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Biology Campbell 5 Large Biological Molecules

Biology Campbell 5 Large Biological Molecules


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Name: Michelle Yang Text: Biology Author: Campbell Edition: 8 Subject: The Structure and Function of Large Biological


Date: 4/11/13 Subtext: Ch. 5, P. 68-89

Toss-Up 1) Biology Short answer What is the reaction by which monomers are connected? Answer: DEHYDRATION REACTION Toss-Up 2) Biology Short answer What is the most common monosaccharide? Answer: GLUCOSE (C6H12O6) Toss-Up 3) Biology Short Answer Name all of the following, in words or numbers, that describe the function of polysaccharides: 1) Serve as storage material 2) Serve as building material 3) Serve as linking material Answer: 1 & 2 Toss-Up 4) Biology Short answer Name the covalent bond that links monosaccharide molecules together. Answer: GLYCOSIDIC LINKAGE Toss-Up 5) Biology Short answer Name the cellular structure within which plants store starch. Answer: PLASTIDS Toss-Up 6) Biology Short answer Chitin, which is used by arthropods and fungi, is made of what type of carbohydrate? W) Protein X) Cellulose Y) Polysaccharide Z) Monosaccharide Answer: Y) Polysaccharide Toss-Up 7) Biology Short answer What is the group of macromolecules that are hydrophobic? Answer: LIPIDS

Toss-Up 8) Biology Short answer A fat is constructed from which two kinds of smaller molecules? Answer: GLYCEROL AND FATTY ACIDS Toss-Up 9) Biology Short answer What make up cell membranes? Answer: Y) PHOSPHOLIPIDS Toss-Up 10) Biology Short answer What is known as a polymer of glucose monomers? Answer: STARCH Toss-Up 11) Biology Short answer What are polymers of amino acids called? Answer: Polypeptides Toss-Up 12) Biology Short answer Name which of the following are proteins responsible for. 1) Structural support 2) Movement 3) Cellular communication Answer: ALL Toss-Up 13) Biology Short answer What structure arises when a protein consists of two or more polypeptide chains? Answer: QUATERNARY STRUCTURE Toss-Up 14) Biology Short answer What forms where two cysteine monomers are brought close together by the folding of the protein? Answer: DISULFIDE BRIDGES Toss-Up 15) Biology Short answer What protein structure represents the overall shape of a polypeptide resulting from interactions between the side chains of various amino acids? Answer: TERTIARY STRUCTURE Toss-Up 16) Biology Short answer What are protein molecules that assist in the proper folding of other molecules? .

each bearing a hydroxyl group? Answer: GLYCEROL Toss-Up 20) Biology Short answer What is composed of a nitrogenous base. a pentose.Answer: CHAPERONINS Toss-Up 17) Biology Short answer What determines the amino acid sequence of a polypeptide? Answer: GENES Toss-Up 18) Biology Short answer What is it called when the environment alters a proteins native shape? Answer: DENATURATION Toss-Up 19) Biology Short answer What is an alcohol with three carbons. and a phosphate group? Answer: NEUCLEOTIDE Toss-Up 21) Biology Short answer What sugar is connected to the nitrogenous base in RNA? Answer: RIBOSE Toss-Up 22) Biology Short answer What is the shape of a DNA molecule? Answer: DOUBLE HELIX Toss-Up 23) Biology Short answer What are the two families of nitrogenous bases? Answer: PYRIMIDINE AND PURINE Toss-Up 24) Biology Short answer DNA is typically described as being in what type of arrangement? Answer: ANTIPARALLEL Toss-Up 25) Biology Short answer What polymer are genes consist of? Answer: DNA .

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