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Sila Games the gaming revolution

Sila Games the gaming revolution

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Published by: Crowdsourcing.org on May 18, 2013
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All together incubating ideas

Sila Games the gaming revolution
Sila Games is a revolutionary new company that wants to change the way we see the gaming industry. In recent years, several technology companies have revolutionized several markets with innovative ideas. Sila Games wants to change to most profitable market nowadays: The gaming industry. You have a unique opportunity to be a pioneer in that change. Are you going to miss it? Here’s our campaign video!

The gaming flat rate
Sila Games wants to bring the concept of flat rate to video games. How do we do that? It’s very easy. The user pays a monthly fee and has access to all the games he wants at the time he wishes.

We need you to grow Sila Games
If we reach our goal of € 3,000 we’ll launch Sila Games platform, allowing further development for W eb, mobile devices, Android, iPhone and internal infrastructure. It will help also to afford our first servers with security certificates. Also will help with legal advices, legal procedures and other bureaucracy. Join the gaming revolution · Be part of the team · Join the Sila Games community!

If you need more information contact us at:


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