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24 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits

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24 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits

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INTRODUCTION ............................................................................................i EXPLANATION OF ODDS.............................................................................iii HOW TO PLACE BETS ...................................................................................v GLOSSARY OF TERMS...................................................................................ix #1: THE EINSTEIN ........................................................................................1
Find big-priced horse-racing winners in under 5 minutes using just your morning newspaper…

#2: THE SCOREMASTER ...............................................................................9
Turn your football knowledge into easy money…

#3: THE WIN-WIN STRATEGY ..................................................................15
Professional system to “hedge your bets” for guaranteed winnings…

#4: THE CARDMASTER ..............................................................................19
How you can turn £10 into £32.50 every Saturday between February and May…

#5: LAST MAN STANDING .......................................................................23
These five simple questions return 30% profit…or even TRIPLE YOUR MONEY…

#6: THE SURE THING ................................................................................27
Use one easy-to-understand stat to make some tasty profits this season

#7: THE DEAD CERT ...................................................................................31
Three little-known facts reveal why backing two-year-old horses can help turn £20 into £312.50 next summer

#8: THE DOODLE DANDY ..........................................................................35
This simple betting slip trick turns a Yankee loser into a solid DIY profit…and can return up to £1,296 for an £85 stake

#9: THE ROUND ROBIN .............................................................................37
Turn a tenner into £68 or even £390…with the help of a Round Robin

#10: THE GIANT KILLER ...........................................................................39
These safe ‘value’ bets on snooker can give you a 36% return-on-investment

#11: THE SPEEDY DOG-GALEZ .................................................................41
This straightforward greyhound system can deliver £5,000 profit in one night

#12: THE RUGBY RATER ...........................................................................45
A simple statistical system for betting profitably using just your daily paper. No knowledge of rugby league required!

#13: THE CORNER-COPIA .........................................................................49
In Euro 2000, one football fan made £26,000 predicting how many corners would be won in selected games

#14: THE DOUBLE DUTCH ........................................................................53
How to select the two strongest horses in a race…and back them both to enjoy a profit whichever horse wins…

#15: THE SLAP SHOT .................................................................................57
Want to make easy money at the bookies’ expense? Detailed NHL statistics are free – and yet UK bookmakers regularly mess up their prices…”

#16: THE TOTAL-ISER ................................................................................61
With the right information at your fingertips, it can prove more profitable to bet on how many goals will be scored in a game, than on which team is going to win…

#17: THE LUCKY ONE-FIVE .......................................................................65
“…Turn £1 into £21, £728 or even £7,216 using this clever ‘big money’ system…”

#18: THE TIGHT & CURLY ........................................................................67
“…Five simple steps to cracking the Tote Trifecta’s £30,000 pay-out…”

#19: THE GRASSHOPPER ............................................................................69
“…Master the secret art of Asian Handicap betting today…and make a profit even if your team loses…”

#20: THE KOALA KICKER ..........................................................................73
“…Keep backing away wins in Australian soccer and you could turn £20 into £1,280 next summer…”

#21: THE MONEYBALL FORMULA ...........................................................75
“…This simple system can defeat the clueless British bookies to net you £580 profit for just £11 risk…”

#22: THE DREAM MACHINE .....................................................................79
“…How the Rainmen could make you 350% profit in this year’s Superbike World Championship…”

#23: THE DOLLY SHOT ...............................................................................81
“…How to find and use the three key factors deciding EVERY tennis match you can name…”

#24: THEBURNING STUMP .......................................................................83
“…How to win money whenever England take to the field…”

#25: THE DEAD BEAT .................................................................................85
“…Thanks to the ‘bet exchange’ revolution, you can win big money by backing Britain’s worst horse tipsters…”

WEBSITE DIRECTORY ................................................................................89 SPREAD BETTING ACCOUNTS ................................................................91 INFORMATION SITES .................................................................................93 BETTING ODDS GRID .................................................................................97 FRACTION-DECIMAL CONVERTER ..........................................................99

“In 40 minutes you’ll have mastered the first of 24 ultimate systems to boost your betting profits…

…And be ready to pick a winner in under 5 minutes using your daily paper!”

Dear Friend, Welcome to my guide to strategic betting. You’re about to discover 24 underground betting secrets that can dramatically improve your bank balance and make high risk ‘gambling’ a thing of the past. You see, successful betting isn’t about hitting it big on a lucky win. The people you see collecting winnings week in, week out aren’t betting on hunches or even tips. They’re playing a strategic game with the bookies that minimises their chances of losing – and opens them up to massive winnings. And right now you’re holding the key to their moneymaking strategies. After just a few days spent studying techniques like The Einstein or The Rugby Rater detailed in this book, you’ll be the envy of the average punter. You’ll have mastered the skills you need to keep your losses to an absolute minimum – and let you watch the winnings roll in. You can kiss goodbye to that horrible feeling of remorse you experience when a big loss comes your way. Because you’re never going to place yourself at risk like that again – and round the corner there’s always likely to be another big win on the way.


Soon. you don’t even have to leave your own home to enjoy successful betting. Unlike many betting books. these secrets are so consistently successful most bookmakers would rather this book had never been published. you could become an expert on how to beat the bookie at his own game…so start enjoying that feeling of satisfaction as soon as possible! Happy betting! Mr. all these techniques work at your high street bookies. So start reading today.In fact. But the simple fact is. This book covers 11 different sports from snooker to ice hockey – highlighting areas where the bookies are often caught napping. There’s no need to study form for months on end – you can work most of the techniques out using a recent copy of The Racing Post or the sports pages from a national newspaper… Naturally. Try them out once you’ve mastered the first 24 proven strategies to enjoy advanced betting profits… ii . my profits aren’t affected one little bit by letting you in on these secrets – so frankly. I don’t give a damn. this could be one of the most revealing and profitable reads of your life. But thanks to the recent development of internet betting. If you follow my techniques with any discipline you’ll maximize your chances of winning. They don’t want ordinary punters getting their hands on information that could take thousands off them every year. And the best thing about my strategies is you don’t need to be a sports buff to make them work. X PS: I’ve also included a bonus strategy that could take the success of your betting to even higher levels. Just imagine the luxury of winning money without even stepping out of your front door. I’ve outlined everything you need to know to make them pay. I haven’t limited the strategies to horse racing.

expressed in figures. we'll take it to pieces and put it back together again. 3/1 etc. Or An odd of 2/1 gives a profit of £2 for every £1 staked. To understand how it works. iii . The rule with every fractional odd is that the top figure is your profit. and working out your return is just as simple… Pages 99 and 100 contain a comprehensive list of nearly all the odds used. 7/4. i. Odds can be represented in various ways.e. Just multiply your stake by the ‘Euro Decimal’ odd that corresponds to the ‘UK Fractional Odd’ in question. To work out how much your return is on any bet requires one quick calculation.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Explanation of Odds The odds that a bookmaker offers are simply his opinion of how likely. Here are the main kinds you are likely to encounter. player. Therefore… An odd of 15/8 gives a profit of £15 for every £8 staked. or unlikely. 15/8. and the bottom figure is the stake required to win that profit. This format has been used in the UK since betting began. or horse is to win any given event. The Fractions Many bookmakers work in 'fractional' odds. ‘You win what’s on the top if you stake what’s on the bottom’ Odds are flexible things and you can stake whatever you want on whatever outcome you choose. but they are all easy to understand once you know the format. a team.

particularly on the Internet. iv . Since your bet was a pound. means you have backed a 6/4 winner. Move across to the column adjacent. Once you know the drill. So a decimal price shown as 4. So.50 and they win.50 on an outcome. it's very easy to use. Decimals Many bookmakers.00 etc The first thing to remember is that when a bookie betting in decimals offers 2.00 isn't 4/1. To work out your return on a decimal bet. and there you will see the decimal equivalent…2. deduct your original stake of ten pounds. by 2. ten pounds on a 3.' from the decimal figure.) Non UK European bookmakers have always shown their odds in this way. Remember. So if you have a pound on a team at 2.37. it's 3/1. Multiply your stake. £2. 34.37 to give your return. is to simply deduct '1. 2. you have made one pound fifty profit. £59.25 To calculate your profit on the bet.00 and 8. and it allows bookmakers to offer tiny gradations of odds not always possible with the fractional system. use the Decimal or Euro Decimal format.00 shot will return you 30 pounds.00 is actually 7/1. just called two different names. multiply the Euro Decimal by your stake.50. and you have a profit figure of twenty pounds. (It's the same thing.37. Prices will be chalked up in the following way… 2. use the same process we used for fractions.25.00 and every other decimal odd contain your returned stake. £25.25. 4. which in fractional terms. and there is a lot to be said for it.50 is the total amount that you will pick up. which gives you £34. he has included your returned stake in this figure. The decimal price 8. To find your profit. deduct the £25 stake from the return of £59.Proven Betting Systems: If you have £25 on an 11/8 chance…simply look up that odd in the table on page 99/100 under the column headed ‘UK fractional’. The quick way of converting a decimal price into a fractional odd.

