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Happy Ever After

Happy Ever After

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Published by JemGirl
Married life is still a fun life. I carved out some alone time for this couple.

I hadn't written about a married couple yet, so I came up with this and it was years and years ago. But I think it's still a good story.

For those of you following me over from DA, and have read this story before, I edited it a bit. :)
Married life is still a fun life. I carved out some alone time for this couple.

I hadn't written about a married couple yet, so I came up with this and it was years and years ago. But I think it's still a good story.

For those of you following me over from DA, and have read this story before, I edited it a bit. :)

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Published by: JemGirl on May 18, 2013
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Happy Ever After

Pairing = Adults, M/F Sexual content = Yes Number of POV's = 1 ====================================== He rubbed the bar of soap over my back and down to my large hips. I then turned around and faced him. I raised my hands and braced them against the walls of my so tiny a shower. With his hands thick with lather, he proceeded to fondle and wash my breasts. He went around my breasts, over and under each one, a number of times. He then stopped with his hands holding, cradling, each in his large hands. Soon he brought his thumbs up and started to rub them across my nipples. My hands braced harder as jolts shot through me. I leaned my head towards his. I smelt the heat as it came off his neck. I wanted to hold his shoulders. I wanted to feel him under my hands. "Why don't you get rid of this pesky shirt?" I asked him as my wet fingers went into his waistband to pull it out of his pants. I looked down and saw as I dripped water unto his light brown slacks and watched as they created a moist lines as they traveled down the length of the leg. "You might want to get rid of the pants too," I added as lifted his hands and started to remove the shirt from his body. When I threw his shirt behind him, unto the bathroom floor, I felt his hands on me again. As I laid my hands on his hot shoulders I felt his lips as they licked and sucked their way from my neck to my lips. We kissed slowly and with a purpose as I leaned my soaped breasts into his chest. I moaned as the hair on his chest rubbed against my erect nipples. I do not know how or when, but soon he was pulling us together and I felt him free, hard and eager. He soon had my up against the wall, and trying to get in. I slowly eased him away from me. "What's the rush?" I asked. "The kids coming home from school. Does that ring a bell?" he asked. "It's Tuesday love. They come home later today," I told him as I picked up the soap from the floor, where he dropped it. "So, lets celebrate the fact that you are home early. Turn around so I can soap your back," I told him as I started to turn him around. I rubbed down his arms, across and down his back, towards his butt. I held on to him as he jumped a little when I ran the soap over his almost hairless ass. I could hardly believe that after being married for eighteen years he still got skittish when I touched his rear end. I flipped him around to face me once again as I started moving the bar of soap in circles around his collar bone, then across his neck. I moved lower to his chest and gave them the once over. I paid them almost as much attention as he paid my breasts. He leaned in a few times for a kiss and I let him have one or two as my finger that were around the bar of soap grazed across his midriff.


