If Jodi had of just declared war everything would be OK But don’t fret pet not dead yet just

declare sides and let’s get WW III underway. It is a democracy Eh? Travis dead Jodi in a Snake Pit and the taxpayers flew over the Cuckoo Nest Imagine the costs if we did the Travis emotional thing for every individual falling in CIRCUS – Capitalist Imperialist Righteous Consecrated United Satanism I wonder about Jodi Arias if was mentally fit to stand trial and my mental state for wondering Predictable is preventable in a sane environment http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killing_of_Travis_Alexander Alexander was a salesman for the multilevel marketing company Prepaid Legal Services; he also worked as a motivational speaker. It seems to me Jodi Arias was a sick young lady that could have been stopped at least when she slashed Travis Alexander’s tires and girlfriend’s I believe. Apparent her father called her an odd child, with Jodi a story of abuse. Could her obvious lies be due to her diagnosis? A defense expert diagnosed Arias with post-traumatic stress disorder, while a prosecution expert diagnosed Arias with borderline personality disorder.[50] Travis’ brother with the armed forces, I believe I heard, seems to have found himself in a serious mental state leading to his wife leaving him, which his long winded speech seem to be headed to get his wife back that must be an interesting avenue to follow. It was mentioned Travis walked away from a couple of motorcycle accidents and a few auto crashes. Did everyone walk away? Sister being a cop trained in how to address the jury. Media The Huffington Post reported that the Arias case "instantly commanded headlines around the world". [1] The Associated Press said the case "grew into a worldwide sensation as thousands followed the trial via a live, unedited Web feed".[58] They added that the trial garnered "daily coverage from cable news networks and spawned a virtual cottage industry for talk shows" and, at the courthouse, "the entire case devolved into a circus-like spectacle attracting dozens of enthusiasts each day to the courthouse as they lined up for a chance to score just a few open public seats in the gallery"; "For its fans, the Arias trial became a live daytime soap opera."[58] The Toronto Star stated, "With its mix of jealousy, religion, murder, and sex, the Jodi Arias case shows what happens when the justice system becomes entertainment."[59] The case has been compared by the HLN staff and their commentators to the Casey Anthony case for the perceived similarities between Anthony and Arias and for the emotions that the cases have incited in the general public.[2][3] Additionallly, HLN aired a daily show covering the trial called HLN After Dark: The Jodi Arias Trial.[60]

The case featured on an episode of 48 Hours Mystery: Picture Perfect in 2008.[6] Inside Edition interviewed Arias at the Maricopa County Jail where she stated, "No jury is going to convict me ... because I am innocent and you can mark my words on that. No jury is going to convict me."[61] Sounds sick to me!!!

As of March 29, 2013, 1.4 million dollars had been spent on providing public defenders for Arias.[51] With many appeals keeps them and the taxpayer busy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_pit Would it have been cheaper putting Jodi in the snake pit In common metaphorical usage, a snake pit can mean any institution (such as a school, prison, hospital, or nursing home) or organization led in an inept or inhumane way, or an institution containing many people who may be hostile, untrustworthy, or otherwise treacherous ("snakes"). For example, the film The Snake Pit (1948) tells the story of a woman who finds herself in an insane asylum and cannot remember how she got there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSQwS1Hf0yE Medical Conspiracy Armaments http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGwimOch8U8 General Motors Bail outs? Bank Conspiracy Bail Outs? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luNgPO-vqBw&feature=related Hitlers Rothchilds http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmgJE8hrL1Y Rothschild 2 World Wars http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzLIz27GqWs Rothschild Federal Reserve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhL2gxjemLg Bank Cartels Federal Reserve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zx0vrR2BFp8 Money out of thin air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onWb_ripZ3c How Rothschild controlled the modern world Goldsmith’s first bankers started cheating as in Gutenberg Time to bring Crooks before a legal court Central Banks Plutocracy Money Changers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roR3sSunqpo Where have the Rothschilds gone? Rothschild Zionist SS Secret Society not about Jewish people