and placing any sports investment again in the future may well v . Write or telephone and ask the bookmaker to send you an application form. of course! The telephonist you speak to will be sitting in front of a screen. and Easy to Use Opening a telephone account with a bookmaker is simple. More than that. Choose whichever best suits your overall investment needs and strategy. But be aware that any debts you fail to honour will soon gain you a reputation within the industry. and they’ll be able to call up every single price on every single event their company currently offers at the press of a button. Then your account card. If you have a credit account. and an ecstatic letter of welcome from one of the Directors will arrive through your letter box. and trust you to pay it..25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits HOW TO PLACE YOUR BETS Telephone Accounts: Quick to Set Up. they’ll be happy to hear from you. They’ll want to know: • your name • address • bank details and it will take them a week or ten days to process it. so if you refuse to pay. a nice new sports diary..until you start winning.. There are three different types of telephone account you can set up.. the bookmaker will send you a bill for any losing weeks you may have. when you don’t want to tie up any of your money while waiting for them to happen. there is nothing that he can legally do about it. Credit Accounts: Great for betting on events in the distant future. Gambling debts are not recoverable at law.

Neither a credit nor a deposit account . • They’ll give you an account number straight away. Deposit Accounts: Great flexibility. If you have a debit card. your initial deposit will be returned. with no need to prove your identity or creditworthiness. you’ll receive the outstanding balance in full. You merely need to ring the telephone number you are given on signing up. • Your profits will be paid into this account. NOTE: Many serious investors start off by opening a deposit account. And placing a bet is simple. In which case.Proven Betting Systems: become impossible. With a deposit account. • He or she will enter in your details. and limits differ from firm to firm. vi . when the bookmaker’s got to know them – they ask for it to become a credit account. You choose how much. • If you want to close your account at any time. then for your surname. You’ll need to tell the telephonist: • your name. you send the company a sum of money ‘up front’. and you’ll be answered by one of the company’s telephonists. The bookmaker won’t need to check with your bank for a deposit account. Debit Card Accounts: The quickest and simplest way to open an account. They’ll do it there and then over the telephone. simply ring up your chosen bookmakers and ask for a debit account to be opened for you. and then for the bet you’d like to place. and you just top it up again to the original amount. It will be open as soon as your deposit cheque has cleared.all transactions conducted through your bank. • The bookmaker will deduct any losses from it too of course. and – after a while. address and debit card number. He or she will first ask you for your account number. Whichever form of telephone account best suits you – credit or deposit – feel free to ring the bookmakers and enquire about as many prices as you like once you have an account set up. • You can withdraw any sum in excess of your initial deposit.

Just like your bank card pin number. • Make sure you keep your username 100% secret. We’re talking bookmakers here – they’ve got ‘firewalls’ in place that make Fort Knox look like a corner Post Office! To my knowledge. deposit or Switch card basis before. How much you put in is up to you. no one has attempted and succeeded in hacking and robbing money from an internet bookmaker. They don’t apply with the online bookmakers. vii . your username should be private. And because of the intense competition between internet bookmakers. you will need to deposit a sum of money straight away from your credit card. usually within three working days. you’ll also find dozens of exciting and lucrative ‘novelty’ markets. go back to the homepage and click the button to ‘Open an Account’. Your account couldn’t be safer. • You will need to quote this username to gain access to your account.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits When you telephone for a bet. In the event of a dispute. rest assured. Each is every bit as honest as any other international household name.. or Switch/debit card. The telephonist will always read your bet back to you before it is accepted. You will be asked all the same questions on the screen that you’re asked when opening a telephone account. If you like what you see. William Hill. and all calls are recorded. But don’t worry about internet security scare stories. Your winnings will also be paid directly into your bank account.. and some great introductory offers too. your instructions can be properly checked. have a wander around and explore what’s on offer by pressing the ‘Guest’ button. Internet Accounts: Instant Access to Global Prices Betting over the internet offers you access to the very best prices available – all over the world – instantly. When you arrive at a bookmaker’s site. the amount you stake will be deducted from your bank account right away. • The website will ask you to provide a ‘username’ as a security measure. • Don’t worry about mistakes or cheating Forget about your bet being written down or settled incorrectly. has an average turnover of £2 billion. But to get your internet account active. for instance. • Your money couldn’t be safer If you haven’t dealt with bookmakers on a credit.

Different bookmakers may present it in slightly different ways. • On every page of quoted prices you will find a ‘bet here’ button. the bookmaker will pay it directly back on to the card account it came from. viii . team or runner of your choice. • Your stake will then be taken from the amount you have on deposit.Proven Betting Systems: Once you’re online. they all use the same system. • You can take money out of your account whenever you want to. but basically. and returned with your winnings as soon as the event is decided. placing a bet is very straightforward. and you will be given instructions on how to back the player. • Click on this.

You’ll almost always find better odds here than you will at a traditional bookmaker. Double: Backing two outcomes. which rules out the bookie and means you’re betting against other members of the public. You can give yourself a no-lose situation if you find an ‘arb’. Obviously this can be risky because much can happen in the months up to the final. by backing every outcome in an event so that you return a profit. ix .. if you want them to win a match. taking advantage of varying prices in different markets. You would back Leeds. Ante post: Betting now on an event that may not take place for several months. in football the FA Cup final doesn’t happen until May but you can start betting on the possible winner as early as the previous August.List of terms and their definitions Accumulator: An accumulator bet consists of just 1 bet but over several events. Ante post only happens on the big sporting events. Commissions: When using a bet exchange you’ll have to pay a commission to the site if you win (normally 5% or less). Arbitrage: To buy and sell for profit. Back: This is the traditional way of placing a bet. As each bet is successful the money rolls over to the next advert. For example.. no matter what. You back an outcome you want to have happen. Both must be successful to get a return. but the returns can be great if you strike a value bet back in August. they won’t eat into your profits because by using bet exchange sites you’ll get better prices than you would elsewhere and you’ll still be ahead. Bet exchange: A person-to-person betting site. say. Don’t worry about commission. All must be successful to get a return. This opportunity happens a lot with sports because bookies often have strong opinions that vary from their peers.

you can request your bet be matched at a rate midway between the one you requested and one just one ‘spot’ away from your request.Proven Betting Systems: Equity: A fancy word for profits. In a football match. Form: How well a horse/player team has performed recently. Match in the middle: An option available with some bet exchanges. Lay: Take a bet on something. With such bets. like a bookmaker does. giving a player or team a head-start over the opposition. Australia may quote 225-230 . Selling the line means you win if England score less than 225 and buying the line means winning if they score more than 230. x . common way to bet. If you think the final results will be lower than the price you sell the line and if you think the final results will be higher than the price you buy the line. let’s imagine a line bet over the number of runs a team will make: England vs. number 1 has a 1/6 chance of being rolled.a £10 bet could give you £100 (at odds of 10-1). not necessarily in competition with each other. What you’ll be offered on the likelihood of a certain event happening. Match bet: A bet between two teams or people. Handicap bets are also called Asian handicap bets. For example. if the underdog beats the odds and wins.that spread is called the line. you have the chance of winning a lot more than what you staked . Line bet: An even-money paid bet where you take a position either side of two possible outcomes of the event. For example. not beat each other or be aware that the bet exists. on the flip of a coin. They handicap the teams or people involved. two golfers who will be trying to win their tournament. heads has the same chance of appearing as tails does so the odds are even. Odds bet: The straightforward. in which you simply lay or back a bet on an outcome. Handicap bet: Bookies create a handicap to make a one-sided event a more attractive betting proposition. on the role of dice. Forecast Starting Price: Expected starting odds of a horse. Throughout this report I refer to equity . there will be a team favoured to win and a team expected to lose. against which odds have been determined in advance. Odds: The chance offered for a selection to win. For example.just consider it the possible income coming your way. The underdog will have the odds against it winning. so you place an ‘odds against’ bet on it. Odds against: If in a betting opportunity the odds aren’t even. If your bet has not been matched at the start of an event. one team might have a goal lead.

