entry visa on arrival at all land.Working Hours The Weekend in the Sultanate is Thursday and Friday Banks: Government: Private Sector: Sunday – Thursday: 08:00 – 13:00 Saturday – Wednesday: 07:30/08. Business people and tourists are able to apply for visas at Omani Embassies in their country. You are advised to check visa requirements well in advance with the: Oman Embassy 167 Queen's Gate London.00–18. Shopping: Saturday – Thursday: 10:00 – 13:00 & 16:00 – 20:00/21:00 * Some shops at Muscat City Centre remain open all day. during the Holy Month of Ramadan all shopping.19:00/19:30 Thursday: 08:00 – 13:00 * Some of the large organisations have now reverted to working from 08.

Generally the interior is more conservative than the coast. Men should wear trousers and shirt to work and in public (never shorts or shirtless). Medical services Health facilities are good in Oman and there are small hospitals in all provincial centres.WARNING: There has also been a warning published on the entry of prescription drugs into Oman. women should still adhere to the customs of the region and avoid offence by showing as little flesh as possible. if travelling from infected areas. Language and Culture Social customs It is discourteous to eat. hepatitis. drink or smoke in front of Muslims in daylight hours during Ramadan. It is polite to accept the refreshments customarily offered to visitors. Health advice Mandatory: Vaccination certificates against cholera and yellow fever. Avoid eye contact with any males. Women are advised to wear loose-fitting and concealing clothing with long skirts. Women business travelers Oman is one of the easiest countries in the Gulf for women to travel in. polio and tetanus. elbow-length sleeves. (A list should be obtainable from the Ministry of Health. wearing loose cut clothing. Expatriate residents can obtain liquor licenses enabling them to buy alcohol from special shops. Anti-malaria precautions should be taken. Oman through Oman Embassies and Trade Representation Offices). Business Etiquette. Healthcare is free for citizens but expensive for foreigners. It is advisable that anyone entering Oman who needs to take prescription drugs should carry a copy of the prescription with them. as there are no reciprocal healthcare agreements between Oman and the UK. Clothing Men and women should dress conservatively in Oman. Suits should be worn at all business meetings. Information on health hazards. 13 . Not to do so can be an offence punishable by a prison sentence if the drugs are on the banned list. and modest necklines. Penalties for drunkenness in public can be quite severe. However. which means that an extra measure of tact is required. Emergency services Fire and Emergencies: 999 Police: 2456 0099 4. Foreign women do not need to wear veils. unless they are business associates or you know them well. Health Insurance It is essential to take out full medical insurance when visiting Oman. Advisable: It is advisable to be vaccinated against typhoid. and precautions to take when travelling abroad can be found in the leaflet 'Health advice for travelers available from main Post offices. Swimwear should be worn only at hotel pools and on the beach. Alcohol is served in major hotels and some restaurants.

private companies are expected to achieve certain levels of Omanisation. and smaller rooms may be rented as sample rooms. and in particular suites. It is advisable to book hotel rooms.co. Terms of payment Most UK banks can provide advice on payment.tenderoman. Non-Omanis are not permitted to work in Oman unless clearance has been obtained from the Ministry of Manpower. What are the challenges? Labour Policy An important economic policy is ‘Omanisation’. The aim is to address the pressing need to provide work for the growing number of young Omanis.Additional information Hotels There are a number of very good international hotels.com www. Useful Websites www.om www. Generally speaking.omanet.om www.com Business Directory Oman Chamber of Commerce & Industry Ministry of Commerce & Industry Ministry of Information Ministry of Tourism Public Authority for Investment Promotion & Export Development (PAIPED) Petroleum Development Oman Royal Oman Police Tender Board 5.rop.businessdirectoryoman. Employers must employ Omanis wherever possible and different sectors of industry are given different Omanisation percentages which must be met.mocioman. with two or three pin round or three-pin flat plug fittings. Electricity Supply Oman uses 220/240 volt AC. Irrevocable Letter of Credit (L/C) and Cash Against Documents (CAD) terms are the most common methods of payment. Visitors are advised to confirm prices when making reservations. any of the customary methods of payment used in international commercial transactions can be used when doing business with Omani companies.gov.gov.com www.gov.ociped. Failure to reach industry targets results in liability to pay fines.om www. Most large hotels have facilities for small displays or exhibitions.com www.om www.omantourism. the replacement of migrant workers with Omani nationals. and prepare the country for the post-oil era.chamberoman.om www. The aim of Omanisation is to limit the Sultanate’s dependence on expatriate staff.pdo. in advance. 14 . As more educated Omanis become available for employment.

