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Flash Symbols and Libraries Managing Contents

Multimedia Design Technologies 10th Lecture

March 25, 2008

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What is a symbol in Adobe Flash? Symbol Types Creating a symbol Managing Content


What is a Symbol?
A symbol is a particular kind of movie content component; a piece of self-contained content that we can save and reuse time and time again.

Convert to Symbol Existing content Saved and Reusable Symbol


Symbol Types
Graphic Symbol Button Symbol Movie clip Symbol


The Library
The library is where all the reusable symbols are stored for the movie that you are working on.
Library Stage
Saved & Reusable Symbol

Symbols are a vital part of making great movies Individual copy of a stored symbol on stage is called an instant of the stored symbol We can change the properties (size, color, and so on) of the instant without effecting the original symbol

The Advantages of Symbols
Symbols allow us to create far more interesting, flexible and extensible movies Symbols give us the the benefits of mass production and reusable component Symbols help us keep our movie file size small


Practical working
Crating Graphic Symbol Working with Library Modifying Symbols Modifying symbols in the library Modifying symbols’ instance on the stage Working with multiple libraries Creating a button symbol Button states Creating a movie clip symbol Movie clips and the main Timeline Sharing Symbols Managing content Case Study

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