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Daily Report

Daily Report

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Published by Jeet Pawar
shows how to maintain the daily activity record in order to manage in future for report making, detailed study etc.
shows how to maintain the daily activity record in order to manage in future for report making, detailed study etc.

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Published by: Jeet Pawar on May 18, 2013
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Day 1 Date: 23/04/2013 Office & Site Project Quality Plan: Post tensioned slab Method Statement for PT Slab

1. Supply of HT strands  HT strands confirming IS 14268  Properly packed with VCI paper and polythene  Quality test certificate  Tests Modulus of Elasticity Ultimate Tensile Strength Load Extension Graph  Proper unloading of Cables NOTE: Tendon – Bunch of strands (7 strands) Strand: Individual element of tendon 2. Supply of prestressing hardware  Use of proper sheathing ducts for strands. 3. Cutting of HT strands  Uncoiler for striating of tendons  Bundles of different lengths are tagged indicating span no. ,tendon no, Coil no. for which it is to be used.  Cutting by Disc cutters and NOT Gas Cutters 4. Mark tendon layout after completion of slab shuttering & also mark chair location with paints 5. Fix bearing plates at  One end for single end stressing  Two ends for double end stressing 6.

5 times the design load .ROCK ANCHORING 1. c) Screed 50mm lean concrete is provided to protect waterproofing from reinforcement. Passive Rock Anchoring Passive rock anchoring means anchoring for no load acting on it Sequence of activities: a) PCC: for making surface level PCC is made up of M15 concrete where M is Grade and 15 is 28days strength in N/mm2 Sleeve (PVC Pipe 150mm dia) is left in PCC for drilling process and locating anchor. Screed acts as a protective coat for waterproofing d) Preparation of anchors Anchors are prepared by treating with Epoxy with 3 coats Quartz is applied on surface at last for gripping action e) Insertion of Anchors Anchors are nothing but treated Steel bars of Fe500 Bars with plate of 100mm dia attached at bottom Also PVC centralizers are provided at suitable distance along length of bar so as to keep anchor bar in a position f) Grout Preparation Grout = Cement+ water+ Non shrink Compound Non shrink compound is added to avoid shrink due to heat after drying Additive mixed in grouting is Sika Intraplast-NN or Flow cable -50 g) Stressing of Anchors Test anchor should be stressed to 1. b) Waterproofing Waterproofing is done in two coats of 3mm with APP modified membrane and a coat of Bitumen Primer Waterproofing is terminated at specific depth by providing suitable sealant.

1 times design load No of Test anchors should be 2. Active Rock Anchoring .Working anchor should be stressed to 1.

.Active rock anchoring is a technique of rock anchoring used where anchor is supposed to be act for upward lift pressure.

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