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often told her how they had felt… And there had been tears in their eyes as they remembered. whenever she had such thoughts. sunny day on the planet Sunlight 349. Lillian knew this because. polluted planet whose name no one even wanted to remember. They had lived on the edge of starvation for the first thirty years of their lives. the fact that every day on Sunlight 349 was ‘another beautiful. sunny day’ was perhaps a li le tedious. Mind you. although she had been only seven months old at the time. On a freezing cold. her parents had. for them. If she was honest with herself. she would force herself to remember what life had been like for her parents. Maizie and Alfred had died just about four years 7 . as Lillian Belle set off on her latest assignment.Prologue Crash on Sunlight 349 It was another beautiful. When Maizie and Alfred Belle had been given the chance to move to Sunlight 349. over the years. it had truly felt like dying and going to heaven. In squalor.

Cross with herself. Lillian could not resist a smirk to herself. ordered. ‘Something the ma er?’ asked the official. She realised she had been si ing with her face up.DOCTOR WHO ago now. within months of each other. jolted Lillian out of her daydream. The railroad official si ing opposite gave her a strange look. Every morning. touching down gently. She had even stood in her shower. And although the ill effects of the squalid conditions their bodies had previously been forced to endure had ultimately meant that their lifespans were relatively short. Moving to Sunlight 349 had brought them such incredible happiness. proud to see their only daughter become a journalist. She had never experienced it. pastel-shaded symmetry of the vast city in which they lived. She had seen it on screens. they had both died contentedly in their early 60s. 8 . dialled down from hot to cold. eyes closed and twitching at the imaginary impacts of those longed-for raindrops. when she longed for the temperature to vary by a few degrees now and again. closed her eyes and tried to imagine what it might be like if this were the weather outside – all day! The skimmer-bus. So Lillian felt guilty when she found the pastel shades… dull. Sometimes she almost prayed for rain. another life. They had been a devoted couple. they would stand on their tiny balcony and look out over the calm. The Dalek Foundation had given them another chance. read about it in books. and give thanks for the Dalek Foundation and the Sunlight Worlds.

At last. At speed. she wanted to jump for joy. twisted. ripping them apart in the front sections. hammering. The concerned mu ers of the crowd were also fading for Lillian. Everything was so smooth-running and happy on Sunlight 349. she was only dimly aware of the door whirring shut and the soft hiss of the vehicle lifting off and flying away behind her. She glanced around at the grim faces of other officials on the bus and remembered there was a serious business in hand. People had died in this crash. The rest was just wreckage. bent and pulverised by unrelenting kinetic force. Lillian knew there was no doubt about that. Then she realised.’ she said. then sca ering the rear carriages into each other. Only the very last compartment of the left-hand train still retained any semblance of its original outline. plastic and fibres. Two trains had collided. She tried to suppress the fact that because it was serious. crushing.THE DALEK GENERATION ‘No. and that made a journalist’s job pre y uninteresting. there was the potential for bad news… As she stepped out of the bus. A horrible snapshot of metal. She was transfixed by the disaster site before her. Then she felt guilty again. still smirking a bit. and perhaps even a li le dangerous. with some shame. The impact had torn into both vehicles. that a number of the supposed ‘officials’ she had travelled with were in fact relatives of the survivors or victims. And she had allowed herself a warm grin of satisfaction at the exciting professional prospects such a 9 . tearing them out of shape.

There was the smell of fire.DOCTOR WHO disaster offered her. More emergency crews arrived. stereo human suffering. of relief. many of them featureless with shock. and she pressed on. she saw emergency crews arriving and going about the morbid business of removing bodies. not sure if it was the gentle incline leading to the crash site or 10 . slicing into metal so that any survivors could be rescued. and led her down the slope to the track. As she followed him. skimmer lights flashing. her own selfishness made her feel sick. The sound of their grief flooded into her ear implants – perfect. for an instant thinking it was her mother. She was still filming. A security guard touched her on her elbow. twisted tracks. scorched metal and worse. That old guilt about not feeling grateful enough for the Sunlight Worlds. of alarm. some starting to cry. sirens wailing and then cu ing off suddenly. a few years back. Electronic cu ing gear was starting up. It could so easily have been. as if in shock. She panned across the entangled trains and pulled back for a wide shot of those looking on. She heard cries of pain. It made her jump a li le. She already had her tiny palm-holo-camera running. For a moment. ‘This way. as the vehicles descended gently beside the broken. drifting sideways. gulping in painful air in great heaving sobs. But the exhilaration was still there.’ he nodded. She zoomed in on one old lady. seeking out security guards to get permission to inspect the wreckage. It made her feel lucky… and guilty yet again.

