The Divine Prophecies & Hadiths Of Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Table Of Contents: The Moorish Americans Are A True Nation Of People About America And The Europeans Holy Instructions To The Moorish Drew Ali’s Warnings And Prophecies About Moorish Men And Women Experiences During The Prophet’s Life On Earth The Holy Prophet In U.S. Cities And Other Countries The Prophet Lineages Of Noble Drew Ali Religion The Moorish Science Temple The Holy Prophet Speaks On Health Proof : Who The Prophet Is Not And What He Did Not Say NOTICE: FROM THE AUTHOR; THE PROPHECIES AND HADITHS OF PROPHET NOBLE DREW ALI (with commentaries) is a Chapter excerpted from the upcoming reformatted 3rd Edition of my Book “Noble Drew Ali / The Exhuming of A Nation.” The 3rd Edition is an Adept Edition and will be including more enlightenments for the studious and industrious minds of Moorish Goddesses and Gods. Those who are slaves to hatred will find the ethers far too fine and strenuous to draw from she the Holy Breath found throughout this last Single-Book Edition. Inshallah, it will appear before the public domain by Spring of 2007. Still, as death finds a certain comfort in a stagnant pond, all those in love with mental slavery will learn why their graves drop to its coldest at about 33 degrees.

For the Moorish hearts and minds to be free they must strickly follow their Prophet Noble Drew Ali, himself the first conscious Moorish American, who’s portion was not wrath and who went not astray. He was the first and last Moorish American to uplift the Moorish Americans by teaching them to be themselves … Moorish Americans. No other Moorish American Leader has taught this required lesson of freedom since 1929. For 77 years the Moorish have learned ‘membership’, masonry, US Citizenry, sheikdom,etc, etc, etc. But they have not been taught to be “Moorish American”; an upright, independent nation and free. For them to follow the pointings from various blocks of wood, in this new era of time now, is inexcusable and madness at its lowest depths. Meanwhile, the Moorish Americans need to learn to love their Holy Prophet as much as He has always loved us. El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali was the only Prophet ordained by The Great God to save the Moorish Americans from the iron hand oppression of the pale skinned nations of Europe who are governing apart of Amexem at this time. I am one of less than a handful of Drew Ali’s Adepts remaining on this plane and I must give to the Moorish as much saving power as He has given to me. Marvel in the revelations you receive from reading the:

Prophecies and Hadiths

Prophet Noble Drew Ali
(As Transcribed In 1972 From Dr. Rufus German-Bey to Divine Minister N. Pleasant-Bey, Swift Angel #1)

(The Holy Prophet’s Statements Shall be Quoted in REDFonts)

“If You Doubt That I Am A Prophet, Watch My Prophecies.”
The Moorish Americans Are A True Nation of People
à I forgive you of everything that you did before I came; now you are responsible for your deeds now. Moors are not held accountable for the oaths taken and deeds done while they were in a coma and without knowledge of self. But now The Holy Prophet has come, returning to them their free National Name and Old Time Religion, they are as responsible as all other true Citizens. à The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali told the Moors, “I brought you everything it takes to save a nation, now take it and save yourself.” Look at the saving powers owned by all other nations of the Earth, e.g. Free National Name, Flag, Emblem, Constitution, Land, Family Heritage, etc. Now look amongst ‘everything’ Hebrought us and find yours like other nations have; Now take the things that are yours and save yourselves. à By you being born here doesn’t make you a citizen. Negroes, Blacks and Colored People are names given to slaves during the time of slavery. Those born under the powers of the 14th and 15th Amendments are

The Moors were laws that enslaved you. when seven bridges cross in the sky. Moors. that will seek to break up the families of men. “This” refers to The Moorish Divine and National Movement in North In the year 2. Congress. à à self. so is he. Wake up and see the seven bridges crossing in the sky. à à à à Moors. Moorish Leaders. Moors. study your self. The only way out of slavery is through the very A Moorish leader is not to get up to speak under the influence of liquor. à à à à à A beggar nation cannot attain to its highest degree of spirituality. S. or any harmful motive I come to set you free from that state of mental slavery that I found you in. The Moorish must study self to know self and know self in order to be your bearing your one free national name. And The Holy Prophet had to go through the fire (the United States assumable laws of jurisdiction) in order to prepare a table before us in the presence of our enemy. . à I had to go around my elbow to get to my thumb to get what I wanted established in this government. To be your self is to be Moorish American. Today. à You are from Missouri. the Los Angeles freeways and expressways form seven bridges of highways overlapping each other above ground. The Moors have been so Dumb-down until they We need to have warehouses because one day the Europeans are going to let you down. The word “Persons” as used in these Amendments do not legally translate into Men and Women.000 the Moors will come into their own. One day. By 1928 the Moors have endured such a mental beat-down here in the west until they did not believe they are a nation of people so Drew Ali went to the PanAmerican Conference in Havana. Can you see Wake up Moors and don’t go to sleep any more. The times that have been. enslaved by reducing their mentality to that of Negroes. the eyes can see. Cuba and declared them as a clean and pure Nation before the United States and other National and Tribal Delegates in attendance. you sleep too much. As a man thinketh. there will be Red Fezzes and Turbans for as far as economically sound. so that you will be loved as I the This is the uniting of Asia. you are a People? have become mentally complacent with a Slave psychic. In 1924 when The Prophet stated this prophecy there were no bridges crossing in America. I have got to show you. Prophet is loved. America.not true Citizens but are declared “Persons” (Commercial property) under the assumable jurisdiction of U. The Prophet. won’t be no more. A prosperous nation must be Imitate I. He wanted to establish The Divine and National Movement in North America to save His People from the wrath (NBC) of Allah. live a life of love. be yourself. a free National Sovereign Being. à à à The only way out of the fire is through the fire. Blacks and Colored People.

