The US is deliberately travelling on a collision course with other countries that are reluctant to take directions from western

capitals. This is the direct result of the now growing groundswell or growing feelings of love in the west for fascist thought and its fascist way of life. This thought, or way of life is very extremely or incredibly resonant with western civilisation. It has been proven to be very true via repeat events happening throughout recent human history. The big western love for fascism has been greatly reinforced by the availability of ultra sophisticated military weaponry and advances in military fields achieved by the western states in particular the US. The west, most of all the US, wants to have a final war with nations that refuse to bow to the endless dictates emanating from the west. So, today, the US, Nato plus Israel and Turkey want to impose their will on the rest of the world. Their conquest of the world is a must. Thus, while Nato and Turkey are attacking or planning to attack Syria and Iran, the US is planning to attack China and also Korea. The US is beefing up its air power to attack China but China still has clear superior numerical advantage. To maintain this advantage, China MUST build up its own air power many many times over by developing and deploying fleets, fleets, and fleets of air combat drones. Manned fighters must now be ranked at second priority !

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