I placed the bar between both my hands and lathered them up well before dropping it to the shower floor. I placed them at the top of his thighs and brook the kiss as I slowly slid my way down to his ankles. "You missed a part," he told me on a huff of held in air when I was doing his legs. "No I didn't," I told him as I stood up again. "I was saving the best for last." I leaned in and kissed him deeply. My hands slid down his chest and over his waist to grab a hold of him. He moaned into my mouth and that sent a thrill through me. I lean him back against the wall and lifted one hand up to the the shower head so I could turn it towards him and wash off the soap. He murmured something as the warm water played over his protruding piece. "Now don't tell me that I am going to be out done by a shower head?" I asked him mockingly. "Never," he said as he came forward to hold and pull me into his arms for a reassuring kiss. He brought us into the line of the shower's spray. The soap was beaded away from both our bodies and the movement of our hands over each other could do nothing but help. After a few moments I push him back against the wall and I was sliding down his body to take him into my mouth. First I kissed, then I sucked on the top. Then I licked him out at the very tip. Soon I was running my tongue up and down the length of him before I sucked him in. I felt his hands on my head as he pushed me forward. That's when I slowly stood up again. I kissed my way back to his mouth. He held my arms tightly as he pushed me up against the other wall. He grabbed me up by the ass and pulled me up unto him. Oh's and Ah's bubbled from my lips. I pulled his head into my chest, and held on to him at the same time as he began to move. I tried to help but soon I became too content to just enjoy the ride. Near the end when I began to burn with the need of wanting what we were getting closer too. I wrapped my legs around him and brought him in deeper into my warmth. His grunting helped me in coming faster. Soon I was screaming as he pounded me faster and harder. The familiar scent of him, wrapped in soap and hot water, made it's way to me, but not before I felt him spill himself inside. We held on to each other for a time, as we leaned ourselves against a corner of our perfectly sized shower. When we did part, we did not drift far. He washed himself off, then watched me do the same as he waited. He offered his hand, that I held, as he lead me out of the shower. We walked down the hall side by side until we got our bedroom. He rummaged through our closet until he came out with this big cream-colored, plush cotton towel that could easily be mistaken for a blanket. "You're going to dry me with that? Isn't it a bit…big?" I asked him as he came closer with it. He then stopped and laid it out on the floor next to my feet. "Back when we were dating, you came to my house and it had this big area rug in the living room. Do you remember?" he asked me. "Yes," I told him as I wondered where this was going. "Do you also remember the time you came over one day to watch moves with me and it started to rain. There was thunder and lighting and you kept holding on tighter and getting closer to me?" he asked as he stood up and settled his hands on my hips. 2

"Yes," I answered as I smiled up at him. "Do you remember what happened after that?" he asked me. He hands moved up my sides and unto my back before sliding down to my hips. "You laid me down on the area rug. You parted my legs and 'dry' humped me," I told him. I turned my lips to his and kissed him. "You would have done more if I was not having my period," I said as I drew him closer. "True. That is what this is. You are going to make up for raining on what could have been a very good parade," he said as he lowered me down into what would soon be a soft heaven. I never knew that he saw it as something to 'make up' up for since he wasn't all that dry when it was over. We held back nothing. We screamed, dug our fingers into each others willing flesh. We left love bites on each other chests, necks and arms. We begged for nothing and everything at the same time. When we were finished and resting, we found ourselves up against a wall with the towel forgotten somewhere. "You are going to be so grateful," I told him as my hand slid back and fort over his chest. "Grateful?" he asked. "Yes. I haven't taken out my diaphragm yet," I told him. "I taught that you took it out last night," he said as he now looked down at me. "I was too tired to take it out. You still think that I'm on the pill don't you?" I accused him. "You didn't once use a condom this afternoon," I said before kissing his chest. Thinking on what we just did made me try to grip him, even though he was no longer inside of me. "Your right, I am grateful. I love our kids, but I think that three is our limit," he confessed as he stroked my shoulder. I leaned forward and kissed whatever part of him was in front of my lips. I then pulled him with me as I made a path towards our bed. "Why don't you get fixed?" I asked him as we laid down. "Because I think that I am a little more than a dog," he told me. "You're right. You're not a dog," I told him as I sat up and swung my leg over his. "One more time. Please?" I begged. I leaned down and kissed him. I moved back and fort over him. "Please?" I asked again. I held the back of his head and neck in my hands as I kissed him some more. "I'm a lousy man or beast, if I have to be persuaded to have sex," he said just before he pulled me into his chest and deepened the kiss. Soon I felt him as he started to lift me. I pulled myself up and eased myself onto him. Even though I was raw, he still felt great in me. I set the pace slow, almost all the way to the end. He begged me to go faster but I told him no. He grabbed my hips and tried to make me but I was determined to not let him make me go faster until I was ready. When it was done and he could breath evenly again, he turned his eyes towards me. 3

"From the bottom of my beating heart I thank you. As for the years that you just sapped from me, I can not tell you how they felt about it," he said before kissing the valley between my breast. "Thanks, but can you do me a favor?" I asked him as I looked at him with slightly unfocused eyes. "What?" he asked as he laid his head down again. "Don't make any sudden moves," I told him. "I'm having a long one."


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