Our Forefathers civilized this continent 10.à à If I were you. . going back to The European will not be able to remove all the wealth from the land. Countries. just for a morsel of bread. and there will be soldiers there with guns with bayonets on One day the European is going to let you down. because they are not going to do anything. After he goes back to When the Europeans go back to Europe. of food to last you until your brothers come to your rescue from the East. the land our Ancient Ones set aside for them. They will order you to move on. Then the Europeans went to an old Sheik and asked him to give them some people to help them to develop this land. Sheiks. by inheritance and birthrights. mountains of gold will be revealed to the Moors. When the Moorish reclaim this land the European must return to Europe. them. I would get ready before you are made to do so.” It was the officials e.” (The Moorish are indigenous to America. I like good peas and beans. President.000 years before the Europeans discovered millions of us already using it. If you are ready. à à à à à The European is going to have to pay our people off for the work that they did in slavery. later to be named America. and the European is 3.000 miles pay off in compounded interest. They were given a 50 year mandate to do so. put soldiers around them to One day you will go to the store. guard them. Europe. You are going to have to put up a 90 day supply The Holy Prophet told the Moors. About America And The Europeans à à à Before the European came here. and if they had an Asiatic Europe. you are at home. they would have a European Vice-President. tribes and Nations of Northwestern and Southwestern shores of Africa) who permitted the Arab Slavers to capture and sell Moorish Nationals to the Europeans. stay ready. the climate will go back to what it used to be. and asked for permission to come over here took two men with hand-sticks to carry one bunch of grapes. if you Some of you Moors are going to throw away your name. they would have an Asiatic Vice-President. get ready. because they are good If the European be just. Caliphs. from home. are not ready. à à à à à One day. and One day. and Sultans of the various governments of the Moorish Empire (All Kingdoms. and he is going to have to take some water. and you will go anywhere he says to get something to eat. “Children. and the grapes were four-in-hand. It The Moors were living up and down the Mississippi River before the European man came The Europeans went to the Moroccan government. the Europeans are going to lock the food up in warehouses. The Sheik told them to: “Take those Moors. I am going to save 8% of the Europeans. and they will not let you enter. in boxcars. you are going to smell the Europeans before you see them. (to Northwest Amexem) to develop this land. the bananas were large. farmers. here (To Northwest Amexem [Africa].g.

I have got the Romans in the palm of my hand. Children.à à à à à I am going to stop the European from thinking. à à à à à à à à Watch the newspapers and listen to the ratio. do it in your free national name. because he obeyed the Holy Prophet. à I am going to make the European enforce my law. C. Education is for Citizens to enhance their The Holy Prophet while speaking would jump up in the air and laugh and say. the Moorish have been trained and well educated into every aspect of National. If two or three of them get together on If you want European Grand Sheiks. One day. The Holy Prophet got tired of the can be saved this last time will be through the help of the Moors. The warlike nature of Europeans I am going to stop the Europeans from thinking. The European is our fellow man. That man was able to save his money during the bank crash. ago. And He is going to make the Europeans enforce these National and Divine laws. à à Asiatic. “Rome. 2000 years I am going to leave the European here. The duty of a Prophet is to save nations from the wrath of Allah. but none shall be found. Kirkman-Bey let them know that He was no longer with us. Moors need only to be themselves in order to form a more perfect government and be recognized by the nations of the Earth. something. but I got you today!” government. Moors always running to the Europeans and accepting their verifications over His lessons of freedom and salvation. Today. . “Where is that little man that used to be around?” Bro. The Holy Prophet brought the Moorish their Nationality and their Divine Creed so they can be law abiding. Training is for property. The European asks the Holy Prophet “Will we be saved this time?” The only way you (European) The Europeans were not going to give up until He looked death in the face. Get a good European education and I can use you. unless they do it through the Holy Instructions To The Moorish à Let all old business stay as it is. they will go back. it will be fighting them off. They (The Europeans) will seek peace. I can give them to you. These Europeans started crying. State and Municipal Governments. just long enough to teach you how to run a own good. prosperity. seeks peace through war but peace can not be found by those means. treat the European nice. and all new business. They were looking for the Holy Prophet. you got me. and start you (The Moors) to thinking for your One day your biggest trouble won’t be getting with European women. Kirkman-Bey. I am going to make the European tell the truth. when you get on top. the United States will not be able to do any business. his wife and daughter outside the meeting of the 2nd Annual National Convention that asked Bro. à In 1929 there was a European man. and tear it up. and took his money out of the bank.

Property can only be trained and never educated. except at the point of a sword. that is why they are so I didn’t tell anyone where I was born or who my parents were. you are just plain rich. The Moorish Americans have torn up the “One Temple” into hundreds of confused sects. the Moors. It will take you 50 years to find out what I brought you. thereby bringing about The Italians have our blood (The blood of the Moors) mixed in their veins. 50 years after Children. arming themselves with small hand-carry weapons but no free national principles. I brought you something that you can shout about. because I didn’t want people to We (The Moors) are a hard-head. à à à The Holy Prophet pointed His finger and said. During the Prophet’s time. have the blood of every nation flowing through our veins. The biggest fool is the educated fool. à à à à à à à à à à à à The same truth that will draw you will drive you. It will tear you up. will not follow. mentality misnomered as ‘Negroes. a stranger I have come just before the fire.” make a shrine out of the place or make over my parents like was done with Joseph and Mary. one day. Children. and all new business. up. A good Moorish Leader realizes finite mind cannot comprehend those things infinite so they must study in order to lead aright. mean set of people that have never done anything You tore up everything that was brought to you. à à à Let your good deeds out number your bad deeds. . Blacks and Colored People’ is that of an educated fool. you are going to love me.” A Moor’s The only thing that hurts a duck is his bill. but I brought you something that you can’t tear anything to worry about. a cross spirit. you won’t have My good Moors are going to live. He talks more than he thinks. “My sheep know the sound of my voice. We.” Talking too much. you won’t know that I have been here. Don’t even carry a pocket knife. The slave Moors should learn Spanish as a second language. the salvation of their 2nd and 3rd generations and their rightful place in the affairs of men but they could not tear up their free national name or their Divine and National Movement.à à à à mean. stiff-neck. and if you are not careful. When the fire comes I will be your water and if you do not get I am going to let the fire touch some of you old Moors’ shirt-tails. Let all old business stay as it is. we would not get into so much trouble. Moors still under mental slavery were If it were not for that little piece of red flannel. do it in your free national name. behind me you will not make it through. These I am gone. A good Moorish leader must study his Holy Koran and Divine Constitution and By-laws. tongue is what gets him in so much trouble. holy and divine laws are for the guidance and protection of a pure nation of people. and when you pass away.