Range betting. but since there’s a good chance the odds-on favourite will win. get your stake back). You get your stake back if your bet is successful. as with line betting. The bet includes 6 doubles. All have to be successful. Value bets: A value bet that is one that offers better odds than the true likelihood of the outcome happening. Range bets: Like line bets. you move into a no-lose situation. Punt: Just another word for bet. 2-ball and 3-ball betting: Used in golf. subject to a small deduction. A minimum of 2 of your selections must be successful to get a return. xi . Yankee: A Yankee consists of 11 bets involving 4 selections in different events. with the winner being the player who shoots the lowest score over the tournament’s 4 rounds. that way. only there are a range of possibilities. a horseracing rule. and an accumulator. this is a special wager where the bookmaker will match up two golfers of similar ability. If you place a bet you become a punter. Trade: may stake £5 and win £4 (plus. you might wish to place the bet anyway . If you place an odds on bet. Treble: Like a double but involves 3 players/teams/events. of course. not just two. is most common when betting whether an outcome will be over or under. you won’t be able to double your money. 4 trebles. higher or lower than the available quote. ‘Rule 4’ refers to Tattersalls’ Rule 4(c). Rule 4: Sometimes. these are wagers that involves predicting which player from either a group of two or three will shoot the lowest score over 18 holes. 72-hole match bets: Used in golf. your stakes will be returned to you. you may want to then trade your bet by offsetting some of your potential winnings. is a player withdraw from an even. once you have struck a bet with a bookie or bet exchange at a value price. Stake: The amount you are betting.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Odds on: The favoured outcome is called the odds-on favourite.

Proven Betting Systems: xii .

an accurate Master Rating can be produced for any horse. No other publication is required. Five simple factors… astonishing results For instance. You do not need to check on odds before the race goes off. Together. each and every factor is given a points value. whether it runs on turf. Now. at Lingfield recently there were 107 runners. they produce a Master Rating that 1 . all you have to do is to compare the runners’ Master Ratings. The secret of its success is in the weighted number of points it assigns to each of the different factors. Paragon won its race in a canter by 21/2 lengths at 8/1. To weigh up a race. and banker bet winners like Paragon of Virtue. By adding up all these points. You do not need access to the internet. it takes only 5 minutes to find bigpriced winners. In the Einstein. rated head and shoulders better than the rest under the Einstein system. using just your usual morning newspaper.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #1: Horse Racing The EINSTEIN “…Find big-priced winners in under 5 minutes using just your morning newspaper…” M ost horse racing systems fall down because they don’t take every winner-finding factor into account. One horse. But the Einstein is different. Paragon of Virtue. all-weather or over the jumps. The horse with the highest rating is the predicted winner. The Einstein system is based on the five most important elements in predicting horse racing performance.

Picking winners is a science…so get Einstein on your side! Read the following instructions carefully. • A horse that finished third and runs again within seven days is awarded 10 points.Proven Betting Systems: balances form. numbers on the right is the most recent Shows number of days sice last race Shows age (4). their speedy re-appearance is an important factor. practise working out the ratings. 2 . In either case. • A horse that won its last race and runs again within seven days is awarded 30 points. the weight (8) stone (8) lbs (D) Shows has won at this distance previously (C) Shows has won at this course previously Expected starting price Horses who have run well in their previous race. add 15 points. then put the Einstein system to work for you. and the horse’s racing pattern. A poor Selling-Plater could beat a Derby winner – if the Derby winner were made to carry enough weight. and earns Einstein points. • A horse that finished second and runs again within seven days is awarded 15 points. course and distance preferences. Factor One: Previous Racing Form of the horse. odds. Factor Two: Weight The weight that a horse carries is also very important. and then re-appear on the racecourse quickly. or the trainer wants to win with them before the Jockey Club Handicapper increases the weight they must carry. • If a horse is carrying less weight than in its previous race. do so for a reason. Usually it is because they have struck form.

Let’s work through a real example. according to the horse’s forecast Starting Price: • Odds on • Even money to 6/4 • 13/8 to 3/1 • 100/30 to 6/1 • 7/1 to 12/1 • 13/1 to 16/1 • Over 16/1 70 points 40 points 25 points 15 points 10 points 5 points no points Now you’re ready to use the Einstein All you need to do now is to add up the ratings figures for each of the five factors. When a horse has shown a liking for a course. If a horse is fit and fancied it is likely to be reflected in the forecast SP. add 10 points. others are flat and virtually straight. Factor Three rewards those horses running at their favoured trip. 3 . Factor Three: Distance Every horse has a “best” racing distance. Then compare the Master Ratings of each horse in any race. Factor Four: The Racecourse The layout and gradients of Britain’s racecourses vary considerably. it becomes a factor in the Einstein ratings. For instance. • If a horse has won at the course. and see just how Einstein predicted that 8/1 winner Paragon of Virtue was the best bet of the day at Lingfield. • If a horse has won at the distance of the race you are rating. Some long-striding horses can’t handle the turns. and other. add 5 points. Factor Five: The “SP” A horse’s forecast Starting Price tells you a great deal about its chance of winning the race. more “nippy” types may not like the long straights. Add these points to your ratings. like Chester. like Newmarket. There are many horses that only win over one distance. The horse with the highest rating is the Einstein selected. add 20 points. Odds are a significant factor in the ratings.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits • If a horse is carrying the same weight as in its previous race. and you have produced a Master Rating. some are “tight” with sharp turns.

....... Einstein’s 8/1 prediction romps home Paragon did indeed open in the betting at 9/2.....15 Winner at the distance ............ Factor Two: Weight carried The Paragon was carrying 9lbs less than when recording that success...............................30 Carrying less weight than in previous race ....... and allowed him to come home a comfortable 21/2 length winner. so a further 15 points goes into his Master Rating figure..................... Another 20 points............... which earns another 15 points.............20 Winner at the course .............. he eased him into the lead.......... but Lingfield backers...... just to make sure that no challenger was coming out of the pack.... and earned 30 points........... Won last race within 7 days ..... and had won there twice before.................. “Favourite” punters and most other backers lost money at Lingfield that day...............90 Paragon of Virtue was the best rated horse in his race by a clear 15 points................................ Jimmy Quinn held Paragon up just behind the leaders..................................... in the race itself............. Factor Four: Course The horse definitely likes Lingfield............................................................................... Factor Three: Distance Paragon of Virtue had won over the distance previously. He was clearly an outstanding bet.................................... The Master Rating: Adding the factor points together gives us a Master Rating of 90....10 Forecast SP 9/2 = .................................. but 4 ......... Then.... Factor Five: Odds Paragon of Virtue was forecast to be 9/2 chance in the morning papers.......... A further 10 points is added to his total............... He was also the highest rated horse running at Lingfield on that day......... betting without the aid of the Einstein system.............................................................................Proven Betting Systems: Factor One: Last race finishing position Paragon of Virtue had scored a victory at Lingfield just 6 days previously.. allowed him to drift right out to 8/1.15 Total .. After “taking a look” over his shoulder at the furlong pole.............

