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Handbook Value Chain Research

Handbook Value Chain Research


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Published by: winston on Apr 14, 2009
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In addition to the manifold links in a value chain, typically intermediary producers in
a particular value chain may feed into a number of different value chains (Figure 3).
In some cases, these alternative value chains may absorb only a small share of their
output; in other cases, there may be an equal spread of customers. But the share of
sales at a particular point in time may not capture the full story – the dynamics of a
particular market or technology may mean that a relatively small (or large)
customer/supplier may become a relatively large (small) customer/supplier in the
future. Furthermore the share of sales may obscure the crucial role that a particular
supplier controlling a key core technology or input (which may be a relatively small
part of its output) has on the rest of the value chain.

Figure 3: One or many value chains?

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