Complaints filed to investigate City of Hamtramck for violating state election law

FOR IMMEDIAT RELEASE CONTACT: Lois Pierce 313-348-3692 (HAMTRAMCK, MI) – On May 16, 2013, Beverly Tran filed charges of public malfeasance against the City of Hamtramck Clerk for violating Michigan Election Law with the Wayne County Clerk, the State Bureau of Elections and Hamtramck Police Department. Ms. Tran requested investigation into the City's election process after she was denied access to view nomination petitions of the candidates. The City Clerk stated that the City does not follow state law. State law allows the public to view election documents at any time. This allows voters the opportunity to challenge the genuineness of a candidate, or rather if a candidate has met the filing eligibility requirements to be an official candidate. Ms. Tran stated the following: “Voting is more than casting a ballot. It begins when the voter casts questions about the candidates and the election process. When a voter is denied the right to speak out, or in this instance, ask questions, it becomes an issue of the right to free speech. I consider the actions of the Clerk to be nothing less than voter disenfranchisement. This is not what democracy looks like.” Ms. Tran has also filed Freedom of Information Act requests regarding the Hamtramck Election Commission, Board of Canvassers and the policies of the Clerk's office for elections. The City's contracted law firm has responded by asking for 10-day extension. State law provides the public a 10-day period to file challenges with the Election Clerk on the sufficiency of a candidates filing for office. To date, Ms. Tran has been denied the opportunity to lodge legal challenges. Beverly Tran has an extensive political background in state and federal elections. She is a candidate for Hamtramck City Council, 2-year term August 6, 2013 Primary Election. In 2010, a lawsuit was filed by Robert Davis against the City surrounding similar claims. Hamtramck is on the verge of receiving a State Emergency Financial Manager.


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