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United Nurses of Alberta

February 2013
Local Executive President Wendy Brigham 1st VP Cynthia Perkins 2nd VP Robert ReichSander Secretary Norma Downing Treasurer Mairi Gordon Local 121 Office (403) 670-9980 Southern Alberta Regional Office 300-1422 Kensington Road NW Calgary AB T2N 3P9: (403) 670-9960 Provincial Office 700-11150 Jasper Avenue NW Edmonton AB T5K 0C7 (780) 425-1025 Toll Free: 1800-252-9394 FX: (780) 4262093 Web Site: Email:



Ratification Vote results and Postponement of Negotiations On January 30th the majority of members have ratified the package of in-going proposals for upcoming negotiations. RGH adopted the package by 178/1502 members. For current information, log in to First Class and click the Negs 2013 icon. As everyone is likely aware, UNA and AHS had agreed to exchange
proposals February 12. We had also agreed on a number of other bargaining dates. We have been informed that Leita Siever, Lead Negotiator for AHS has submitted her resignation. Leita was scheduled to be the spokesperson for AHS. AHS will now have to make some staffing changes, and it will take some time for whoever they assign to get up to speed. In addition there is much uncertainty surrounding the budget. AHS had been promised an increase of 4.5%, but iat is doubtful that this will now happen. As a result of these issues, the UNA negotiating team has agreed with AHS to delay the exchange and start of negotiations. We will begin the negotiations the first week of May. It is the assessment of the UNA Negotiating Committee that agreeing to delay the start negotiations will not disadvantage the UNA members. - David Harrigan Director of Labour Relations United Nurses of Alberta


Feb 14 ROOM 4577 March 14 FISHER HALL

Vacation Planner The planner is posted from Jan 01, 2013 to March 15, 2013 and covers the period of May 01, 2013 to April 30, 2014. Vacation requests must be on the planner and awarded by seniority. Any requests received after March 15 will be considered on a first come, first served basis. Approval should be known by April 30th, 2013 at the latest.
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Convention draws UNA (Provincial office) is funding 26 Members-at-Large to the 2013 AFL Convention and 20 Members-at-Large to the 2013 CFNU Convention. This will be done through a random draw. If you are interested in entering the draw, you MUST complete the ballot found in DMS. The link to the ballot is: This is the only ballot that will be accepted. In order to complete a ballot, you MUST have a First Class account. Visit the Local 121 website to find instructions on how to join First Class. Know your rights Workshop February 27, 2013. DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: February 13, 2013. Contact Norma Downing on the local executive, for registration details. The Know Your Rights Workshop offers new members a chance to learn about their union and their rights in the workplace. Geared for New UNA members, members who have never been active and now may be considering becoming active in their Local. Visit the Education conference on First Class to view the 2013 Workshop schedule. Welcome to the first edition of Local 121's new revamped newsletter. I hope you find it informative. Your feedback Message from our would be welcome. And while you're at it, don't forget to visit our new website as created by Wendy Yung, member President from unit 82. We are also on Facebook and Twitter, so keep up with the posts. First up, the 2013 round of contract negotiations has been postponed until May. David Harrigan, our chief negotiator has provided information as to the reasons for this. I'm not sure if this will be to our advantage but we'll have to wait and see. For the AFL and CFNU conventions, the local will be drawing names after the provincial draws for each convention. We know health care is going through great changes and some of those change may add additional stress to our lives. The employee and family assistance program is available if you need an outlet to cope with some of that stress. Of course there are also avenues provided in your collective to help you with workplace issues, such as filing a grievance, or filling out a Professional Responsibility Form or a Workplace Health & Safety Form. Each time one of these needs to be used, you must also remember that your local executive is available to assist you. Remember You are the U in UNA In solidarity, Wendy Brigham
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