and it is rolling down. The Holy Prophet called out this executive order. is going to be I am going to repeat myself. To keep the public from knowing of their doings unbecoming of a Free Person. will go back and feed the world again. and when they start up again. When the fire comes. Things are going back to the horse and buggy days. you are going to look for the good Moors. and blood will skeet out.à à à I am going to let the fire scorch some of my good Moors. They would frequent bars. own flesh. I am going to leave enough fine buildings. and pay off in blood. dives and alleyways as though they had brimmed hats and caps on their heads. It is to stand until the Moorish know how to act like a redeemed People. I can count I have airplanes. One day. à à à à The Moors were once a sea-faring people and fed the world. Drew Ali’s Warnings And Prophecies à à à à à à à à à à à à à For the various lynchings and murders that were committed in the South. the South is going to If you have people in the South. get them out. wild animals will be roaming down the streets. it will be in the When destruction comes. One day. so that my good Moors will One day. à The only thing that would surprise me is if a Moor would do right. the time is going to come. they are going to tear down all the churches and take the bells and melt them down. à Carry your fez to the temple. apparatus on an incline until it’s all over with. zeppelins. . One day. because you didn’t put up enough food. ground to powder. and anyone that gets in the way. and apparatus. Look around. and you are going to get angry with yourself. won’t be no more. every wheel of industry is going to stop. The times that have been. and where you see people. Stay out of the alley with your turbans and fezzes on. some of you old Moors are going to be so hungry that you are going to bite into your have to pay off. What are all these Moors doing here? There are only going to be a handful saved. Every word that I speak is spirit and you (Moors) had better heed. one day. Asiatics favor. I am going to take my good Moors up in an Don’t endanger your life with a fool. and you won’t be able to find them. and make bullets to fight with. because that is where destruction is going to start. and have fingers left over. During those days many Moorish would put on their headdress of freedom (turbans and fezzes) on their heads but had Negro thought-patterns in their heads. I will be the water. be able to enjoy them. them on my fingers. when we I placed a ball on Babylon.

What do you want me I am going to burn up sin. . kill you? in the streets. seat you in the back. He arrived in Arabia as an “Angel” (Moslem) from Egypt. people are going to be so hungry that the only way that you will be able to turn them I have mended the broken wires. Money will be burnt in the streets. about the year 2000. you won’t be able to sell your car for 25 cents. be in the North. and title to your vast estate. just a breakfast fight. Peace. This will be.à à I have detectives everywhere. bombs are going to fall so that they won’t miss a spot as wide as my shoe. the eyes of the Moors will open and see what The Holy Prophet has brought to them. I have the Asiatic. under Love. You will be able to lie down and sleep. You are I have the world in a jug. and I have the One day. This (The West) will be the easiest. Timothy Drew. blood is going to flow in the streets up to a horse’s brow. seeing and I can throw out a spirit that would make the Moors want to fight. I am going to have to go and straighten out the East. One day. There (In the Holy City of Mecca) He. “I am going to kill you all. I have the silver and I have the gold. The cold weather will be in the South. all of the property is going back to the government. Be good Moors and I will hand it down to you. was given the Holy Attribute through the Head of the Holy City. à I am due in the East right now. European. By the time you eat breakfast. it’s going to take 16 secretaries to write down the names. The Moors once ruled the world. will be at the point of a gun. and when I put my spirit Allah alone guides the destiny of this Divine and National Movement. When I raise my floodgate. that is a message from Allah. Freedom and Justice. The Holy Prophet Mohammed said. both root and branch. and carry out my law. Truth.”) à à à à à à à à à There are going to be new Moors that are going to come in with their eyes wide open. spirit that would bring them back to peace. going to need a basement to hide in. that are going to take you old Moors. à I was given a high name over there (In Mecca) but you can not use it over here. When the time is ripe. and we won’t be able to buy much.” à à à à à à One day. and the stopper in my hand. “The sorcerer will not enter Paradise. The Prophet pointed His finger at them and said. Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibu Suad. How many of you can do something?” (Work magic). your religion. to do. and then I will end up in the West. a direct descendant of Hagar who named him: “El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali. knowing. But this time its going to be done One day. and then throw out another The climate is going to change. Some of the Moors stood up.” (When a Prophet speaks. and wake up in peace. it will all be over with. and the warm weather will I brought you your nationality. away. and have connected them with the higher powers. now get ready to rule it again.

