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Touchstone 2 Written Exam

Touchstone 2 Written Exam

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Touchstone 2 Written Examination Name: _____________ Match each conversation starter with a response.

I like your jacket. Do you come here by bus? Is that your newspaper? Do you like this class? Do you live around here? Boy, it's warm in here. ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ a. Actually, I feel a bit cold. b. Yeah. I actually look forward to it. c. No, I walk, actually. It takes an hour d. Thanks. It's from Peru, actually. e. Um… actually no, it's not. Go ahead and take it. f. Yes, right around the corner, actually.

Complete the questions. 7. Can you __________ (whistle)? 8. Do you enjoy __________ (cook)? 9. Are you good at ________ (skate)? 10. Are you interested in __________ (join) a meditation class? Complete the answers with “everybody” or “nobody”. 11. I don’t really like classical music. Do you ever listen to it? Yes, but with earphones. _________ in my family likes it. 12. My favorite band is Coldplay. I think they’re great. Do you like them? Yeah, they’re awesome. _________ plays music like them. 13. I listen to hip-hop a lot. Do you listen to it too? Yeah. _________ in my school listens to it. 14. I like Alicia Keys. She’s a good singer. What do you think of her? Almost ________ is a fan of Alicia Keys. Complete the conversations with the simple present or present continuous. 15. _____ you _______ (eat) a lot of fast food these days? Well, I ______ (love) it, but right now I __________ (try) to eat a balanced diet. It’s hard because my wife ________ (not like) fruit and vegetables. Join the phrases with “when” to make true sentences. 19. have a fever/ take medicine _________________________________________________ 20. have a cough/ go to the doctor _______________________________________________ 21. have a sore throat/ drink hot tea with honey ____________________________________ 22. get a stomachache/ stay in bed _______________________________________________

23. You are at the post office on 3rd avenue and a stranger asks you, “Could you give me directions to the aquarium?” What would you say to the person? ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ Complete the conversations with “echo” questions. how far how much what what kind what time where

24. There are a lot of street performers in the city right now. I’m sorry. There are a lot of ________? 25. There is a golf course about 15 minutes away. Excuse me, it’s_________? 26. The best outdoor pool is at Ocean Beach. I’m sorry, it’s __________? 27. There are great Korean restaurants in this neighborhood. I’m sorry, there are ____________ of restaurants? 28. The movie theater opens at 10:15 a.m. Excuse me, it opens at __________? 29. Rides in the amusement park are $15. They cost _________? Complete your conversation. Use the words and expressions in the box where what is there a him I mean and everything was born one until my grandfather did you say actually   I'm not sure  

30. ___________ a good music store around here? 31. There’s ______ on the corner of 5th and Oak. 32. It’s __________? 33. On 5th Avenue, __________ 6th Avenue, and Oak.

34. _____________ 6th Avenue? A couple of blocks away. Complete the conversations with possessive pronouns. 35. Do you ever lose your keys? I am always losing __________. No. We always keep _______ on the table. 37. What do you do with your old clothes? Sometimes I give them to a friend of ________. My sisters keep __________ for years. Complete the story with the past continuous or simple past. 39. I ______ (hurt) my arm yesterday. I __________ (look) for something in the cabinets in the kitchen. I __________ (stand) on a chair, and I _________ (fall) off the chair. 43. Last Sunday, Lee ________ (drive) in the country, and he _________ (not notice) a dog in the middle of the road. Luckily, he ________ (stop) his car in time, so he ________ (not hit) it. Read the situations. Write follow-up questions with the past continuous. wear gloves drive to work cook something go fast lift something

47. Tom hurt his back at work. __________________________________? 48. I cut my thumb in the garden. __________________________________? 49. I burned myself this morning. __________________________________? 50. Julie had a car accident. __________________________________?

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