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Finacial Statements

Finacial Statements

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Finacial Statements
Finacial Statements

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Published by: Ahmed Hassan on May 18, 2013
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Chapter 28 Financial Statements & Reporting

• The financial statements required by a legal entity can be configured in the system according to legal requirements and the specific requirements of the organization. • Chapter Objectives – Provide an understanding of how customized financial statements are configured in the system. – Provide an understanding of how planned values are entered into financial statements. – Discuss reporting among the various sub-modules.


Financial Statements

6fi_28.2 Financial Statements .Financial Statement Naming a Financial Statement Version XXXX Name of the Version Default / Alternative Languages DFS Financial Statement 1 E Formatting a Financial Statement Financial Statement XXXX Financial Statement 1 Level 1 Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 ASSETS LIABILITIES (and Equity) Profit and Loss Accounts Not Yet Assigned 4.

3 Financial Statements .Key Fields in Defining A Financial Statement Version 4.6fi_28.

6fi_28.4 Financial Statements .Financial Statement Special Items 4.

6fi_28.5 Financial Statements .Setting up a Financial Statement Structure Balance Sheet Version XXXX Assets Level 1 Current Assets Long-Term Assets Intangible Assets Level 2 Cash Accounts Receivable Equipment Level 3 G/L Accounts: 001000 001100 001200 001300 Level 4 4.

6 Financial Statements .Assigning G/L Accounts 4.6fi_28.

7 Financial Statements .Placement According to Balance Balance Location Based on Account Debit/Credit Balance Cash at Bank Node Total = ($750) Debit/Credit Shift Functionality Cash at Bank Node Total = ($750) G/L Account 212100 Balance ($500) G/L Account 212300 Balance $450 G/L Account 212200 Balance ($700) G/L Account 212100 Balance ($500) G/L Account 212300 Balance $450 G/L Account 212200 Balance ($700) Is total by account a Debit or Credit Balance? Asset or Liability? Is total Cash at Bank Node a Debit or Credit Balance? Asset or Liability? + Overdrafft Bank Acct # Dr Cr 212300 450 Overdraft Bank Acct # Dr Cr 212100 212200 500 700 Cash Bank Acct # Dr + Cr Overdrafft Bank Acct # 212100 212200 212300 Dr Cr 500 700 450 4.6fi_28.

Entering Text in a Financial Statement Only used for the maintenance function. not printed on the financial statement Printed before the item on the financial statement Printed after the item on the financial statement Printed on the financial statement only if a graduated total is used Line items usually displayed with a minus sign now shown as positive amounts 4.6fi_28.8 Financial Statements .

9 To Financial Statements .Group Financial Statement Company Codes G/L Accounts US01 CAUS Chart of Accounts Group Chart of Accounts Group G/L Account To US02 DK01 ES01 CADK To Pepsi CAES ES02 4.6fi_28.

6fi_28.Planning Balance Sheet Financial Statement Version Profit & Loss Statement Overhead Cost Cost Center CO Controlling OM Order Process COPA 4.10 Financial Statements .

6fi_28.11 Financial Statements .Financial Statements & Reporting Chapter Summary • Key Terms: – Financial Statements – Balance Sheet – Profit and Loss Statement – Period Accounting – Cost-of-Sales Accounting – Financial Statement Version 4.

6fi_28.Appendix 1: Cost of Sales Accounting 4.12 Financial Statements .

Cost of Sales Accounting VS Period Accounting 4.6fi_28.13 Financial Statements .

14 Financial Statements .6fi_28.Cost of Sales Accounting and Functional Areas 4.

• Now it is possible to enter the functional area directly in the master record of the following account assignment objects: – G/L Accounts – Cost Elements – Cost Centers – Order Types – Internal Orders • For all other account assignment objects.6fi_28.Functional Area in Master Records • Prior to release 4.15 Financial Statements . you had to create a substitution rule to derive the functional area. the functional area is derived as previously via a substitution.6. 4. • Existing substitution rules are not affected.

Derivation of Functional Area 4.16 Financial Statements .6fi_28.

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