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SDD Interface Design(Current Approaches)

SDD Interface Design(Current Approaches)

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Published by: ghays on Apr 15, 2009
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Interface Design In Software Solutions Current Popular Approaches  During the early years of computing command line interfaces

such as DOS and Unix were very popular.  The GUI is currently the most popular of all approaches.  It is good practice to continue the standards set out by developers as this will minimise learning fro users and make them more productive.

 Complete the following list of characteristics of a Graphical User Interface
Characteristic Windows Icons Graphics ACTIVITIES 1. Examine the sample open dialog below. Identify each of the screen elements included on this dialog box. Description Commands selected from a pull down list. A device used to point, drag and click on items.

2. Examine open dialogue boxes from other applications such as Paint Shop Pro. Discuss whether these interfaces are similar and the benefits from similarity.

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