We’re finding survivors. ‘That’s far enough.’ she said. Trust me. She quickly defocused and returned to Daniel Ash’s troublesome visor. still filming. All local hospitals are on full alert. She almost collided with a man in emergency service uniform. from the insignia on his black. You don’t want to go any further. I guess. somewhat emotionlessly. How am I doing?’ ‘Any word on the cause of the crash?’ she asked. ‘I know. ‘Sure.’ At that moment. ‘Daniel Ash. He was looking at her blankly. Lillian felt the heat and vibration 11 . it seemed. ‘What do you want me to say?’ he asked. A survivor. plastic-sheened uniform. ‘Lillian Belle. Emergency protocols are working well. in terrible pain. Sunlight 349 Holo-News.’ he said. site supervisor. Not much more to say. We’re just worrying about who’s left alive so far. A lot of injured. the auto-systems of her camera struggling to fix on his visor or his obscured face behind it. ‘Two trains crashed. was being helped out through a half-collapsed window. panning right onto the closest piece of wreckage. his voice muffled behind his helmet visor. One of them shouldn’t have been on this track.’ he replied.THE DALEK GENERATION her own insatiable curiosity that was pushing her on. focusing on him. We don’t know how many are dead. There’s been a train crash.’ ‘Will you talk on camera?’ she asked. He was of some kind of supervisory rank.

it was true. its bronze. That these creatures who looked so ready for conflict should be the purveyors of such kindness and optimism seemed such a self-evident mismatch. assessing… Everyone on the Sunlight planets was familiar with the Daleks. watching the Dalek come to a halt. conical armour glimmering in the constant sun as its mid-section and head-dome rotated. Lillian had grown up with that. but everyone knew them as the representatives of the great and good Dalek Foundation. But… Squat. ‘Report!’ Lillian and Daniel heard the signature sound of the 12 . was always an oddly unse ling experience. And yet. as it suspended itself in mid-air. undeniably brutal in their outward appearance. Scanning. She and Daniel Ash simply paused for a moment. There was always admiration for the idea of the Daleks.DOCTOR WHO of something powerful whooshing overhead. No one was in any doubt that they were a force for good. and caught the shimmering blue of the underside of an airborne Dalek as it flew over the crashed trains. She instinctively tilted her camera view upwards into the sky. They were not seen very often. The Daleks had saved and enhanced countless billions of lives. these ambassadors of charity and philanthropy always seemed to tease at a sense of dichotomy in human minds. No one. encountering them. but actually seeing them. Then it descended. watching. metallic. The saviours of a generation that had been scarred and displaced by galactic economic and political collapse.

‘They…’ he hesitated for an instant. ‘I thought we might see them here. firmly. ‘Yes. He clocked the look on her face and she fancied that he looked a li le caught out.’ ‘Will the Dalek be coming over here?’ Lillian asked. And then she was sure. In shock. She instantly turned to speak to him. even as Daniel’s subordinate put a firm. They both glanced round. ‘No.’ said Daniel. perhaps considering if it was wise to divulge something. ‘Because this never happens?’ asked Lillian. ‘Any news on the drivers?’ Lillian pressed further.’ And Daniel started to draw away. halting Daniel’s retreat. calling out to some medics tending to an injured passenger. electronic tone seeming peculiarly at home amongst the torn and shredded train remnants. through another visor. but…’ He trailed off as he hurried away.’ he said. but he clearly knew what was coming. Yes. nodding. pointedly.’ she heard his muffled voice say.THE DALEK GENERATION Dalek’s voice echo across the wreckage. over the other side of the wreckage. They’re safe. he was deciding whether or not to tell her something important. It had now disappeared. that’s it. She carried on. signalling to a subordinate nearby to take over supervising Lillian. ‘OK. gloved hand on her shoulder. wounded. Lillian filmed him as he was engulfed by the milling masses of emergency workers. He paused for a moment. ‘You go back up to the top. its staccato. 13 . unflinching. ‘They both ejected. dead and dying. she thought.

