Has the US surreptitiously or silently finished laying the early stages of a global war.

In other words, has the US already initiated the dark rise of WW3 in order to execute a sinister ‘rescue’ of the human race. The US and its allies deliberately and whorishly stirred up the so-called global war on terror through their use of oil wars, murderous sanctions, and very numerous one-sided military air raids against Iraq and Palestine. The US quickly followed that up with ground invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and turned the two nations into veritable human abattoirs. At the same time the US also started the first ever drone war in modern history. Shortly later, just after a quick change of leadership, or much like taking a brief shower in order to get rid of the blood and the stink, the US was again slashing with its almighty military sword but this time aligned with the terror itself . The US bombed and smashed Libya into surrender and allowed terror to gain full control of that country. But in recent days, the US is allegedly preparing to send troops there for an anti-terror ‘rescue’. The US also sold weapons to drug cartels in Mexico in order to ‘rescue’ its people from the deluge of drugs pouring through its southern border. In 2011, the US initiated another different kind of ‘rescue’ this time in Syria, by helping to set up a covert pipeline that supplied fighters and weapons in order to sustain the infiltrators and lawless thugs hatching big havoc in that country. As a result many innocent people have been killed. Today the US wants to spark some ‘rescuing’ in east Asia by swamping the region with sheer non-stop war drills and shifting its missile shields there while encouraging newly minted war mongrels there to make some war-loving provocations. It is true the US has already made WW3 for us.