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htquSM-hYpo Meltdown: The men who crashed our world Greenspan major criminal

Where’s the Money?
Implicit Complicit Explicit ICE Imperialist Capitalist Emperors Like other financial empires in history, Smith claims the contemporary model forms alliances necessary to develop and control wealth, as peripheral nations remain impoverished providers of cheap resources for the imperial-centers-ofcapital.[1] Belloc estimated that, during the British Enclosures, "perhaps half of the whole population was proletarian", while roughly the other "half" owned and controlled the means of production. Now, under modern Capitalism, J.W. Smith claims fewer than 500 people possess more wealth than half of the earth’s population, as the wealth of 1/2 of 1-percent of the United States population roughly equal that of the lower 90percent. http://www.scribd.com/doc/141937827/When-the-Queen-is-Tried-and-Found-to-Be-Criminal-WhatAre-Her-Representatives

The following was published on the web www.4urjustice.com Legal Associates | Everyone Deserves Equal Justice

We give Everyone Equal Access Etched above the doors of the US Supreme Court are the words "Equal Justice Under Law." It's one of the basic principles of democracy. Unfortunately, in reality we receive about as much justice as we can afford. The wealthiest ten percent can afford to have a lawyer on retainer, and are accustomed to consulting with one before making decisions. On the other hand, the bottom ten percent has access to public aid. But what about the rest of us? For most people, the idea of calling a lawyer before taking legal action or making an important decision just isn't an option -- either because we think we don't need one or because it would simply cost too much.

But there is a solution. Legal Associates is currently serving the legal needs of well over one million families for less than a dollar a day! Content copyright 2009. Legal Associates. All rights reserved. So I sent them an e-mail From: Frank Gallagher [mailto:frankly1@rogers.com] Sent: October-22-09 2:31 PM To: 'Jesse Magee' Subject: RE: Legal Associates | Feldman, Kramer & Monico Obviously any lawyer is in the business to cash in on the illegal administration and enforcement of purported to be democratic governments that demands equality and they publicly proclaim it, but do not enforce it, whereas private sector lawyers are set up to debate the non-debatable permitted by the obvious criminal frauds as you people admit on your site as I am well aware that a person can buy or rent all the rights they can afford, with the legal profession profiting from the woes of society that the legal system responsible to deal with it refuse to do so. The root of society’s woes is the illegitimate legal system as CanLaw www.canlaw.com a Canadian national Lawyer referral service states on their front page that the Law Society cannot be trusted as they protect their members not the consumer. http://www.scribd.com/doc/9829583/Can-Law-August-182008 I went on to read more published on their site that gave me the crazy idea that they would help me in exposing the illegitimate legal system and they confirmed that I was a wild and crazy guy It is time to change to a legitimate government legal system that protects every individual’s equality democratic rights internally as financed by the taxpayer to do so. I am Frank Gallagher Director/Operations Charter Democracy Force Justice Inc. www.cdfji.ca federally incorporated to “Solicit Victims of Crime for Class Action Suits against Government Personnel” whereas the majorities are victims 80 percent as you publish. We are operating under company name 1 LIFE www.1life.cC and have the site being professionally developed to sell membership and C-Note certificates for the express purpose to organize the majority providing them the democratic voice they are entitled to with equality, an entity every individual of the majority desires but not a probability unless equally supported to ensure the governments consistently enforce it. The Law Society is going down and abrupt change is eminent, not having a leg to stand on in an informed populace. I am considering attempting to bring a Law Firm on side with us though seemingly a venture into futility but “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. I provide you the opportunity to scrutinize my sites for consideration and eagerly await your response, though well aware of the depth of thought required to do an about face and the length of time it will take to study the evidence to be coherent to the validity and firmness of the rationale that can only conclude with the collapse of the present government legal systems once the public become informed. Please acknowledge receipt and your intention whether or not to consider Thank you Frank

I published on my Scribd site and not long after poof

their web site was gone Not much longer "Double Poof"

the document along with 250 others on my Scribd site were gone www.Romans13defacto.com

www.Frank13.com Fiduciary Responsibly Accountable Nefarious Kink


Main article: War

Japanese samurai attacking a Mongol ship in the 13th century. Warfare has been an integral aspect of all human societies since before the rise of civilization.

