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01-Introduction to Multimedia

01-Introduction to Multimedia

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1st Lecture

Multimedia Design Technologies
Instructor: Dahlan Nariman
Institute of Information and Communication Technology(ICT), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Office: B-II Building, Room 373 Phone’s extension number: 4373 URL: http://www.apu.ac.jp/~dahlan E-Mail: dahlan[AT]apu.ac.jp


1. Introduction to Digital Multimedia 2. Digital Multimedia and Internet 3. A Multimedia Track in APU (CAP-ICT)

4. Course overview of Multimedia Design

Multimedia products in our Daily Life …… (Streaming Videos)


Multimedia products in our Daily Life …… (The iPod-iTunes Phenomenon)


Others applications
Image enhancement/restoration Artistic effects Medical visualisation Industrial inspection Human computer interfaces Computer aided design Scientific visualisation Films Games Virtual/Augmented Reality

A concept of …

What is a Digital Media
The form and technology used to communicate digital information; Examples:
Text … … ASCII Code, JIS Code, EUC Graphics … BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPEG (2D & 3D) Open GL, VRML Sound …… MIDI, MP3, WMA Video … …. RMV, MPEG,WMV Animation … GIF Animation, Flash, 3-D Animation, Virtual Reality

A concept of …

What is a Digital Multimedia
The use of computers to present text, graphics, sound, video, and animation in an integrated way Any combination of two or more media, represented in digital form, sufficiently integrated to be presented via a single interface, or manipulated by a single computer program.

What is a multimedia system?
A multimedia system supports the integrated storage, transmission and representation of the discrete media types text, graphics and image and the continuous media types audio and video on a digital computer. Examples:
MS-PowerPoint ….multimedia presentation WebCT …. Web-based multimedia e-learning i-Tunes and YouTube web system…..Multimedia storage and transmission (Multimedia Management System), etc

Time-Independent and Time-Dependent Media
Time-Independent Media Information is not related to the timing of the data stream All „classic“ media in the computer, such as:
text graphics (line drawings, vector graphic) image (photo, pixel graphics).

Time-Dependent Media Information is time-related, must be shown to the user at specific points in time Continuous data streams Data appears in regular intervals Examples:
Audio (continuous) Video (continuous) An animation (not a continuous stream, but time-dependent) An interactive game on the Internet (not a continuous stream, but has real-time requirements)

Definition of a Multimedia System
A multimedia system is characterized by the integrated
production, processing, storage, transmission and representation

of several time-dependent and time independent media streams.


History of Bandwidth in Computer Networks


Network Requirements of Different Types of Data Streams


Goals of Compression

The compression of multimedia data streams saves storage space transmission bandwidth

Multimedia Courses in CAP-ICT Curriculum (A Multimedia Track)
The Multimedia related courses:
Design Usability………… Design Fundamental Multimedia Design Technologies …multimedia contents design Design in Digital Age ……multimedia storage and transmission CAD/CAM ………………..3 Dimensional (3D) Modeling Computer Graphics………3D programming Multimedia applications … Case study of multimedia applications

The courses introduce students to basic understanding on multimedia design technology. Students will be introduced to Multimedia tools and trained in actual multimedia contents design and programming. The courses will provide students with basic skills and various aspects and issues of the area of the multimedia design technology. The class will mostly be lectures, practical trainings and projects.

Basic Understanding on Multimedia Technologies

Introduction to Multimedia, Enabling Technologies, Graphics; Vector graphics and Bitmapped graphics, Image processing, File Formats, Color Science, Digitizing Sound and Video, Hypertext and Hypermedia, Multimedia programming, Multimedia and Networks, etc

Digital Media Tools
Available tools in the classroom and Multimedia Lab:

Photoshop ……for manipulating bitmapped images Illustrator ……. for manipulating vector graphics Flash ………… for animation and interactivity Premiere ……. for video and sound Dreamweaver…for multimedia web development , etc


Area of Research
Multimedia Contents Development, Contents Management System, Multimedia Applications, Modeling and Visualization Data Processing, Compressing and Transmission, etc.


Modern multimedia systems are all-digital. We define multimedia as the integrated production, processing, storage, transmission and representation of several time-dependent and time-independent media streams. There are some Multimedia related courses in the APU-ICT curriculum (Multimedia Track) Digital media tools are available to be used in APU multimedia lab (CAMAS) and IPS-9


Multimedia Design Technologies (A course overview)
Recommended qualifications / knowledge
Introduction to programming and Internet Fundamentals courses have been successfully completed with passing grades

Teaching Methods :
Lectures (hardcopy handouts, Power Point, Video) Practical training of multimedia contents design Projects (individually or in group) Reports submission & Quizzes
(The course will be conducted through lectures and practical training will be provided according to the textbook. Reports will be assigned as the course proceeds. Teaching assistants will be arranged to facilitate individual guidance during the practical training. )


Method of Grade Evaluation
The final grade (100%) will be awarded using the following criteria of evaluation: ・Attendance …………………… 20 % ・Quizzes…………………………20 % ・Exercises/assignments ……… 20% ・Mid-term Project………………. 15 % ・End of Term Project……………25 %


Text Book and References
Foundation Flash 8, Sham Bhangal & Kristian Besley, Frendsof Press, 2006

Further Reading(available at APU Library):
1. 2. 3. Master Visually Dreamweaver 8 And Flash 8, Denise Etheridge, Janet Valade (ISBN-13:978-0471776185) Digital Multimedia, Nigel Chapman & Jenny Chapman, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2004 (ISBN 047085748X) Digital Media Tools, Nigel Chapman & Jenny Chapman, John Wiley & Sons Publishing, 2004 (ISBN 0470858907)


Thank You
See you again in the next lecture !


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