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The Magnet Scarf

The Magnet Scarf

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Published by: Citz Per on May 19, 2013
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The Magnet Scarf Burt Goldman teaches this as the Magnet Hat - but there’s several hats I thought

I would change them to different articles of mental clothing. This scarf is for attracting your desires or “magnetizing” yourself to a goal. Go into a deep meditation or use the full Bagha and see a beautiful scarf wrapped around your neck, with the two ends hanging over your front like the arms of a magnet. You can even see little magnet images in the scarf -otherwise, it’s completely your design. Intend or say in your mind, “This Magnet Scarf will now magnetize me to my loving desires and intentions. It will pull towards me every good thing I intend for it to do!” Then, once you’ve set your intention, visualize your goal that you want it to attract. Lightly tense your head, neck, and shoulders (or your whole body but especially that area) and feel the magnetic energy building up while you focus on the goal being pulled to you. Hold that for about 5-10 seconds then let it go. You’re finished!

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