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Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantras

Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantras


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Published by Yug Shilpi
Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantras
Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantras

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Published by: Yug Shilpi on Apr 15, 2009
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The power of Ïabda is indeed astonishing when realized in the spiritual realms in terms of
mantras. The s³tvika mantras are sources of overall refinement of the physical as well as spiritual
domains of life. The s³dhan³s of such vedic mantras bestow individual and global welfare in the
truest sense. The t³ntrika mantras posses tremendous potential that could be employed as
‘mechanized’ device to affect specific targets – be that mind or matter.... If misused, the negative
effects of the t³ntrik mantras could be disastrous for the user and the target both.

The human body and mind constitute a super advanced scientific laboratory. The founders of the
mantra vijó³na used to conduct experiments in this fantastic bequest of Nature.

According to the ancient philosophy of mysticism (rahasyav³da) – Ïabda is eternal and is the
fundamental perpetual force that effectuated the creation of the universe. The blueprint of any
event that is going to happen anywhere in the cosmic expansion first occurs in the form of the
vibrations of Ïabda in the ocean of its omnipresent N³da. The experts of mantra vijó³na were
able to ‘perceive’ these subliminal vibrations and could therefore ‘visualize’ the future events
with ease. The sole aim of their experiments with the mantras was – cognition of the absolute
truth and using its ultimate knowledge for divine illumination of the world….

Our body is defined in the ancient scriptures as a manifestation of specific reactions of Ïabda.
With this perceptions, the rhythmic cascade of bodily functions could be termed as a bio-swing,
moving according to the set frequency (like that of a radio) of Ïabda. When all the components
of this gigantic ‘sonic’ device of our body (and mind) are harmonized, we are in fine health and
mood and work in perfection according to its natural frequency.

The modern experts like Dr. Steven Hypern, director, Spectrum Research Inst., California, opine
that – we all live in an ocean of sound, some vibrations of which are compatible with our own
frequency. Dr. G. Kozhinov of Bulgaria has conducted some experiments on yoga to investigate
such compatible frequency-ranges. His findings show that – the subjects go into a state of trance
while kept in controlled conditions under the influence of sonorous sounds of specific medium-
range frequencies, played at specific rhythms.

Dr. Hans Jane of Zurich has quoted in his dissertation on siematics that – (energy) waves
constitute and transform any kind of matter that exists physically...... In his scientific experiments
he had demonstrated the liquifying of steel plates by the effect of sound waves. In yet another
experiment, he had produced a compound of this liquid by mixing powdered plastic and some
metals under superimposed effects of similar sound waves. By controlled sonic vibrations on this
compound he reconstructed the plates whose upper surfaces now had a transformed appearance.

Dr. Hans has developed a tonosope based on the principles of sonic transformations. The sounds
received by the input microphone of this instrument are converted into visual images on the
output screens. He has invented that Oa®7

is a mantra that generates very specific geometrical
images on the tonoscope. (Remarkably, these images correspond to the Sanskrit syllable used to
represent this unique sound). He concludes that the specific vibrations of mantras and the
specific patterns of their japa – as invented by the Indian seers of yore – must have been great
source of generation of immense energy, mental inspiration and consequent multifaceted
development of happy and healthy society.


Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantra

If a stone is thrown in a silent water pond then circular waves, moving in the transverse
directions, are generated on its surface. Similarly, any vibration in the etheric ocean generates
sound waves in the cosmos. These waves move longitudinally in all directions forming a virtual
‘sphere’ of vibrations in the space.... As the region of expansion and the strength of the waves in
the water pond will be more for the heavier stone..., similarly, the impact of louder sound (at a
common frequency) generates the sound waves of higher intensity and vice-versa. The
methods of collective japa or chanting of mantras seem to have been designed according to this
principle of synergistic amplification of intensity. These are found to induce magnificent impact
on the gross and subliminal domains of life….

The research on sound therapy carried out by Dr. Leislier Lasanio of Vienna has also been
significant in terms of investigation into an ancient branch of knowledge through modern
scientific means. His experiments on yoga along with recitation of “Oa®” have shown very
positive effects on a large number of patients in his sanatorium.

Similar research projects in some other advanced laboratories have shown that specific sonic
vibrations (and hence the mantras in particular,) have intensive effect on the endocrine glands.
The musical sound of Nature such as, the music of winds, soothing sound of the smooth flow of
rivers, the melodious sound of the birds....,etc., is also found to have positive effects on the
physical and mental health. These findings are like ‘another step’ towards the realization of the
unique bequest of the Almighty bestowed upon us in the form of N³da existing in the Nature.
Ancient scriptures on N³da Yoga and Ïabda Yoga would offer deeper insight for more
meaningful research in this direction.

The –iÌis had described the s³dhan³s of Ïabda Brah® - N³da Brah® as effective modes of
linkage between the individual consciousness in the mortal world and the divine realms of
supreme consciousness. In-depth study of the treasure of knowledge provided by them and
research-experiments on sound, mantra vijó³na and spirituality promise majestic support for the
ideal ascent of life….


Eternity of Sound and the Science of Mantra

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