turn around. . flee from him. If you cannot flee from him. I am not going to wake you all up at once. Officials begin by mixing Membership registrations with ‘Nationalization Ceremonies. If I do. women are going to be chasing men like a hound running a rabbit. and tell his mother. and the highways are going to be blocked. Some Moorish Brothers is just going to be a handful saved. The Moors are the off-springs of Kings and Queens. those that will be in the apparatus will be able to look down on earth. that when you see an old Moor. One day. and have fingers left over. “Mother. you will run up to There will be so few men. you are going to look out into the streets. I can count them on my fingers. and return home. and kiss him all on top of his head. see You are going to be saved but in a conflict that cannot be told in words. that a child will go to the store. These recycled Western Masonic Rituals alone mislead the public to think Moorish American was not a Nationality but a membership in a religious cult and the Moorish Science Temple itself was assumed to be their Religion. The third and fourth generation will see the good of my work. I could tell you some things that would turn your brain to water. I have come. but I am going to try to save a fourth of the people. people. woman or child. This self-enslavement practice set off mass confusion and division within the ranks of the Moors that would last over seven decades. Atlantis is going to arise again. à à à à à à à à At the end of time. or as many as you can afford. If you don’t leave here right with me this time. I saw a man. I am going to lower down the evil spirits. I will teach you on the soul-plane. world on him. there are going to be so few people. and the streets are going to be filled with men Moors did not comprehend their free national status brought by TThe Moors are a dangerous him. (See: Prophet’s Warnings Today) If you are not careful. I am going to save you all.” with turbans and fezzes. you won’t make it back here in human form. The Holy Prophet told the Moors to try to live close together. and let them incarnate. One day. and taken away all the excuses. attempted this immediately after The Holy Prophet left His body. About Moorish Men And Women à à à à à à à à à One day. fleeing for their life. you will be able to have two. One day. your own brothers will try to put you in slavery. If I cannot teach you here.à à à à à I would like to save half of the people. people that you know. If someone assaults you. if I have got to kill you all.’ Note: Noble Drew Ali never “Nationalized” any man. There Before the End of Time. and drop the We are going to be taxed to death. I won’t be able to do anything with you myself. I have got two wives.

I have come for the children. Only 14th Amendment Persons seek ‘Downtown OKs’ for them to jump-da-broom. à Money does not make the man. and she does not belong to the Temple. A free national Being does not need sanctioning from a former slave master or another government to marry. go downtown. freedom and justice. à à Children. peace. Noble Drew Ali knew every nation has their marriage laws and customs for their citizens. and would not bend over to pick it up. You can walk down the street by yourself now. If your Brother does something wrong to you. Pray that you don’t have to make your flight in the winter time. he must have free National Standards and principles. ‘Nation’ is the root word in ‘national’ and ‘nationality. If you have a wife. If my own mother is not right. Today (2007) there are nearly eleven million “Single Moms” among the Moorish people in the Corporate United States. Use kind words towards your wife. so He told the Moors. give it to him so that he won’t sin.00 bill in the street. It is character and free national standards that make the man. They simply did not believe in the capacity of their own People. give her two. Some of the Moors did not obey The Holy Prophet’s order. and let him perform the ceremony. Don’t keep dogs in your house. you would not want one around. but one day. If your brother wants something. One day. and turn loose. don’t call him a ‘nigger’. you won’t be able to do that. but an elephant. Call him a dirty Moor. Cats are evil spirits. instead of giving her one apple. One day. and if you knew what a black cat was. and buy your wives (Get a Marriage License) from the Europeans. The only one that works all the time is a coolie.”he Holy Prophet. there are going to be so many women. because they may tear up something. à à à If you try to tell what a man is by looking at him. if you never took holt. The Moors’ watchdog is not a dog. The apple is symbolic of educational contributions. à à à à à à à à à à à à à à Don’t put the European on your brother. and the unborn generations. The Holy Prophet is saying love her twice as much by educating her with truth. If you put your hand to the gospel plow. I am not going to wake up all the Asiatics at once.à When you get married. a man is going to have to run for his life. These kinds of power only exist within the constitution of his own free national government.’ To be a man with power. because if you inhale one of its hairs. it would be better. The duty of a husband is to educate his wife upon the straightway to Allah. it could cut your throat. I am not going to let her get by. you are burnt up from the start. you will see a $20. go before your Grand Sheik. Allah is love. . and clothes do not make the man. sow good seeds.

Moabite Queen ruled from. The MST of A do not have the power to issue nationality or change man from the descendant nature of his Forefathers but here everyone must proclaim their free national name as we are teaching our people their nationality. à à à If you have a dream and you forget what you dreamed. Japanese join the Moorish Science Temple of America. so that you will know me when you see me.” The Prophet said the Europeans were looking for Him with airplanes and with dread-naughts. When you see me. 2 Chinese and 1 down on your pillow. Illinois. The printer was amazed. it is like seeing me for true. where speak to me unless I speak to you first. à à Sisters wrap your turbans in the colors of the rainbow. He nor it can be limited. place your forehead face If you dream of me. When the hit men went to the temple. there were many members of the National Guard. don’t Some dirty Moors paid hit men to kill the Holy Prophet. both officers and enlisted men that were members of the Moorish Science Temple of America in Chicago. the Holy Prophet was teaching. to remember it. At a meeting where the Holy Prophet was present. these people have their nationality. à “I got here just in time. The hit men went back to the people that hired them and told them. . “Where are those books that you have?” The Holy Prophet just smiled.” Give all members a Tribal Name of the Moorish to let them know they have rejoined the Founders of the Human Family. and you will remember it. Sisters should not wear black turbans because she is a Giver of life. it turned black dark in the day-time. Her name was Queen Netha. rainbow. He did it from memory. enslaved or bound. Marking the fez makes it finite. 5 Turks. Illinois. it shows you are free. a spot in Chicago. what should I put on their Nationality Card?” “The Moors were the first people. The Secretary asked the Holy Prophet. and all other people that use our name were adopted into our tribe. where a came out of the fields. When the Holy Prophet dictated the Holy Koran of the Moorish Science Temple of America to the printer. your Prophet.” (During the life of the Holy Prophet. “Don’t you pay us to do anything to any of those Moorish Americans. He saw 10 Arabians. and dug up a metal bar with foreign writing on it. but He told the Moors that He had the book in His head. Turbans can be any color found in the Moors look your best. à à Take a good look at me. When the Holy Prophet returned to The United States He was asked. Experiences During The Prophet’s Life On Earth à à When I was born.à Brothers don’t mark your fez. because the devil cannot steal my appearance. territorial and binding. The fez is the infinite Headdress of the African God-Man. the Holy Prophet dug down into the ground. The people put their hoes down. they opened the door and found the temple building full of soldiers. and she waged war against five Pharaohs. Be the (plain) Truth like me. At that spot. “Prophet. and The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali showed some Moors one night.

