Getting started with Protopage

1. Go to

2. Start adding and deleting content 3. When you are ready to leave click on the link that says “Click here to register and save your settings” 4. You will be asked to enter some information (title of protopage, password, etc) 5. Protopage will send you an email to activate your page 6. Login to you email account and click on the “activation link” that is contained in the email from protopage Add a new tab: 7. Click on the tab entitled “new tab” 8. Double click the tab to rename it 9. When you have a tab selected, you will see an arrow that points down 10.Click that arrow to change the tab settings a. Change the tab’s color b. Positioning ( free position or align your widgets in columns) c. Delete a tab 11.Click OK to save your tab settings Protopage Settings: 12.At the top of the window, click Color/Settings 13.In the advanced page settings, at the bottom, make sure the option for “Open bookmarks in a New Window” is checked 14.You can change the background of your protopage to another solid color or apply a page background 15.When you are done adjusting your page settings, click Save Adding Widgets 16.At the top of the page click “add widgets” 17.A menu of widgets will appear a. Sticky Note – allows you to type a message b. HTML/Rich Text Sticky Note – allows you to format text and embed code c. Bookmark – allow you to add links to websites d. Photo – upload a picture e. Calendar – keep track of important dates f. Many More 18.Once you have selected a widget it will appear to the right of the widget menu 19.Click on the widget and drag it onto your protopage 20.Click edit to change the title of the widget, etc 21.Delete a widget by clicking the x in the top corner

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