Robotics Research Project

School : Dalian Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals School Teacher : Ms. Monireh Kandi Time : Second Term 2008-2009

Military robots
Metal storm

• • • • • What is Metal storm technology In the battle field Metal storm intelligence Other capabilities Questions

What is Metal storm technology How it works
• Metal storm technology is an electronically initiated, stacked projectile system • It removes the mechanical elements required to fire conventional weapons  • The only moving parts in this weaponry technology are the projectiles themselves • Multiple projectiles are stacked in each barrel • The technology allows each projectile to be fired sequentially

In the battle field
• • Unlike conventional guns, this system can never jam. It can unleash a stream of air born supersonic metal spears that’s able to pierce through armor Its second mode, is an unstoppable wall of bullets, able to intercept an inbound supersonic missile in a split second Replace those bullets with 9 mm grenades, It can obliterate a whole battalion of tanks and armored vehicles from maximum impact This weapon can be left completely unattended, Its sensors can detect

Defense system

Metal storm intelligence
• Metal storm sensors feedback valuable intelligents to battlefield commanders • It can protect soldiers from surprise enemy attacks • This weapon is adapted to fit on any combat vehicle • Its computerized system calculates the direct time to initiate its projectiles

Other capabilities
• Metal storm projectiles can consist of any initiated effect • You can use it as fireworks • Its power and firing rate can be set to any level • It can be non-lethal during an open fire Metal storm fun

For further information please visit: • • military_law/1281426.html • ages/SNelson/ResearchPaper.htm • m.htm

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