second and third winners rolls onto the fourth. and then the sackful of the stuff from the first.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits anyone using the Einstein would have cleaned up. But Saturdays. and gives exactly the right importance to each of them. But the Max Einstein uses a brilliant permutation that takes Einstein’s top 8 selections on any day. First. The Max system backs Einstein’s top eight selections in a series of cunning bets. with so many races to choose from. Four winners at 5/1 pays 1. And that’s where you could land a monster payout. no bet. the whole bet is lost. This smart formula gives you the best ever chance of stringing four winners together for a huge accumulator payout. Second. are ideal. Here’s how the Max Einstein works In an ordinary accumulator bet. and list them in order. The Einstein system works because it recognises that there are five essential factors in successfully predicting a winner. then number them 1 to 8. The cash from your first winner rolls onto the second. And nothing pays better than an accumulator. and gives you up to 15 bullets to hit the four-horse accumulator target. Take Note! Special conditions apply • If two horses are joint top rated.295/1. you have just one shot in the gun. The Max Einstein can be used on any racing day. !FREE BONUS! Max your Einstein and hit a four-horse jackpot The Einstein racing system will find you winners. • If three horses are co-top rated. That’s over TWELVE GRAND for a £10 stake. lowest last. Now here’s the way to get the maximum profit from them… …back them in a Max Einstein Accumulator bet. The Max Einstein is no ordinary accumulator. If one horse loses. It’s a mathematical marvel that puts the odds in your favour. take the eight highest rated horses of the day. the big money from the first and second winners rolls onto the third. The highest first. split your stake between them. Max’s formula arranges these selections into the patterns that are most 5 .

it simply means this is the first horse that you write on your slip. cleverly arranged by Max into eleven four-horse accumulators. the Max makes eleven separate. where Number 8 appears. Simply add the following five bets to those you have already made. Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 11115111555 22262266226 33733737373 48444884844 So your first accumulator bet would be: Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 1st rated selection 2nd rated selection 3rd rated selection 4th rated selection And your second would be: Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 1st rated selection 2nd rated selection 3rd rated selection 8th rated selection That makes eight horses picked by Einstein. Or you may want to concentrate on only the cream 6 . Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 55515 66266 73777 48888 There will be days when there are only a couple of race meetings. and there may not be eight highly rated horses. write in Einstein’s ‘Lowest rated’ selection and so on. When you see ‘Leg 1’ in the table below. but closely related bets. You will see that Einstein’s top four selections appear seven times each. ‘Leg 2’ is the second horse you write on your slip. Similarly. In the grid below. Where Number 1 appears. substitute the name of your ‘Top Rated’ selection. Use the “Max Bonus” to boost your payout You can greatly increase your chances of landing the four-horse jackpot by adding the Max Bonus to your bets. and his lowest four appear four times each. the numbers correspond to those of Einstein’s ‘Top 8’ selections. This biases your bets in favour of the best-rated horses. They give you deep coverage on Einstein’s lower rated horses. Third.Proven Betting Systems: likely to win.

If your winners were only 3/1 shots. Here’s a fantastic way to do it. it would pay you 255/1. Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 22212 22122 21222 12222 This bonus gives you powerful extra cover on Einstein’s second top rated horses. This is how you can get a Max return. from just four races. First. Second. number the top rated horse in each of the four races ‘1’. and the second rated horse in each of the four races ‘2’. Having the two highest rated Einstein selections running for you in a race dramatically increases your chances of landing the winner. A win double at the races.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits of Einstein’s top rated in just a few races. where the top two Einstein horses both have a ratings figure over 70. which are often returned at very big prices indeed. you are guaranteed to land a four-horse accumulator. you can increase your chances by adding the following Max Bonus to the above. and a big-money accumulator. And once again. 7 . pick the best four races of the day. Einstein and Max. arrange them in the following sequences: Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 11112111222 11121122112 11211212121 12111221211 So your first accumulator would be: Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Top rated selection Top rated selection Top rated selection Top rated selection And your second would be: Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Top rated selection Top rated selection Top rated selection Second rated selection As long as no more than two of your second top rated win. Then.

Proven Betting Systems: 8 .

So 1-0… 2-0… and 2-1… These three scores covered over 60% of their results up 9 . And turning those winners into huge profits is simple if you use the Scoremaster Betting Plan. and identify the sides that have a definite scoring pattern. and spot the correct scores. Don’t try to forecast the score of any and every match. For instance. you need to pick your teams. Do not make a bet until teams have played a minimum of 10 matches.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #2: Football The SCOREMASTER “…Turn your football knowledge into easy money by backing correct-score winners accurately…” P icking correct full-time football scores isn’t difficult with the Scoremaster to help you. Check the scores of those matches. as long as you can identify it. Everton had proved themselves to be typical lowscoring winners. Some teams have a pattern in their scoring. Two simple steps to spotting your “Scoremaster” opportunity 1. but others are unpredictable. a season or two ago. 2. It doesn’t matter whether that trend is to high scores or low. Firstly. You are looking for a solid scoring trend. Being selective is key.

And although the Scoremaster system often identifies teams playing at home. Take note: If you identify a high scorer and include them in your bet. In the examples we’ll look at in a moment. You only need to discover a handful of teams with trends as definite as this in order to make your correct score betting pay very big dividends. of course. 10 . there is no reason at all why you can’t include an away side in your planning – if they have the right credentials.Proven Betting Systems: Record Everton’s Scoremaster at Goodison Park Total home games: Failed to score: Scored 1 goal: Scored 2 goals: Defending at home: Clean sheets: Conceded 1 goal: Conceded 2 goals: Conceded 3 goals: 11 only once on 4 occasions on 6 occasions 4 4 times 2 times once ct Scores Everton at home: Corre 3 matches 2-1: 1 match 1-1: 1 match 0-0: 2 matches 1-0: 1 match 1-3: 1 match 2-0: 2 matches 2-2: to mid-January of the relevant season. we’re going to keep all our forecasts to low-scoring teams. your returns will be appreciably higher.

1-1..... You would write out your bet like this on the bookmaker’s slip............. This plan puts that draw into your bet.............. This is ideal if you are confident you have found three teams who will produce a low scoring win............... 4 bets @ £1 each = £4 Your approximate returns would be: Both games end 1-0: ...£50 They end 1-0 and 2-0: ................. The Scoremaster “3 x 3” Plan Here’s a real moneymaker... Write your betting slip like this: Match 1: 1-0............................................... or on their website: Match 1: 1-0........................................£58 Both end 2-0: ....... 2-1 Match 2: 1-0..............£67 The Scoremaster “2 x 3” Plan After comparing your Home teams with their Away visitors................. 9 bets @ £1 each = £9 This will give you returns of between £48 and £65..................25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits The Scoremaster “2 x 2” Betting Plan Here’s how you could back two teams with a high ratio of 1-0 and 2-0 home wins in a correct score double…plus your potential winnings................... 2-0 Match 2: 1-0. you may think that a 1-1 draw is a very possible option in one of your games.................................... 11 ................. 2-1 Any 2 correct scores......................... 1-1............................. 2-0 Any 2 correct results......................................£58 If 2-0 and 1-0: ................ depending on the bookmakers’ prices on the day...

..... 2-0.. 2-0 2-0...............£1210 = 10/1 x 10/1 x 10/1 = . 2-1.£1331 You don’t have to stake as much as £27 of course... The Scoremaster ‘3 x 4’ Plan In this plan. If you bet just 20 pence per line........................... But your minimum pick-up for a treble would be £102......................................... 1-0... 2-0 Perm all 3 results from each match.... 2-1.............. 2-0 Match 3: 1-0...........40.... 12 ...... 2-0 = 7/1 x 7/1 x 7/1 = . This word simply means “pay out on all possible combinations of final scores”..........£880 = 7/1 x 10/1 x 10/1 = .. 1-0....................... 2-1 1-0............................. 1-0......... 2-1 2-1. your return for this “winning treble” could be: 1-0....................... But you increase your chances of a big win by including the 1-1 draw in the scoring options... as in the Scoremaster 3x3 Plan........£800 = 7/1 x 9/1 x 10/1 = ........................ don’t worry about the jargon....... 2-0 Match 2: 1-0...................................... 2-0 2-1............................ so let’s assume you are staking in 10 pence units.............. 1-0 1-0.......£704 = 7/1 x 9/1 x 9/1 = ......... 2-0 1-0...................Proven Betting Systems: Write your slip out like this: Match 1: 1-0......... 2-1............ 2-1..................£640 = 7/1 x 7/1 x 10/1 = ...................... This is a 64-bet Plan............ 2-1............................. At the odds often available for these scores.......... 2-0 2-1....£1000 = 9/1 x 9/1 x 10/1 = ........... you select three teams you believe will land a close low-scoring victory.. 2-0 1-0.............................. 2-1..... 2-1 1-0.... 2-0...........................40..............£968 = 9/1 x 9/1 x 9/1 = ...£1100 = 9/1 x 10/1 x 10/1 = .......£512 = 7/1 x 7/1 x 9/1 = .... 2-0.... 2-1...... 27 trebles @ £1 each = £27 If you don’t know what “perm” means.......................... your total outlay would be £5....

