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Always start and end with a prayer assuring them of Gods love. Let yourselves be channels of love of Jesus flowing to them in you. During the outpouring, they will repeat the Baptismal Vows as adults and make the commitment to Christ. This is done in order to release the power of the Holy Spirit in their lives and enable them to receive His gifts. Explain that their godparents made these responses when they were babies through the Sacrament of Confirmation conferred on them the power and gifts of the Holy Spirit, but they were never released because they were still children and did not understand how to use them. They will experience God during the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but they must be open to invite Jesus into their lives. Take time to explain the GIFTS, especially the gift of tongues. Tell them not to reject some and choose, but to ask for all. Tell them not to be afraid, that it is o.k. if they do not receive the gift of tongues or whatever they ask for. They can ask the Lord for their hearts desire.

A. Family Background: 1. Would you like to tell me a little about yourself? Do you come from a big family? 2. How many brothers and sisters were you? Are you the eldest or youngest? 3. From what place did your family come from? Did you always grow up there? Transferred to here? Always lived here? B. Family Life: 1. What was life like when you were a child? Were you loved by your parents? 2. Were your parents often home? Did they fight a lot? Did you get punished when you were naughty? How? 3. Were your parents strict? Were you allowed to bring home your friends? Allowed to go out alone or on dates? C. Education: 1. What field or course did you finish? What were you interests in school? 2. What were your difficulties or challenges during those years? D. Present Life: 1. What problems, fears, anxieties, worries are you experiencing at present which you want us to pray for? Spiritual, emotional, academic, etc.? 2. What do you regret the most in your life? 3. If you had to forgive anybody in your life (past and present) who would it be? Is there anybody you have hurt the most that you need forgiveness the most? E. Receiving the Gifts of the Holy Spirit: 1. What would you ask the Holy Spirit to change in you? 2. What gifts would you want to receive from the Holy Spirit?