War is a state of widespread conflict between states or other large groups of humans, which is characterized by the use of lethal violence between combatants and/or upon civilians. (Humans also engage in lesser conflicts, such as brawls, riots, revolts, and melees. A revolution may or may not involve warfare.) It is estimated that during the 20th century between

167 and 188 million humans died as a result of war. [139] A

common perception of war is a series of military campaigns between at least two opposing sides involving a dispute over sovereignty, territory, resources, religion, or other issues. A war between internal elements of a state is a civil war. There have been a wide variety of rapidly advancing tactics throughout the history of war, ranging from conventional war to asymmetric warfare to total war and unconventional warfare. Techniques include hand to hand combat, the use of ranged weapons, Naval warfare, and, more recently, air support. Military intelligence has often played a key role in determining victory and defeat.

Propaganda, which often includes information,

slanted opinion and disinformation, plays a key role in maintaining unity within a warring group, and/or sowing discord among opponents. In modern warfare, soldiers and combat vehicles are used to control the land, warships the sea, and aircraft the sky. These fields have also overlapped in the forms of marines, paratroopers, naval aircraft carriers, and surface-to-air missiles, among others. Satellites in low Earth orbit have made outer space a factor in warfare as well as it is used for detailed intelligence gathering, however no known aggressive actions have been taken from space.

Motivation and emotion
Main articles: Motivation and Emotion

Illustration of grief from Charles Darwin's book The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals.

Motivation is the driving force of desire behind all deliberate actions of humans. Motivation is based on emotion —specifically, on the search for satisfaction (positive emotional experiences), and the avoidance of conflict. Positive and negative is defined by the individual brain state, which may be influenced by social norms: a person may be driven to self-injury or violence because their brain is conditioned to create a positive response to these actions. Motivation is important because it is involved in the performance of all learned responses. Within psychology, conflict avoidance and the libido are seen to be primary motivators. Within economics, motivation is often seen to be based on incentives; these may be financial, moral, or coercive. Religions generally posit divine or demonic influences. Happiness, or the state of being happy, is a human emotional condition. The definition of happiness is a common philosophical topic. Some people might define it as the best condition that a human can have—a condition of mental and physical health. Others define it as freedom from want and distress; consciousness of the good order of things; assurance of one's place in the universe or society. Emotion has a significant influence on, or can even be said to control, human behavior, though historically many cultures and philosophers have for various reasons discouraged allowing this influence to go unchecked. Emotional experiences perceived as pleasant, such as love, admiration, or joy, contrast with those perceived as unpleasant, like hate, envy, or sorrow. There is often a distinction made between refined emotions that are socially learned and survival oriented emotions, which are thought to be innate. Human exploration of emotions as separate from other neurological phenomena is worthy of note, particularly in cultures where emotion is considered separate from physiological state. In some cultural medical theories emotion is considered so synonymous with certain forms of physical health that no difference is thought to exist. The Stoics believed excessive emotion was harmful, while some Sufiteachers felt certain extreme emotions could yield a conceptual perfection, what is often translated as ecstasy. In modern scientific thought, certain refined emotions are considered a complex neural trait innate in a variety of domesticated and non-domesticated mammals. These were commonly developed in reaction to superior survival mechanisms and intelligent interaction with each other and the environment; as such, refined emotion is not in all cases as discrete and separate from natural neural function as was once assumed. However, when humans function in civilized tandem,

it has been noted that

uninhibited acting on extreme emotion can lead to social disorder and crime.

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