1-1. the Scoremaster Betting Plans will ensure that you get the maximum return for your successful selections. 1-1.40 The return for one successful 10 pence treble will be around £31. 2-0. 2-1 Match 3: 1-0. As long as you are prepared to stick ONLY to those teams you have identified as low or high scoring winners.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Write out your slip as follows: Match 1: 1-0. 1-1. 2-1 Match 2: 1-0. a return-oninvestment of 484% profit. 2-1 Any three correct results. 13 . 2-0. 64 trebles @ 10p each = £6. 2-0.

Proven Betting Systems: 14 .

it might mean sacrificing a couple of bigger “jackpot” wins. more frequent profits. and turn it into sure-fire cash. You don’t have to be on an impossible-to-pick 66/1 shot to make the idea work. whoever wins. win you even more money.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #3: Any sport The WIN-WIN STRATEGY “…Learn how to “hedge your bets” for guaranteed winnings using the bookies’ secret strategy…” B ookies always aim to make a sure profit from an event. and they make your life as a backer more enjoyable. and in the end. It’s just common sense. Here’s a typical example of how you could take a bet. Imagine it was semi-finals time in a big. as you will see in a moment. It’s not a bad idea to take a leaf out of their book. A regular flow of cash into the wallet also helps you to gradually increase the size of your stakes. Okay. Use common sense to cash in…no matter what happens There’s nothing difficult in making guaranteed “win-win” profits. But there’s a lot to be said for making smaller. It’s very straightforward. The guy you think will win the tournament is 15 . which might or might not win. all well-known names. Only four players are left. And all you usually need is just one bet at a decent price in your pocket. live-on-TV snooker tournament. Especially when your profits are guaranteed! They build up your bank balance and betting confidence.

for instance. And you can get even more spectacular results if you step in with your first bet a little earlier. That will give you an overall profit of £6 on your bets. Opportunities are plentiful. you win £22 if Williams is the winner. You fancy Williams to beat Ebdon. So you bet £20 on him to win the Championships outright at 11/10. you can’t say that’s hard. 16 . Ken Doherty is playing Drew Henry in one match. Incidentally. You can do this a dozen times a week if you are alert. these situations occur in any and every sport where tournaments are regularly held. and Mark Williams is playing Peter Ebdon in the other. Bet at 11/10…but collect 66% profit Now. Simply back the 11/10 favourite of four players. and to then go on and win the title. you’d have got 2/1 for him. and make money whoever lands the Championship? By putting £13 on Doherty at 2/1 you can guarantee yourself a certain profit on this tournament. plus your £20 stake). If you’d fancied Williams at the Quarter-Final stage.Proven Betting Systems: the bookies’ short-priced favourite. You’d have to leave your £33 in the Building Society for about five years to make that sort of guaranteed profit. you don’t necessarily have to study the player’s form in depth or follow the sport religiously. Worth a bet? Here’s how you can make guaranteed profits from exactly that situation… Back the favourite and lock in your profits Cast your mind back to the semis of a recent UK Snooker Championships. Then back his opponent in the Final. The figures work out like this: • You’ll have risked £33 in all: £20 on Williams and £13 on Doherty. Williams nicked the championship on the very last frame. If Doherty wins you will pick up £39 (£26 winnings. 9-8. Williams wins his semi-final. An overall profit of £9. • If Williams wins you will pick up £42 (£22 pounds winnings. Plus. Not bad at all. and make a profit every time. The bookies make Doherty 2/1 to win the Final. and Ken Doherty wins his. but lose £20 if it’s Doherty. plus your £13 stake returned). The way things stand. But if you decide to engineer a win-win situation like that. How would you have known to back Williams? You couldn’t be sure he would reach the final – and then win it. So why not back Doherty too.

25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits

Simply watch the bookies’ prices…
The trick is simply to get on the guy or the team that is popular with the public, and is being supported in the market. Watch the bookies’ prices closely – either on the internet, or by making a nuisance of yourself in your local betting shop and asking for updated prices every morning. As soon as you see a particular player’s price begin to ‘go’, take it. This puts a “decent price in your pocket” – a very valuable commodity. Once you’ve got, say 6/1, about a player who is backed to 4/1, and who wins through to the next round and is cut to 5/2, then you are virtually guaranteed to be able to back the other guys and make a profit whoever wins. This is exactly what happened in the Williams and Doherty example we looked at above.

Two quick tips to work out profitable stakes
Firstly, the stake on your second bet must never be more than the amount of profit you stand to make on your first bet. Secondly, as a rule of thumb, try treating half of the profit on your first bet as the stake for the second bet. Then work out how much both bets would win versus your total outlay. You can move the stake on the second bet up and down until you are happy that you have a nice equal balance ‘both ways’. Using the simple techniques revealed here, engineering a win-win bet just once a week to enjoy £20 each time, you would guarantee yourself over £1,000 profit a year.


Proven Betting Systems:


25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits

Strategy #4: Football

“…How you can make the bookies see red…and turn £10 into £32.50 every Saturday between February and May…”


owards the end of each soccer season, the Premiership fixture list contains lots of “dead matches” – games that don’t mean much to either team. But these boring kickabouts could mean easy money in the bank to you. Sides that have no chance of qualifying for Europe, but are well clear of the relegation zone, often just go through the motions when they meet. Many football punters hate betting on these matches. “Form” can go out of the window. But for shrewd investors, these games are a goldmine. Don’t waste your time trying to pick the “home, away or draw” result. Clean up by betting on the number of red and yellow cards the referee will show instead. History proves that – year after year – the last weeks of the season produce far fewer red and yellow cards in the Premiership than any other period. The “dead” matches are responsible. Here’s how betting on cards works The bookmakers price up this market for ALL Premiership football matches shown live on TV. They use this scoring system: Yellow Card shown:......................................................................................10-points Red Card Shown: ........................................................................................25-points


.............2 Yellows (followed by an automatic Red):..4 per match 32....2 per match 38............... You can make an excellent profit.....75 per match 38.................. The total match Card Score (sometimes called the “Make Up”) was a massive 150 points.5 per match 15 per match 26... So what are those “right” games? “Low Cards” looks almost certain when: First....38 per match 33................... Plus! You must check another important factor too – the Referee...35-points So when Liverpool battled Everton on Saturday 25 March 2006.76 per match 22............ Here are this season’s stats for Premiership referees.Proven Betting Systems: Any player shown .. Any excuse to make a booking! But others bend over backwards to avoid formal “discipline”....... neither team has any hope of qualifying for Europe... Second.. simply by picking the right games. How to spot “low card” goldmines From February until the end of the season in May.....5 per match 34.. Philip Dowd Steve Bennett Graham Poll Mike Dean Mike Riley Andre Marriner Rob Styles Martin Atkinson Mark Clattenburg Howard Webb Alan Wiley Barry Knight Christopher Foy Peter Walton R Beeby Dermot Gallagher Uriah Rennie 20 49....05 per match ...94 per match 33....... Liverpool ended with 55 points and Everton got 95 points......42 per match 46 per match 34.09 per match 48....... both teams are safe from the drop.48 per match 33.. many games are sure to end with much lower Card Scores than that...... It shows the average number of card points they’ve dished out per game in the 2005/06 season...52 per match 35 per match 35.......17 per match 35..... You need to look for low-carding referees......... Some refs go for their top pocket far more than others..