The Holy Prophet In U. Spirit Man. I have stopped up every rat hole. Illinois is going to be our new Mecca. “If you have money in the bank. “I have got a good mind to leave you. faced him suddenly and as quick as a thought. can visit the Prophets of all times and climes. He never looked at Drew Ali but told the Moors. Cities And Other Countries à à Chicago. some of the Moors. à The Holy Prophet told the Moors before the bank crash in 1929. At first. went to the Armory. I am going to take you up above the sun. “I am happy. I am going down South. Chicago is doomed and Detroit must go down for what they have done to I. Those that did not lost their money. When I get down there. Michigan and Chicago. around the throne of the Mighty Allah. moon and stars.” Simply be yourself. went after the Holy Prophet a knife. . This statement alone proves Drew Ali was not a In two weeks.” “Put your money in the post office. me. à à I took the cover off all the secret organizations. During His Divine Ministry. we will come and destroy you all. the Ku Klux Klan is going to stop Freemason (See: Author’s Commentary). The Prophet said “I know you did not know and I forgive you son. your Prophet. When the Asiatics saw this. they took off with such fright that some of them ran into buildings. There Man. Then they are going to lead me to where I am going. About that time a man suddenly appeared between the members and The Holy prophet.” Those that obeyed the Holy Prophet saved their money. “Moors. and knocked themselves out. S. Illinois. Members in the temple sat and watched as a dirty Moor.” But some unconscious Asiatics tried to break up the party. full of rage. The Prophet had everything fixed up nicely. the Logos Circle Seven and meditate beyond the Blue Ether Plane.” The Holy Prophet took the Moors up above the blue ethers. around the throne of Allah. After avoiding the assailant’s aggressions The Holy Prophet turned.” After the event. The would-be assassin became meek as a lamb and apologized for his wrong doing. à Children. The Holy Prophet was unduly arrested in both Detroit.” à à I have fixed everything. “If you harm a hair of His head. you can. if you want to come up to see me. The Moors were happy and the Holy Prophet said. get it out. and came back to the party with army tanks. An elder brother stated. who were members of the National Guard. He even had pool tables for their enjoyment. He cast out the spirit of anger from the Moor.” The Moors have yet to learn how to protect their Holy prophet on Earth as He is in Heaven. The Moors just looked and would not protect their Leader. The word got out. à Wake up you sleepy headed Moors. He was dressed in Turkish Garb and by the mysterious way he came he had to be an Angel. “Don’t mess with Prophet Noble Drew Ali. trucks and guns. and begged the Holy Prophet not to leave them. your Prophet is truly a Prophet. when my Moors are happy. it is going to look like they are against me.because He is connected with the government.” Then the Moors got down on their knees. the Holy Prophet told the Moors. When they tried.à The Holy Prophet gave a party for the Moors.

à à Chicago is going to be your new Mecca. pulled out a book. (as high as He was holding His hand) because of my coming to them. in the streets. à In 1928 The Holy Prophet and Bro. Freedom and Justice are carried out. C. The Holy Prophet was satisfied. Kirkman-Bey had gone to school together. Mayor and Chief of Police?” The Moors said.” The Holy Prophet reached into a trunk. Kirkman-Bey to the Pan American Conference in Cuba in 1928. and when I put my spirit All nations will turn against the United States one day. One day the famous industries will leave Detroit and The Holy Prophet asked the Moors in Detroit. It should be noted He and the Moorish Vanguard did not go to this Conference of Nations as members of a religious organization (MST of A). Spain 400 years before they had While I am talking to you Moors. Bro. Kirkman-Bey. There was an Indian Chief representing the American Indians.” The Moors were blessed to have an Asiatic Mayor and Chief of Police in that same city. the United States will not be able to do any business. the United States When the Moors ruled Spain. South. you won’t be able to sell your car for 25 cents. The Holy Prophet asked C. “Can you speak high German?” Bro. who spoke 92 different languages. them anywhere else in Europe. and told him that He had to go down to Cuba. C. “How would you like to have your own grass would reclaim those sites. and those old sisters are Money will be burnt in the streets. the Cuban army was standing on the dock. If not. Kirkman-Bey . The Holy Prophet and Bro. The nations of North. Kirkman-Bey. Peace. Kirkman-Bey told the Prophet that he had a wife and children. C. If my Principles of Love. for the first time. Asiatics. and He wanted him to go with Him. my spirit is over in India with them. the Holy Prophet came to town. The Holy Prophet took Bro. Kirkman-Bey went to Havana. The Holy Prophet let him know that they would be provided for. Central America and some Atlantic Islands were present. was the interpreter for the Holy Prophet at this conference. “Yes. jumping this high. and he read from it. and Bro. One day. grass is going to grow up in Detroit. Truth. C. and handed it to Bro. because the foreign Moslems would be sitting in the front row to see and hear the Holy Prophet. unless they do it through the Moors that were in the Temple during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali said that when will be the richest and most prosperous country on the earth. the Moorish Americans as a clean and pure Nation of People. the worst is yet to come. Kirkman-Bey replied. we had street lights in Seville. you would have to go to the temple early to get a seat. Michigan. Kirkman-Bey’s ship was tied up at the dock. and we won’t be able to buy much. Secretary of State Hughes of the United States represented the United States at this conference. “Yes. The Holy Prophet and His Cabinet of Moorish Officials attended the Conference to represent. but I am a little rusty.à à One day. à à à à à à à à There is going to be an earthquake that will split the United States in two. and dusted it off with a feather duster. Kirkman-Bey. Isaac Cook-Bey said that when the Holy Prophet and Bro. Bro. Cuba for the Pan American Conference. and you could not get a seat in the front row. Bro.