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the Oman Development Bank channel government funding to help the development of the economy.gsi. The Ministry of Commerce and Industry. In the case of unforeseen delays.uk If you prefer to contact the team in Oman direct.gov.www. should be taken into consideration when quoting dates. Salalah has a major container terminal but almost extensively for trans-shipment. such as adverse weather conditions. Representatives in the market To establish business in Oman a company needs to be represented locally by someone at the level of decision maker. When calculating the delivery time also allow for about two weeks for port transfer of goods and customs clearance once the goods arrive in Oman. The main points for imports into Oman are at Mina Sultan Qaboos in Muscat and the Sohar Port. contact: UK Trade &Investment BRITISH EMBASSY MUSCAT 15 . (see PAIPED weblink above) Muscat Securities Market is the established and regulated stock market potential source for new capital for the private sector. 6. providing full details. Possible delays. inform customers at the earliest possible opportunity. and offer soft loans to small scale industries and the service sector.ociped. you may contact: UK Trade & Investment Enquiry Service Tel: +44 (0)20 7215 5000 Email: enquiries@ukti.Delivery Dates It is important that delivery dates are kept to. How to Invest in Oman Loans A wide range of credit facilities and financial services are provided to investors through a strong financial sector. 7 Contacts If you have a specific export enquiry about Oman which is not answered by the information on this report.) is a one stop shop set up by the Government to provide advice and assistance to investors.org. net profit and royalties Export credit insurance through the export guarantee and financing agency The Omani Centre for Investment and Promotion of Export Development (OCIPED . More Financial Incentives       Exemption from custom duty on import of plant equipment Relief from custom duty on raw materials for up to 10 years No personal income tax Corporate tax holiday of up to 10 years Full repatriation of capital. Sea freight from the UK takes approximately 28 days. although this can vary.

cilt.fco.uk Economic Information: Economist: http://www. For further information.uk/workplace/employer_support/in_your_area.sitpro.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/country-profile/ Culture and communications: CILT – National Centre for Languages .stm FCO Country Profile: http://www. please contact your International Trade Adviser or one of the UKTI team in Oman.gov.economist. classifying and movement of goods.hmrc.co.uk UK Trade & Investment can help you make the most of these opportunities and help you plan your approach to the market. customs procedures.org.aspx Kwintessential culture guides: http://www.uk/1/hi/country_profiles/default.gov.kwintessential.muscat@co. We hope that you have found this guide useful. You may find out more about the range of services available to UK companies trading internationally through your local International Trade Team. Sultanate of Oman Tel: 00 968 2460 9002 Fax: 00 968 2460 9012 Email ukti. Postal code 116.org.uk http://news. Information: Country Essential reading for exporters! BBC Website: Find out more at: www. other regulatory information and export paperwork issues.gov.P O Box 285.businesslink.uk/exportcontrol 16 .businesslink.uk Import Controls and documentation (SITPRO): http://www. It also introduces exporters to the UK Trade Tariff.gov. 8.gov.uk/ Customs & Regulations: HM Revenue & Customs: www.Regional Language Network in your area: http://www.co.bbc.com/countries/ Export Control Export Control Organisation: http://www. Resources/Useful Links Business Link: International Trade Business Link’s International Trade pages provide an overview of export basics including licensing.

html UK Trade Info: https://www.gov.gov.bsigroup.uk/ 17 .ipo.gov.uk/ Travel Advice: FCO Travel: http://www.npl.co.uk/hub/index.co.gov.bis.int/mkaccdb2/indexPubli.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/ NHS: http://www.eu.uk/nhsengland/Healthcareabroad/ Travel health: http://www.travelhealth.ipo.http://www.nhs.com/en/sectorsandservices/Disciplines/ImportExport/ National Physical Laboratory: http://www.uk/ Trade Statistics: National Statistics Information: http://www.uk/ Intellectual Property Intellectual Property Office: www.uk/ Intellectual Property .gov.ecgd.gov.statistics.Export Finance and Insurance: ECGD: http://www.uk/EUMarketAccessUnit Standard and Technical Regulations: British Standards Institution (BSI): http://www.co.htm SOLVIT – Overcoming Trade Barriers (EU Markets only) www.fco.uktradeinfo.uk Market Access Market Access Database for Tariffs (for non-EU markets only): http://mkaccdb.

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