“Under 20” may seem to offer better odds. So check with as many bookies as possible before putting down your cash. go to www.You can also pick up the name of the official on the morning of the game in The Racing Post from your newsagent. But none of them require you to pick the exact number of “card points”.com. do NOT back “Under 20” points a game. Now you are ready to bet… You want the best odds for your “low card” bet. You simply need to select the lowest “band” they or www. Hills often quote prices like this: Under 25 9/4 25-45 9/4 Over 45 Evens Ladbrokes quote differently: Under 30 2/1 Exactly 30 9/2 Over 30 8/13 Bet365 use this system: Under 40 5/6 40 and Over 5/6 But don’t worry about these different systems. You can get the latest referee stats from www. But the chances of it happening are very slim compared with “Under 25” and “Under 30”. Take Note: Different bookmakers price their ‘Card’ bets in slightly different ways. sit back and enjoy those yawn-making games that bore everyone else rigid! 21 . And if a bookmaker tries to be clever.sportinglife.56 per match 20 per match 40 per match To find out which referee will be in charge of your chosen game. Then.soccerbase. of course. Simply look for the bands “Under 25” and “Under 30”. For example. it’s better to be safe than sorry. and there’s plenty of choice. Even though the two teams may seem well-behaved.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Mark Halsey Lee Mason Andy D’urso 26. Never accept less than 6/ You will generally get odds of 9/4 or 2/1 for these. once you’ve made your wager. All the High Street and internet firms offer odds. and they have little to play for.

com tel: 08000 565265 tel: 0800 458 8888 22 .com tel: 0800 882266 www.Proven Betting Systems: Look out for these 5 deadly dull teams Charlton Wigan Portsmouth West Ham Middlesbrough Visit these bookmakers for “Card Bookings” prices (Corals) tel: 0800 126725 tel: 0800 524524 tel: 0800 587 0200 www.willhill.sportingodds.

In many batting partnerships. Jason Gillespie. bookmakers offer odds on who will be the “Next Batsman Out”. One of these “live betting” markets has the words “Used Banknotes – Please Steal Me” written all over it. The market for “Next Batsman Out” will reward a little patience with big cash profits. As soon as the game starts. And because the 23 . is probably the best in the world. Most tail-enders just try to protect the wicket. The bookies get it wrong! wrong! wrong! No matter who is at the wicket. the Aussie bowler. The ideal betting situation? When a recognised batsman is partnering one of the team’s “tail-enders”. it might just be betting “live” on cricket matches.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #5: Cricket LAST MAN STANDING “…Five simple questions return 30% profit…or even TRIPLE YOUR MONEY…when you bet live on cricket’s tail-end batsmen…” W hat’s the most fun way you can make money… without robbing a bank? Incredibly. and aim to give the “strike” to their more skilled partner. Some of these “weakest links” are actually very good at stonewalling. Tail-enders are those batsmen who come in at Number 7 or later. They play safety strokes. it’s impossible to find a solid betting opportunity. bookies put up odds for what is going to happen next. But sometimes the odds swing right in your favour.

Then ask yourself these five questions: 1. Over the course of the cricket season. At odds of 2/1. Those prices will be: Tail-ender: Other batsman: 1/3 2/1 That 2/1 can often be a huge price and a great bet. One other critical factor to watch: Is the “batsman” grabbing most of the strike. you could answer “Yes” to 3 or more of the 5 crucial questions above. Does the more talented batsman need to score a high number of runs to win or save the innings/match? 2. Is the more talented batsman skilful enough to take most of the strike from his partner? In other words… 3. When you’ve got this partnership. Especially if his partner is just leaning on his bat at the other end… The true odds outweigh the bookies’ prices The true odds of the “better batsman” going out are nearer 5/4. you can bet BIG Imagine the tail-ender walks up to the wicket. 24 . Sure. Sports fans like you are staring a gift horse in the mouth. give the tail-ender between 6 and 8 balls to settle in. Does the tail-ender look secure? Answer “Yes” to 3 or more. and the “more talented” batsman is no sure thing to outlive his “tail-ender” partner. Up go the bookies’ prices for the “Next Batsman Out”. you can beat them time and again. Is he taking risks? 5. Can he hit 2s and 4s with a quick single at the end of the over? 4. But if the recognised batsmen is seeing plenty of the ball – and taking risks – there’s no way the bookmakers should offer you 2/1 for your money. of course. while the “tail-ender” plays it safe and sensible? It’s also worth watching for these strong “tail-enders” too. that means a profit of more than 30% on your stakes overall…provided. Statistics prove you’ll win an average of 4 out of every 9 of these bets.Proven Betting Systems: bookmakers are very predictable when faced with this situation. But before you can think of putting your money down. the difference in class means the tail-ender will be favourite to go first. you’ll see many opportunities offer you this opportunity.

Now. you can make serious money from that situation. with the Next Man Out system. 25 .25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Five tail-enders to watch for… Australia’s Jason Gillespie and India’s Anil Kumble England’s Ashley Giles Zimbabwe’s Heath Streak New Zealand’s Daniel Vettori South Africa’s Shaun Pollock It was bowler Ashley Giles’ stand with batsman Kevin Pietersen that sank Australia in the last test of the 2005 Ashes.

Proven Betting Systems:


25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits

System #6: American football THE SURE THING


n the face of it, it’s a sport played by 18-stone psychopaths of unpredictable temper, and anything could happen. But, in fact, American football is one of the most precise instruments for extracting money from bookmakers that I know. There really is a master plan behind all those hurtling bodies and bonecrunching tackles, and we can harness it to a little plan of our own, to make betting profits right through to the Super Bowl in January. The whole star-spangled rumble starts up again in September, and will be shown live on Sky TV every Sunday night. British bookies bet on American Football (the NFL) extensively, and happily for us, inadvertently provide all manner of moneymaking opportunities.

How to make money from this elaborate and aggressive game of chess...
The first thing to note is that the men who control all the on-field mayhem, the furious-faced team coaches who prowl the sidelines snarling into their headsets, aren’t trying to start the next Civil War. They’re playing chess. Every player on the field is actually a specialist at some aspect of the game, and coaches utilise them just like a chess player might use a castle or a knight for different moves on the chessboard. And just as in a chess game, every onfield move is annotated and may be studied later. That’s the factor that will give you your winning edge, because this is one sport where the statistics successfully forecast winner after winner.


Proven Betting Systems:

You couldn’t produce figures for a soccer game that were anywhere near as meaningful. In soccer the clever thing is often to pass the ball sideways or even backward, but in American football there is only one way to go. Straight down the field, with no deviation. The stats tell you exactly how successful teams are at doing just that, and also how good they are in stopping opposing sides from doing it to them.

The one key stat you need to know above all others
All the calculations are made for you; the only thing you have to do is to note them. The NFL produces acres of figures on every game, and you can find them on the official site,, under ‘game statistics’. They are also published every week in the American football newspaper First Down, which any newsagent can order for you. But, as we’ve noted, this is a very direct game, where the only idea is to move the ball down the field. What you need to know is how efficient a side is at doing it. That word ‘efficient’ is important. Knowing a team’s efficiency is different from knowing how many points they scored in a particular game, or the total number of yards they gained. Because more often than not, teams who play efficiently will beat teams that don’t. And you can find out just how efficiently a team is playing by looking at their ‘Average Yards Gained’ per play figure. Suppose a team have 50 attacking, or ‘offensive plays’ as they are called, and gain a total of 200 yards, then their average gain is 4 yards per play. This figure encompasses just about everything you need to know about them. It covers the astuteness of the coach in selecting the best ‘plays’ to run, the ability of the players to carry out his plans, and also takes account of the plays that didn’t work.

Here’s how to use ‘Average Gain’ to find a winning bet.
In a recent game between Denver and Kansas, Denver’s Average Gain was 6.5 yards per play, and Kansas’s average was just 4.5 yards. So Denver were a full 2 yards per play more efficient at moving the ball than Kansas, a big margin in this sport. On the same day that Denver were racking up those excellent figures, New England met Green Bay, and recorded a much less impressive Average Gain of 4.3 yards, while their opponents Green Bay achieved 4.7 yards. The punch line came the following week: Denver was scheduled to play New England, and there was a clear betting opportunity. When you looked at Denver and New England’s average gain figures from the previous week, it was obvious that Denver held a very strong advantage.


5 yards. 6. in this two-horse race.7.4. three. to find a reliable efficiency yardstick. or more. Although for the sake of simplicity I have looked at only one game’s figures for each team. 29 . but with a quick look at the NFL stats. all you need to do is to check the stats.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits They had recorded a much higher efficiency figure.7. you could be on your way to some tasty profits this season. and so it proved when they met on the field. ideally you should look at two. Bottom line: It’s rare to find such a ‘sure thing’ in the betting industry. while New England could only manage 3. Denver looked a strong bet to beat New England. 4.5 compared to New England’s 4. Based on these figures.4. You can find bets just as good as this almost every week on the NFL. and they had conceded less ground per play than New England. you could have backed Denver at almost even money to win. against 4. and confirmed the reliability of the stats by recording an Average Yards per play figure of 5. And yet. Denver won the game 24-16.

