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2327 06/18/2012

2. How does Foster’s use of the letter’s in her novel, use warnings to keep young women from peril? She seems to use examples from her life that would imply that women should behave with caution. He describes her a loss in her life , stating, “The melancholy, the gloom, the condolence, which surrounded me for a moment after the death of Mr. Haly, had depressed my spirits, and palled every enjoyment in life”(1395 Foster). In other words in this letter she discusses a personal loss. She also mentions a sadness in due to parental authority stating, “Both nature and education had instilled into my mind an implicitly obedience to the will and desires of my parents”(Foster 1395). She goes on to say “I sacrificed my fancy in this affair; determined that my reason should concur with theirs; and on that at risk to my future happiness”(1395). In other words she conforms her will to that of her parents. Later on in another letter she implies that she feels stifled by her parents. She states, A melancholy event has lately extricated me from those shackle, which parental authority has imposed on my mind”(1399). In general it is not clear that she is giving advice to young women, though she does describe the life of women he seems to face melancholy or sadness.

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