I would follow Him. Drew Ali often told the Moors when He appeared on Earth as Yehoshua (Jesus). “Noah. Just let us have a place to live. years ago. it was the Moors that took the sword and went out and splayed the beast so that civilization could come in. Kirkman Bey addressed the conference in both Spanish and Arabic. One of the preachers said: “if He (Noble Drew Ali) could do what Moses could. “The door is locked. The Prophet Lineages Of Noble Drew Ali à I remember when I was on the soul-plane. When the wild beast roamed the earth in large numbers. “Yes. The Prophet reportedly showed the mandate to His officials in the Adept Chamber. but it was the Moors that were able to Those that were with me 2. à à Children. men swam out to the Ark. you would jump out of the window and kill yourself. and asked them was I right. are against me today. we went but cannot win. “I went into Rome . and said.” The Holy Prophet said. and an angel came. “I can do what Moses did. through Prophet Noble Drew Ali. and you could hear the large birds flapping their wings at a long distance.000 years ago are with me today. and go into other parts of the world to inhabit. I remember when I was Noah. At this conference. and knocked on the door. heaven and earth will pass away. Kirkman-Bey speak. Mohammed defeated the Roman Empire. let us in.announced the presence of El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali and said something to them in Spanish which caused the army to stand at attention.’ The United States had lost its Sovereign Power in 1871 and subsequent 50-year Mandate for this land had expired in 1921.” à à Asiatic Preachers and Masons will be the last to come home. à à “Before one jot or title of my word fails to come to pass. in with the sword. It is wooly like your Brother Jesus.000 traverse the desert. your hair is not kinky. and took the key away.” The Holy Prophet was not present in the room when this statement was made.” à à People left the Garden of Eden. When I conquered Rome. They will fight me tooth and claw I was Mohammed. ‘That’s a dangerous man. You could hear the swords swinging. he said. and those that were against me 2. and the meeting place was on the third floor of the building that they were in. The Preachers and Pastors were assembled and the Divine Minister was addressing them before the Holy Prophet came to the meeting. you are right. and when the Secretary of State of the United States heard Bro. Noah was a carpenter and he built the Ark. original indigenous owners of the land. Mohammed. sent letters to the other European governments. When the Prophet arrived at the meeting. When the flood came. the mandate for this land was returned to the Moorish. Noah. They said. pulled down the flags. I cut the head of Rome off. It was then he and the Holy Prophet came down the ramp of the ship.” and I told them. but if I came walking into the meeting with a lion on a chain.” One of Drew Ali’s Divine Ministers told of a time when he had set up a meeting of Christian preachers to council with the Holy Prophet to see whether these preachers would follow the Holy Prophet. He told the preacher. and died by the thousands.

Religion à à à à à à à à à à à à à Your Forefathers are the Founders of the straight and narrow. Surely Allah knows what men know not. Don’t worry about how you are going to be saved. it ceases to be church. every major Prophet is the last Prophet to be raised from amongst those of his especial nation to be redeemed. It will be done in a conflict that cannot be told Allah alone is perfect. Your religion is Islamism. Some Asiatic Muslims have interpreted this “SEAL of The Prophets” into the Moorish being unworthy of Allah’s Love and Mercy. You (Moors) don’t recognize Islam because it is yours. something you live everyday.with 72. Having been denationalized and stripped of Divine Creed some think the Moorish to remain the rejected corner stone of the Human family. Moslem is with or without a garb of flesh. The Holy Prophet was ordained by the great God to be five times greater and more powerful than the Prophets before. We. and it is a temple. you have missed my part of the meeting. there were soldiers seated on camels. and salvation. because I am going to use them to condemn the government. à I am the fifth and last Prophet. and when it came down. Before the end of time. Mohammed was the seal of the Prophets to bring the tenants of Islam. No Messenger would be apt enough to save us. Yet.000 men. If I tell you that I am going to do a thing. One day. they are born. in words. The Moorish have earned the divine right and is most deserving of a Holy Prophet. there is going to be a holy war. à à I can do what Jesus did. as a people. The Moorish Science Temple à The Holy Prophet warned: “When you miss the reading of my laws. A Moslem is made with the Will of Allah who made them. but you (The Moors) are not in the condition that those people were in.” . Don’t throw away your Bibles. every knee will bow to Islam. I reached down. I have done it already. and picked up a hand full of sand. When I ran out of men. the world’s first religious creed Islam is that Old Time Religion. Moslems are not made. were buried five times deeper in sinful ways than any nation enslaved before us. After enduring the worst system of Chattel Slavery ever imposed upon a people and sanctioned by the religions of the Earth. I threw it up in the air. Woe upon the man that calls himself a Jew. Some of my best Moors are still in the church. To this day it is called Islam. A Anytime a Moslem goes into a church for any reason. and I am five times more powerful than I was before.