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it pays to be selective. Tactics play little part in these races and in most instances the fastest horse wins. • Two-year-olds mainly race against each other. However. as few two-year-olds in a race will have run before. When to follow the two-year-olds The best time of year to bet on two-year-olds is during the flat racing season. And with horse racing. There are three very good reasons why you should take an interest in these ‘youngsters’. and try their hardest to win – so finding winners in these races is easier. as in many other walks of life. making their form easier to assess and compare. the early season is not recommended for betting.50 next summer…” I n betting. 31 . making form almost impossible to assess. the best way to apply this principle is by betting on two-year-olds.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #7: Horseracing The DEAD CERT “…Three little-known facts reveal why backing two-year-old horses can help turn £20 into £312. Two is the youngest age at which horses can race competitively in Britain. • These young horses are full of zest. • Most races are over short distances of five to seven furlongs. It starts in March and runs through to November. These young horses can provide your passport to a summer of profitable betting.

meaning the top horses can perform at their best. A horse with a long break is rarely at its peak. Sixty-six per cent of all two-year-old races are won by a horse that won or was placed last time out. Look for a ‘1’ or ‘2’ written at the end of the numbers and letters on the race card directly before the horse’s name. your total bank now stands at £506. One point for your next bet is now worth £24.30. your bank goes down to £480. you can protect yourself from losing streaks. Simple three-step strategy reveals your winner See the racing card on page 2 for an example of where to find the information below in your newspaper. If that bet wins. So if your starting bank is £400. why not also back them in a double or treble? At the peak time of year – between June and September – results follow form reliably. Applying this strategy should ensure that your bank grows at a steadily increasing rate. Use this simple staking plan… Simple ‘bank’ strategy keeps you in profit Set aside a ‘bank’ of money you can afford to lose – say £200 or £400. Step 3: Finally. Step 2: Next. from June to early September. your bank will rise to £440. narrow it down to any horses that are first or second in your newspaper’s betting forecast. your initial bet would be £20. A winning double or treble can give your 32 . using this system. and one point will be worth £25. If the following bet loses. So your next bet would be £22 – one-twentieth of your total bank. If your first horse wins at 2/1. forget it – the weather deteriorates and the young horses begin to tire at the end of their first season.04.70. Now boost your profits with a winning treble If your two-year-old system reveals two or three good selections in one day. eliminate any horses that last ran more than 30 days ago (the number of days since a horse’s last run is shown by the figure after the horse’s name). Horses will have some previous form. remember. while helping protect you from any losing streaks.Proven Betting Systems: The summer months. Divide this into 20 ‘points’ and bet one point on each of your selections. Step 1: Take a look in any daily newspaper with racing coverage and identify horses that were first or second in their last run. From mid-September onwards though. plus the going will usually be good. are the peak time for betting. Plus.

For example.50 for a net profit of almost £300…!! 33 . if you had £20 on a treble in which all three horses were returned at 6/4. you would collect £312.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits betting bank a massive boost.

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That’s why they’re so popular with the bookmakers. Multiple bets like these can produce big returns when successful.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #8: Horseracing The DOODLE DANDY “…This simple betting slip trick turns a Yankee loser into a solid DIY profit…and can return up to £1. A treble covers three horses. all the proceeds are automatically staked on the second – making your final payout that much bigger if you win both bets. A Yankee is really 11 bets in one. But you can create your own Doodle Dandy instead. unless ALL selections in the bet win. These require you to stake the same amount on the doubles. Most people enter their bets on the special Yankee forms available from betting shops.296 for an £85 stake…” M any casual bettors like to put their money on a Yankee – a speciality bet covering four horses in four different races. It’s easy taking money off unsuspecting horse fans this way. It includes four horses in six double-bets. this bet will therefore cost £11. If your first horse wins. It’s a ‘Do-It-Yourself Yankee’ that greatly improves your chances of success. However. and so on. but with a drawback. With a unit stake of £1. a standard Yankee offers poor value for punters. four trebles and one four-fold. Here’s how… What is a Yankee? As you know. you get nothing. This is why the standard Yankee offers such poor value. 35 . with all winnings from the first two being invested on the third. a ‘double’ involves two horses. the trebles and the four-fold.

Write down your four selections (horse name plus time/venue of race) 2. the bets most likely to succeed. Here’s how to make your poor-value Yankees into much more profitable Doodle Dandies: 1. Plus. • If you get all 4 horses you will be looking at a bumper £1.50. and be in profit. you lose only the small 25p stake from the four-fold first. £2. You can see for yourself what would happen if you increased your unit stake to £10. Instead of a £20 loss with the standard Yankee. you give your chances an added boost. Backing to £10 per line.50 (a 25p each-way bet costs 50p). With a standard Yankee you will therefore make a £2 loss…but with a Doodle Dandy a small – but welcome! – 50p profit.295. you should make more than your £8. This method ensures that most of your money is staked on the most likely outcomes – the doubles. 4 x 50p trebles and 1 x 25p each-way four-fold”.50 less than a standard Yankee. By the same token. you will have two winning doubles and one winning treble. From there. 36 . it would be far better if you could bet most of your cash on the doubles. the Doodle Dandy version puts you £5 ahead with just one win. If you have a losing horse. An each-way bet pays out if runners achieve a place – so even if none of your horses win. And if you find just two winning horses at any decent odds. Follow the names with these instructions “6 x £1 win doubles. If two horses win (by far the most likely successful outcome). you’re in the money… • With 3 winners. £3 on horse B at 2/1 returns £9). if you put less of your cash on the very unlikely four-fold – which only pays out if all your horses win – you have a greater chance of winning good money. your total returns on the Doodle Dandy will be a tasty £315. The standard Yankee will cost you £1 x 11 = £11. 3. you will have one winning double returning £9 (£1 on horse A at 2/1 returns £3. This costs £8. by backing the four-fold each way.50 total stake back. Mathematically. you may still get a return if all four make the frame. The DIY version costs just £8. you are likely to end up making an overall loss.Proven Betting Systems: Rip-off alert! Yankees are terrible value Unless you find at least three winning horses.16 payday. Just compare the returns from standard and DIY Yankees… Let’s say you back four horses at 2/1 each with a £1 unit stake.

If you place £10 on the Round Robin. The Round Robin is a way of backing three horses in ten profit-packed multiple bets. the original stake is taken from the 37 . Here’s how the Round Robin works All bookies know about Round Robins…but not surprisingly they don’t advertise them. B and C: Treble = 1 bet Horses A&B: Single Stakes About = 2 bets Horses A&C: Single Stakes About = 2 bets Horses B&C: Single Stakes About = 2 bets What’s that “single stakes about”? It’s a special kind of bet. A Round Robin is a bet covering just three horses running in different races. it gives you two bets covering two horses. and – properly applied – will still give you your money back.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #9: Horseracing The ROUND ROBIN “…Turn a tenner into £68 or even £390…with the help of a Round Robin…” H ere’s a little-known goldmine for horse-racing fans. If one horse wins. each separate bet within it has a £1 stake as follows: Horses A and B: Double = 1 bet Horses A and C: Double = 1 bet Horses B and C: Double = 1 bet Horses A. It can give you a big return for a small investment. no specialist knowledge is required when making your selections or placing the bet. or even a small profit. if you find only one winner! Even better. In fact.

