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‘An Inclusive Pre-school…
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August 2011

 Creating a developmentally appropriate and inclusive curriculum which meets the diverse needs of all children.  Promoting an inclusive and supportive pre-school environment for all children and families.  Encouraging and valuing parental involvement in decision making about their child’s learning.  Practicing open and two way communication with all members of the preschool community.
(Adapted from Department of Education, employment and workplace Relations, n.d.)

… is a place where everyone belongs, is accepted, supports and is supported by his or her peers and other members of the preschool community in the course of having his or her needs met.’ (Stainback S&W, 1996, p.xi)

Here at Lakers Preschool and Childcare we pride ourselves on providing developmentally appropriate and inclusive programs and environments which ensure effective participation of all children, including those with disabilities and/or developmental delay (York, Doyle & Kronberg, 1992).

and abilities. We are here to work together to ensure that the diverse needs of all children are accommodated through our curriculum and care.

government and nongovernment organisations to find and make available resources and services that support your family, your child and your child’s learning. Below are some Quick Links and resources that anybody can access regarding the inclusion of all children in all settings. I have provided a brief description of the resource Association for Children with a Disability along with why I believe it is useful.
Nicole Giotopoulos, Lakers Director

There are countless resources that are available to support the inclusion of children and families in our centre. These resources can assist the achievement of learning and development of all children. We work As in any setting, everyone brings a diverse together with range of skills

Resource… Association for Children with a Disability
phone: 9818 2000 or 1800 654 013 (rural callers)

Quick Links
Kindergarten Parents Victoria 9489 3500 Raising Children Network www.raising United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

The association is run by parents. They provide information, support and advocacy for families who have a child or young adult with any type of disability or developmental delay across Victoria. This service provides useful free telephone information and advocacy support for families, shares family stories, news, information about services and changes to government policy.

Department of Education, Employment and workplace Relations. (n.d). Family – school partnerships framework: A guide for schools and families. Retrieved from Kindergarten Parents Victoria Inc. (2010, July 17). Kindergarten parents Victoria. Retrieved August 20, 2011, from Stainback, S. & Stainback, W. (1996) Inclusion a guide for educators. Paul H. Brookes: Maryland The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). (2007). Promoting the rights of children with disabilities: Innocenti research centre. Gerber Creative: Denmark York, J., Doyle, M. B., & Kronberg, R. (1992). A curriculum development process for inclusive classrooms. Focus on exceptional children, 25(4), 1-16

‘A brother or sister is usually the first close friend and playmate a child has and when that child has a disability, the sibling relationship takes on a new meaning and importance’
(Gallagher, P , A., Powel, T, H., & Rhodes, C, A. 2006 p. i)

Extended Focus
All over the world in all aspects of life it is important and comforting to know that we are not alone. There are people out there with similar events and stories in their lives. These people along with countless services and will be holding a picnic here at the Lakers Preschool and childcare centre. We are aiming to;  raise awareness of hearing loss and chronic ear disorders,  assist affected people including families, siblings and carers,  provide information Resource… The Big Mouth Camp
phone: 9509 6324 or 0433 148 050 (Jane Parral)

For children using electronic communication devices and their families including siblings and carers. The aim is to improve their electronic device use and become much more competent communicators in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Provides separate sibling recreation sessions to give siblings of those using the electronic communication devices their own special time and attention.

I recommend reading the book Brothers and Sisters: A special part of exceptional families (Gallagher, P, A., Powell, T, H., & Rhodes, C, A. 2006). This book gives specific ideas, quality research and practical strategies. There are personal anecdotes from siblings that could give other siblings accurate and age appropriate information about their brother or sisters impairment. The Quick Links on the right of this page are resources that provide assistance, support, and conduct services including sibling workshops, counselling and community programs

which facilitate positive interactions between siblings at home and at school. So I hope to see many of you and your families at the Hearing Awareness Week (Deafness Forum, 2010) picnic if not before.
Nicole Giotopoulos, Lakers Director

associations are not only available but also willing to support and advocate for you and your family.
This week is Hearing Awareness Week (Deafness Forum, 2010) See flyer above▲. In support of this event we

about goods and services, and  educate the community. Research conducted internationally has provided families and professionals with a deeper understanding of sibling relationships.

Quick Links
Sibling Australia INC 0408 720 558 Lifeline 131 114 Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 Scope

Deafness Forum. (2010). Hearing awareness week. [Poster]. Retrieved from Gallagher, P, A., Powel, T, H., & Rhodes, C, A. (2006). Brothers & sisters: A special part of exceptional families. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Pub. Co. Scope. (2011). Scope: For people with a disability. Retrieved from Siblings Australia. (2011). Services for brothers and sisters of children with special needs. Retrieved August 20, 2011, from