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A Second Chance

By Shafiq


I am not as intellectual as You are. To me, freedom is a shouting from a fallen concrete floor under. I have earned my freedom Living seventeen days in a narrow concrete grave. The masters dream of world all about money Taste morning bread with spoons of honey. Here, every hour, I dream of my wish, death;

Drink my own urine to live another breath. Oh, lord death has blessed me; I am rescued after seventeen long days And have found myself quite famous. A lady, known, seems like have seen on TV, asking meHow do I FEEL? Hah, how should I feel! I wish- I could say, I feel better than you, FREE I have got a second chance To live with life to its fullest, with myself, RESHMA*. Everything should have a price. You, Government, better buy our deaths in exchange twenty thousand. How much will you charge for your death, think? My earned freedom is not for sell, telling you!

(*Reshma, the young woman rescued nearly 408 hours after the Rana Plaza collapse.)