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Sleepy Hollow Worksheet

Sleepy Hollow Worksheet


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Published by giovanatoniolo
This is a worksheet that you can use with your students after watcheing the movie.
This is a worksheet that you can use with your students after watcheing the movie.

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Published by: giovanatoniolo on Apr 15, 2009
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Name: ___________________________

Sleepy Hollow
According to the movie, match the names with the descriptions:
___ The love interest of Ichabod, she's the only heir to one of the richest farmers of the Tassel: neighborhood. ___ After Peter Van Garret is murdered, he is 2) Brom Van placed as the leader of the city, he dies when the Brunt: horseman drives a fence post through his body and then beheads him ___ Wife of Baltus and stepmother of Katrina, the true evil of the film, she is the one controlling the 3) Doctor horseman as she has his head, which he is Lancaster: looking for, she dies when the horseman takes her back to hell with him. ___ An orphan who looks towards Ichabod as a 4) Katrina Van father figure. In the act he helps him investigate Tassel: the murders of the Headless Horseman alongside Katrina. ___ A strong and charming man who is somewhat romantically involved with Katrina. He mocks 5) Lady Van Tassel Ichabod at first, but later helps him fight the / Crone: Horseman and ends up dying at the hands of the horseman by being cut in half through the waist. ___ The reverend of the village is shot by Baltus 6) Magistrate Van Tassel after he kills Lancaster with the Philipse: wooden Cross. ___ The only Doctor and surgeon in the village; 7) Notary murdered by Steenwyck in the Church. Was Hardenbrook: having an affair with servant girl Sarah (murdered by Lady van Tassel) ___ The local banker and possibly the oldest 8) Reverend citizen in the village, dies when he commits Steenwyck: suicide by hanging.
1) Baltus Van

Name: ___________________________ 9) The Headless

10) Young


___ The town's magistrate who is the fifth victim of the Headless Horseman. ___ A brutal and sadistic hessian mercenary sent to America during the American Revolutionary War.

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