represents power and if you obey my voice. They are going to be running to get into the Temple. you are lost. but keep the doors open. that if he did not attend the Convention. When you fail to hear my voice. à One day. “All right. The leader is not to stay out all night. à à If you have money and don’t give it to me to uplift our people I am going to get it anyway. it is easy for you to destroy the influence of the Temple. who once enslaved their African Mothers and Fathers while holding the Great Quran behind their backs. à à Woe upon the one that scatters my flock. are not strong enough to free the Moorish or lead them to paradise. You will be able to shoot dice on their coat-tails. It is through your good. He went with him. Moors. giving earnings away to someone else. are worlds apart. I am not asleep. it’s going to take 10 secretaries. one of the Grand Governors of a State failed to appear at the Convention. The Arabian pointed to a picture of Noble Drew Ali and asked him.” “I have done more than you think. now lace up your shoes. The Moorish will get a greater understanding of their One Free National Name as time goes on. it will . trying to be the front seat in everything. and the elder Moor said that all of them had Identification Cards for membership in the Moorish Science Temple of America.” The Holy Prophet said.” The store was full of Arabians. because of your mixture. which brings about many different spirits. When I drive the Asiatics in. you have made a start for the kingdom. They must be an example. and I will drive the Asiatics in. Illinois. Prophet Noble Drew Ali said. you must follow the Prophet. à Your Nationality Card is going to change on you in your pocket. Wives keep your homes and children clean.” “Husbands take care of your wives.à The MST of A’s membership is going to dwindle down to a handful. and the Europeans are going to be beating them over the head. and an Arabian came out of a store. and families. and you are going to turn around and go the other way. men are going to be running so fast that their coat-tails will be standing straight out.” “You stop figuring out your way. and asked him to come into the store. always standing in my face. and get right. The Prophet sent a telegram to the Grand Governor informing him. though it’s hard. I want you to help me by your good deeds of living at home. and abroad. “The garment that I have on Moors all the way up to salvation. but you can’t make him drink. driving them in. how your salvation shall come. During the First Annual National Convention in 1928. You can say one thing Moors. “Do you know who this is?” The elder Moor stated. I am going to lead some of you At the First Convention in 1928. just follow me. If you want success. just to write the names down. à An elder Moor said he was walking down the street in Chicago. They will realize membership and national status. You who are heads of Temples. not with your lips. leaders of Temples must be careful how they walk. It is against the law to stand up in any audience intoxicated. à à You can lead a horse to water. “That is my Prophet. The last ones to make it into the Temple will be the preachers. be careful of your steps. the Holy Prophet was going to have the “G-Men” (United States Government Agents) arrest him. These Moslems. son. though similar in structure. I am going to free you. you will have power with me. Don’t let any of those foreign Moslems get up in your rostrum.

The only thing that is going to save them is my remedies. and slumped down. An Asiatic got up while The Prophet was speaking and said. and have connected them with the higher powers. As there is but one Allah. The elder Moor went to the head of the stairs. wrong with them. “If that man is a prophet. It is too bad. then take the Charter down off the wall and go home. this Asiatic fell back into his seat. take them out of the meeting. The Holy Prophet Speaks On Health à The Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali used to heal people. just European poison. à à à à This food here is.” “This is no social organization. and people came to Him for counsel. three. one Prophet of the Temple.) “I have mended the broken wires. say the Moorish-American prayer. People are going to be dying like hogs with the cholera.” After the Holy Prophet spoke those words. I would be willing to give up my life. My remedies will cure you of anything that you weren’t born with. it is a divine and national movement. its going to burn up in your pocket. Michigan. Moorish Leaders are to lead Moors to uprightness. When you all go home. now this was handed to me by the government. “The Prophet is tired. à à à à place. he was dead. He has been healing people all day long. Anything short of truth is a burden. By you being born here don’t make you a citizen (one must proclaim his nationality before his Government to be recognized as a citizen).” This angered some of the Moors that heard it. Try to have your temples in buildings. and one Moorish Science Temple of America. and told the people. Look what I have on.” Do not bring children to an adept meeting or in the building where an Adept meeting is taking freedom and independence. Go home. don’t start no stuff. five and seven. and if no one comes to the meeting after he sits and waits for one and a half hours. and said.take you Moors a long time to find out what I did today. and they were going to cut him to death. for I will be right there listening at you. Maryland theHoly Prophet was healing people. and the doctors won’t know what is If you steal my money. It represents the royal prince. Some of the Moors started moving up on this man with their hands in their pockets. à à If you go to Adept Meeting. Your services When you take care of Temple business go in numbers of two. When children start crying in a meeting. when it is time for the meeting to open. can be better secured and held without interruptions of trafficking peoples. An elder Moor said that when he was in Baltimore. hang the Charter on the wall. did you hear that. where the meetings are on the second floor. what happened at the meeting. don’t burden my Moors.” (The Holy Prophet wore a mantle of power. à There is but one Allah. don’t tell anyone who does not go.” à The Holy Prophet was at a meeting speaking at the temple in Detroit. When the Moors carried him out of the building. . à The Grand Sheik of a Temple should go to the Temple. but the Holy Prophet held up His hand. “Children. there is just one Prophet of the temple and he came to save one Moorish American Nation. Moorish Leaders.

fresh out of slavery.” ☼☼☼☼☼☼ You say that you want some pure meat to eat. à An elder sister went to the Holy Prophet because she had been sick. the water pockets and air of the There is going to be famine in the land. had became addicted to poisonous smoking and drinking. à Boys. observe the following list of today’s Local.” Yet even amongst his most beloved Moors very few understood the true magnitude of his prophecies when Noble Drew Ali warned “We are going to be taxed to death” Proof of His words. why don’t you be like I.I. This warning was given in 1924. If you do. Today. earth has been contaminated by the European Rulers. Harness your weakness to your self and conquer it to gain Prophet’s Warnings Today “We Are Going To Be Taxed To Death” Today. and sit down next to people with liquor on your breath. The Holy Prophet listened to her and said. Epidemic claiming millions of lives annually. you may hurt something. none of these taxes existed 100 years ago: Accounts Receivable Tax Building Permit Tax CDL License Tax Cigarette Tax Corporate Income Tax Dog License Tax Federal Income Tax Federal Unemployment Tax (FUTA) Fishing License Tax Food License Tax . à here. go into your room. the average hard working American has become so accustomed to paying “Taxes” until they coined the phrase “The only things certain in life is death and taxes. praying to die. Nonetheless. some of you Moors are going to be walking around with skippers (those are maggots) Boil your drinking water.” Today in The United States and other parts of Africa there falling out of you.S. State and Federal Taxes … remember. à à strength. “Sister. Drinking water is as The Holy Prophet prophesied.D. don’t stop it all at once. There is a corrected mental process to follow when breaking away from these physical addictions or one may cause harm to self and others. your Prophet? I don’t drink. If you have to drink. one must “Stop” in order to imitate the Holy Prophet’s healthy and holistic way of life. but if you do. is a man-made A. I want you to go to the Temple. This and other diseases were unheard of and unforeseen during the prophet’s time. and I don’t smoke. if you have got to crawl. no one is going to kill a camel for you to eat over Don’t drink and come to the temple. During the Prophet’s time many Moors.à à à One day. you are going to get well. and won’t be able to die.

