TD Pre-Insulated Duct

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Posted by Michael Zheng on November 13, 2009 at 4:24pm Send Message View Blog TD Pre-Insulated Aluminium Ducts is developed specially for the air distribution in HVAC fields and the answer to economical, technical, and constructive question.Many different material and system such as composite, PVC, etc had been developed as an alternative to the galvanized sheet metal used traditionally.TD Insulated Aluminium Ducts is the solution. It is a sandwich panel composed of a layer base from good fire retardant rigid polyurethane or polyisocyanurate foam covering both sides with aluminium foil, the aluminium guarantees sturdiness and withstand corrosion in long term use. Its application has been gradually extended to all types of air distribution system such as industrial, commercial and civil. General standard Size: 4m(L) x 1.2m(W)/piece Thickness of panel: 20mm Density of polyure: 52kg/m3 Compressive strength:200 N/mm2 Thermal conductivity: 0.021W/m.C Flame retardant: B1 Friction coefficient: 0.0135 Weight: 1.46kg/m2 Working temperature: -60~+80C Humidity: 0~100% Pressure in duct max: 2,000 Pa Air flow max: 12m/s Advantage Fire safety, fire retardant B1 Excellent, constant thermal insulation thanks to the high density polyurethane(52+/-2kg/m3) Light wieght, TD ducts weight 1.46kg/m2 compared to 9.8kg/m2 sheet metal duct. Silent operation, vibration and reverberation are minimized, increasing system comfort. Hygienic and does not absorb humidity. Air tight seal, very low are leakage, the leakage test result is only 0.98m3/h.m2. Simple and easy but highly productive fabrication and installation Easy maintenance and modification can be performed on site, cut and gluing can be applied in any section of the ducts. Excellent appearance and long lasting, life expectancy

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