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Gas Homework 1

Gas Homework 1

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Published by: chpwalker on Apr 15, 2009
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Gas Laws I
As always, make sure to show your work. Make sure to include the governing equation. 1. Make the following conversions a. 1650 torr to atm

b. 3.50 x 10-5 atm to torr

c. 5.65 kPa to atm

2. When a gasoline tank is filled, no more gasoline can be added. When a tire is “filled”, however, more air can be added. Explain. (Hint: read you text!!)

3. An aerosol can contains 400 mL of compressed gas at 5.20 atmpressure. When all the gas is sprayed into a large plastic bag, the bag inflates to a

volume of 2.14 L. What is the pressure of gas inside the plastic bag? Assume temperature is constant.

4. If 0.500 mol of nitrogen gas occupies a volume of 11.2 L at 0 °C, what volume will 2.00 mol of nitrogen gas occupy at the same temperature and pressure?

5. A fixed quantity of gas at 21 °C exhibits a pressure of 752 Torr and occupies a volume of 4.38 L. a. Use Boyle’s law to calculate the volume the gas will occupy if the pressure is increased to 1.88 atm while the temperature is held constant.

b. Use Charles’ Law to calculate the volume the gas will occupy if the temperature is increased to 175 °C while the pressure is held constant.

6. A quantity of gas has a volume of 3.66 x 104L. What will be the volume if the temperature is changed from 455 K to 50 °C? (Watch your units!).

7. An aerosol spray can has gas under pressure of 1.25 atmat 25 °C. The can explodes when the pressure reaches 2.50 atm. At what temperature will this happen?

8. In the following table indicate whether the pressure, volume, or temperature increases or decreases. Experiment P V T 1 Increases Constant 2 Constant Decreases

3 4


Decreases Increases


9. A balloon has volume of 75.0 mL and contains 2.50 x 10-3 mol of gas. a. How many moles of N2 must be added to this balloon for the volume to be 164 mL at the same temperature and pressure.

b. What mass of N2 does this represent?

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