The original corporate investments of the 13 British Colonies was a major European corporate (Business) investment designed for her Western Settlers to pay homage to the crown via taxes. State and Local Surcharge Taxes Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax Telephone Recurring and Non-Recurring Charges Tax In 1871 The United States of America. Today’s taxes are merely the business of recycling the silence of the lambs. winning the revolutionary . was the most prosperous nation in the world.Fuel Permit Tax Gasoline Tax (42 cents per gallon) Hunting License Tax Inheritance Tax Interest Expense Inventory Tax Liquor Tax Luxury Taxes Marriage License Tax Medicare Tax Property Tax Real Estate Tax Service Charge Taxes Social Security Tax Road usage Taxes Sales Tax Recreational Vehicle Tax School Tax State Income Tax State Unemployment Tax (SUTA) Telephone Federal Excise Tax Telephone State and Local Tax Telephone Usage Charge Tax Utility Taxes Vehicle License Registration Tax Vehicle Sales Tax Watercraft Registration Tax Well Permit Tax Workers Compensation Tax Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax Telephone Federal. before She fell from Sovereignty to Corporation Status. To the Defectors.

to make swine kosher enough to eat?? Would a Moslem Leader ever say “Moors it is alright to eat pork?” No! He did not say that. This great Islamic dietary injustice do not balance with The Holy Prophet who had earned the name of “Faithful” (being declared a “Moslem”) and given the Islamic attribute of “El Hajj Sharif Abdul Ali” upon completion of his Hajj in The Holy City of Mecca in 1912. The following three subjects are examples which have lead to much of this confusion: What Did The Holy Prophet Not Say about: PORK: It was reported “A Sister” said that “someone” in Cleveland. the author was not physically manifested during the actual life time of The Holy Prophet. Why does my Prophet have to be the only one. 1886 and left the United States at the age of sixteen. with less than 100 years of freedom and autonomy. He came in due time. status or duties required in the linage of Minor and Major Prophets in the Holy Likeness of Drew Ali. He was an Angel of Allah to say the least. Theologian or Historian of the Human Family would clearly surmise that most of the public opinions of Drew Ali derived from those who saw no need to protect the sanctity and Divinity of his Prophethood. During His life time The Holy Prophet named all His stations and not once did He say He was a Mason. have been omitted as unsubstantiated social hearsay because their comments did not balance with the sacred preparations. Some of the “Oral Statements” spoken down by some of the Elder Moors. He spent the next ten years in Egypt learning . PROOF Who Noble Drew Ali Is Not & What He Did Not Say (A Brief Addendum By The Author) Like most Readers of the day. It does not balance. in all the history of prophetdom. the New Jack City then became THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (USA) A CORORATION. Drew was too young to be made a Mason before He left these shores. But His Holiness has been obscured due to standard doubts of His People. That which was personal resorted to back to the business of “Taxes” as usual. Ali revealed it all. Yet. FREEMASONRY: Noble Drew Ali was not a Mason. There has been slanderous remarks.war was a personal triumph and later hailed as The United States of America. any Kemetian Adept. loose talk and unsubstantiated western Islamic philosophies about the authenticity of Noble Drew Ali’s ordination to the station of Prophet. This Author is compelled to add this commentary to the above Moorish Hadiths of Noble Drew Ali. But in 1871. Examine his life: He was born Timothy Drew on January 8th. A man must be at least 21 years of age to join any Masonic Lodge. Ohio said: “The Prophet condones the eating of pork.

Now. g. Besides. “German” or “Ghanaian?” Why would our Prophet be the first of the prophets to return his People back into the iron hand oppression of former slave masters where he had found them? In fact it was the Congressional ratification of assumable jurisdiction held in the 14th & 15th Amendments which re-enslaved the freed Moors that prompted Allah to raise Him from amongst us.” Do you hear USA in any other free national name e. “Chinese”. Dr. pray tell. He was a full conscious “Moslem” (One who is the Will of Allah) at the age of 27 and by the time he returned to America. There again is just no balance. A man’s nationality is his true identity and proper status. Nationality is through the descendant nature of one’s forefathers and has nothing to do with his religious affiliation. no balance. Swift Angel #1 GET BEHIND THE PROPHET and LET HIM LEAD YOU. Pleasant-Bey. CITIZENS OF THE USA: The Holy Prophet said “His nationality is Moorish American and our nationality is Moorish Americans. . Yehoshua and Mohammed before him. could a Negro-Colored Mason possibly teach a Free National Man? Why would He submit to a mankind when He is an Angel of the Most High God? Again.” He often referred our nationality as our one free national name. He was then too wise to become a Freemason and too high with infinite wisdom to lower his will to the human knowledge of a Most Worshipful Master. PEACE.the same duties of a Prophet as Abraham. exactly what part of “Moorish American” do you read ‘United States Citizens?’ He also said: “Just because you were born here do not make you a citizen. Upon passing all the tests and completing his Adept education. Timothy Drew made his pilgrimage to Mecca where He received the authority to teach old Islam in the West. YOUR LEADERS TODAY DO NOT KNOW THE WAY TO FREEDOM BECAUSE THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE. there would have been no need to the millions praying for the coming of Noble Drew Ali. If making 14th Amendment Citizens of the Moorish Americans was in order. Elihu N. You are either born Moorish American or to one of the other nationalities in the Human Family. what. Solomon.