April 17th – Socially Responsible DTV Transition Day of Action: Stories and Sources to Watch

Location: Time: Partners: Midtown Global Market 2:00-3:00 PM 2:00 Press Conference All Parks Alliance for Change, Lao Assistance Center, Somali Action Alliance, Main Street Project, Minnesotano Media Empowerment Project, Hmong Organizers DTV Action at Midtown Global Market, T-shirt and converter box giveaways, Coupon Application assistance in 5 languages, Converter Box Demos, No Cost Box's on site


CONTACT: Steven Renderos 651-399-4227

Location: Time: Partners: Event: Seattle Housing Authority low-income residence TBD TBD Reclaim the Media, Youth Media Institute and Youngstown Cultural Arts Center Table set up for coupon signup and box demonstration, with box giveaway--hope to have some residents there

CONTACT: Jonathan Lawson 206-931-0565

Location: Time Partners: Event: 6818 S. Zarzamora San Antonio, TX 78224 (will ask for No Cost Box's on site from retailer) TBD Texas MEP, WCVI, Esperanza Peace and Justice Center Everyone will be wearing DTV T-shirts, set-up "Apply, Buy, and Try" table for converter box demonstrations, and provide coupon applications with other materials in Spanish/English.

CONTACT: DeAnne Cuellar 210-896-9141

Location: Time: Event: TBD TBD Socially Responsible DTV Transition educational event in coordination with Digital Justice Coalition on April 17th

CONTACT: Bryan Mercer 215 990 3702

New Mexico
Location: Time: Partners: Event: 6400 Wyoming Blvd NE Albuquerque NM 87109 TBD NM Media Literacy Project, SouthWest Organizing Project DTV Hotline and Quote/Unquote TV show on transition

CONTACT: Omar Ahmed 505-858-8896

New York City
Location: Time: Event: 550 W 155th Street (Inside the Church of the Intercession) in Harlem, NYC April 16 and 17, 2009 A 2-Day Open Forum Organized by The Harlem Consumers Education Council and Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) For more info email nyc@mag-net.org or go to www.mediagrassroots.org f or more info. CONTACT: Betty Yu: 917-734-7130

Bay Area
Location: Time: Event: 1904 Franklin Street, Suite 500, Oakland, CA 94612 TBD Online Petition, Hard Knock Radio Interview on DTV Day of Action

CONTACT: Eloise Rose Lee: 347-249-0402

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