A security guard walked up to it. as he pushed her up the incline. but Lillian doubted she would ever find out what it was saying or to whom it was speaking. drained faces of the onlookers. She had never seen a Dalek interviewed for holo-television. ‘The journey recorder. The Dalek was talking. On the other side of the wreckage. just for a moment. The eyestalk twitched. Not so much a sound as a tangible needling of the air. grating echoes from the other side of the crash site. tingling vibration. a li le nervously. evidently not expecting an answer. its mechanisms purring with cool precision. There was a faint. well shielded from the sights and sounds of the rescue operations. the Dalek waited. ‘When was the last time you saw a Dalek give an interview?’ he asked. It sucked the sphere into contact with the cup. The bronze dome at the top of the Dalek swivelled slightly. As she reached the top of the incline. black sphere. Before the guard could hand the sphere over. obediently. The guard winced a li le. The blue iris on the outwardfacing edge of the black ball of the lens a achment 14 .DOCTOR WHO Daniel’s subordinate gave her a ‘you must be joking’ look. incoherent. she heard. electronic. presenting it with a small. constantly recording the blank. she thought. towards the rest of the onlookers. some force from within the suction cup at the end of the longest of the Dalek’s metallic protuberances came into play. It was a fair point. The vibration stopped.’ said the guard. motionless. muffled.

the medics are…’ ‘Where is he?’ the Dalek demanded again. ‘Leave it there!’ commanded the Dalek. The medic nearly stumbled backwards at this. The silence was broken by the sphere suddenly detaching from the Dalek’s sucker cup.’ he explained further. There was something about the Dalek that made him feel he was under suspicion. gently ushering a shockedlooking young man forward. The Dalek repositioned its eyestalk. ‘I’m afraid Mr Sezman is suffering from shock. a fierce note of anger invading its electronic articulation. tilting its eyestalk up and down impatiently. The guard couldn’t think of anything else to say. but stood his ground. He merely stared at the Dalek. 15 . ‘Where is the driver of this train?’ demanded the Dalek. discarded.’ ‘He’s on his way. veins beginning to stand out around his increasingly watering eyes. The guard started to kneel to pick it up. emi ing a truncated metallic whine as it did so. Two medics arrived. now swivelling its dome violently. baked soil. He’s… he’s in… in shock. It edged forwards a li le. It thudded onto the hard. ‘He’s had a terrible… Er.’ explained one of the medics.THE DALEK GENERATION seemed to squint with a narrowing disdain. ideas for words choking in his throat. ‘You said you would bring him to me. focusing on the medic. ‘He has to go to hospital immediately.’ the guard found himself stammering to explain.

swayed a li le. One of his knees appeared to buckle under his own weight. But before they could fully straighten Mr Sezman up. surveying the small group of four humans. the driver. Unexplained deaths. so bright their skeletons bleached through it. a directly vertical course at high speed. burning bright. Mr Sezman. caught in a photo-negative image. Funnelling towards them in a focused beam. The medics quickly strengthened their grip on his arms to support him. Unconcerned. All four of them contorted in terrible. the discharge burst around them all. the Dalek immediately took off. crackling and spi ing like a shower of ice on white hot metal. Then the harsh light and sound faded fast as their lifeless bodies fell to the ground.DOCTOR WHO The Dalek paused for a few moments. their jagged forms flickering painfully. 16 . a harsh burst of energy emi ed from the shortest of the Dalek’s metal a achments. to be referred to the Dalek authorities for investigation… An investigation that would never happen. blue-tinged and merciless. silent agony for an instant. leaving its victims to be found amongst the wreckage.

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