Round Robin is best used with horses priced at between 4/1 and 6/1. not forgetting to include the meeting and race time in each case. your winnings will then be as follows: if just one horse wins. If all three horses in the bet are returned at 5/1. Use the racing pages of any newspaper. you collect £390. Form information for each horse is shown by the string of numbers in front of its name. the daily Racing Post. if both horses in an SSA bet win. So if you have an SSA bet of £10 on horses A and B – and Horse A wins – then £10 of the winnings is added to the original stake on Horse B.Proven Betting Systems: winnings and invested on the other horse. 02011. Now pick strong horses at 5/1 or better Now you’re ready to choose the 3 horses in 3 different races you need. But if only one horse wins you still collect something (unlike a double). e. The net effect is that. 38 .racingpost. or www.g. you get your £10 back. the proceeds of the bet are greatly boosted. you get £68. if two horses win. Just hand the slip in with your stake – and look forward to a good profit. second or third favourite and which have the best recent form. Now fill out your betting slip Simply take a plain betting slip and write the names of your three horses. Give preference to horses which are quoted as first. if all three win. Look for the betting forecast for each race (printed under the list of runners and riders) and note horses whose predicted starting prices are between 4/1 and 6/ Under this put: “Round Robin = 10 bets at £1 each = £10”. This doubles the stake on Horse B to £20. with the most recent form being shown by the number on the to help pick your runners. Look for high performers at 5/1.

the other can do nothing. First though. but for profitable punting it’s in the Premier League. The odds available can be enticing. Instead. This year-round sport is easy to follow on TV. say. While one player is potting a series of balls. here’s a fact the TV pundits won’t tell you… Giant-killing is common…and it can prove profitable In boxing. Trying to predict how many frames. Hendry will beat Ebdon by. is a mug’s game.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #10: Snooker The GIANT KILLER “…These safe ‘value’ bets on snooker can give you a 36% return-on-investment…” S nooker is less well known as a betting sport. if one man has beaten the other in six of their last seven fights. but it involves too much guesswork. But in snooker the players don’t really play against each other – they compete against the balls on the table. But best of all. most punters lump their money on a few ‘star’ players – creating valuable opportunities for you to take advantage of. Also forget about each player’s performance at the same tournament in previous 39 . This means an up-and-coming player in good form will frequently beat a star who is a little below par. a word of warning: avoid betting on the ‘frame score’. look at the other two markets: • Tournament winner • Match winner Before we look at exactly how to bet these markets. you can assume he has the measure of him.

price £1.720 tax-free That’s a 36% return. Swail won easily! Applying this system during the last 12-month season. in a recent World Snooker Championship. then back them against other players who may be better known but are now struggling. Parrott had been under-performing in his most recent matches. available in most newsagents. buy a copy of the Racing Post newspaper. A fair price? No! The head-to-head record went back to a time when Swail was struggling to establish himself. For example. It covers all the major snooker tournaments. study the details of all the main contenders’ recent performances. Second. How to find your in-form underdogs First. backing the supposed underdog when he was in fact the more in-form player – and available at evens or better – produced 33 winners from 48 bets. He was quoted as the 10/11 favourite. with Swail at 11/10 against. How to make solid profits playing the underdog The system is simple: look for in-form players in a tournament. 40 .520 for a net profit of £1. The Racing Post also gives you this information. Their previous head-to-head record was 5-2 in Parrott’s favour. the well-known John Parrott was playing the lesser-known Joe Swail. and anyone backing Swail would have had first-class value. Back in-form players at odds of evens or better whenever they meet older players whose form is failing. The most important factor is each man’s current confidence and performance level – and this can be assessed by studying their most recent match results.Proven Betting Systems: seasons. Staking £100 a time on these selections would have generated a total return of £ 6. Third. check the best prices for each player and where you can get them.

Most races run over one full circuit (just under 500 metres). the lowest grade 9.000 profit in one night…” G reyhound racing provides first-rate entertainment – not to mention some worthwhile betting opportunities.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #11: Greyhound racing The SPEEDY DOG-GALEZ “…This straightforward greyhound system can deliver £5. Be wary of dogs that previously ran in better 41 . Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap Trap 1: red 2: blue 3: white 4: black 5: orange 6: black-and-white stripes Once all dogs are in their traps. But as the bet you want to make can’t be made trackside. The highest is grade 1. To enjoy a profitable night. follow this simple system for selecting the fastest dog in each race. available from the racetrack on the night. Most greyhound racing takes place at one of 33 tracks licensed by the National Greyhound Racing Club. Every race has six runners. buy a copy of the Racing Post. each dog starting from a numbered stall or ‘trap’. a mechanical ‘hare’ is started and the dogs are released to chase it. Every course in the country uses the same colours for each trap. Class: Dogs are assigned to a particular class of race according to their ability. All the information you need to select the winning dog in each race is contained in the meeting programme.

ask the cashier for a special entry form. Next. • Use the dogs’ trap numbers rather than their names. the less need there is for an alternative selection for that race. Simply work out the difference in seconds between the fastest dog in the race and the next-fastest. where you have to find the first. place (first or second) and forecast. Only use two selections in the three races where the difference between best and second-best is smallest. the fastest dog should win so look for their last race time. Trap draw: Runners in traps 1 and 6 regularly outperform the others – they’re less likely to be hampered by other runners. Your Placepot selections here will be the dogs which achieved the fastest times. where your choices can be first and second in either order. The system requires the use of speed figures (race times) available from the meeting programme or the Racing Post. Thus. 42 . based on the last recorded time for each dog.000 with the Placepot system. simply by entering your selections in race order on your special betting slip. make two Placepot selections – the two dogs that held the fastest and second-fastest last time out. Fifth.Proven Betting Systems: grade races. The main bets on course are win only. • Ask the bookmaker if you need help. identify the three races in which these differences are the greatest. for the remaining three races. Speed: All things being equal. second and third dog in the correct order – for hopeless optimists only! Why smarter punters use the Placepot… But you can generate steady profits and enjoy an entire night’s racing…using the Placepot. The Placepot bet requires you to find a placed runner in the first (or last) six races of a meeting. Now win up to £5. They may have passed their prime or be carrying an injury. • The system involves making 2 x 2 x 2 x 1 x 1 x 1 bets = eight bets in total. calculate the fastest dog easily and quickly. Fourth. There’s also the Tricast. First. A forecast involves picking two dogs to finish first and second. Current form: Look for dogs whose performance has dipped but may now be coming back to their best. bear in mind that the greater the difference in speed between the fastest dog and the rest. Third. A popular bet is the reversed forecast.

25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits a unit stake of £1 will cost you £8. Half an hour’s research into previous race results can give you the insider edge. you can now enjoy a money-making evening at the dogs. Using these expert tips. 43 .

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just under even money). You don’t even have to understand the rules. No knowledge of rugby league required!…” L ess than 1% of sports fans ever bet on rugby league. giving one side a head start according to the bookies’ assessment of their relative chances. as in the case of football. Yet this traditional winter sport. This simple but effective system has been tested over the last two seasons. and they lost 45 . a knockout competition for teams from both leagues. Premiership and Challenge Cup matches. There is also the Silk Cut Challenge Cup. Rather. offers some giltedged opportunities for you to make money at the bookies’ expense. The main betting action revolves around the Super League (the top echelon) and the Northern Ford Premiership League (very much the second division).e.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #12: Rugby league The RUGBY RATER “…A simple statistical system for betting profitably using just your daily paper. incorporating results from over 1. Common practice is for both teams to be quoted at 5/6 on the handicap (i. if you backed the underdogs. the latter may be given a ‘headstart’ of 20 points. In the above example. If the league leaders are up against a team of strugglers.000 Super League. All the information you need for profitable betting is in your daily paper. they set a ‘handicap’. bookies do not simply offer fixed odds on either team winning. Betting on rugby made simple For individual matches. recently reinvented as a summer sports-fest on Sky TV.

for each team. simply compare each team’s rating and work out the difference between. on the other hand. This type of betting can take some getting used to. which again may be plus or minus. if a team has a rating of +8. This gives you a rating. this will become +10 when they are playing at home. But your calculations indicate the home team actually has an advantage of 15 points. Look at the bookies’ handicap betting figures. You would want to bet on the home team. a bet is indicated. you would win your bet. By contrast. Use ‘collateral’ to improve your profits still further To boost your prospects of success still further. before betting. assess the outcome of any upcoming game by comparing the two teams’ ratings. check 46 . If. By your reckoning. they would need to win by more than 20 points. Then. your figures indicate that the home team has been given too much to do. Third. Or consult them at any time on the Rugby Football League website at www.rfl. But even blatant mismatches can provide some excellent betting opportunities…because the bookies are often clueless about what they’re doing! Four simple steps to beating the bookies’ handicap Turn to the league tables in the sports section of the main national dailies on Saturdays and Sundays. the more confident you should be. For example.Proven Betting Systems: by a margin of less than 20 points. For example. Simply calculate the difference between them! Take note! Add two points to the rating of the team playing at home to allow for ‘home advantage’. and if there is a difference of more than three points between the two find the Total Points Won and Total Points Lost columns. Finally. keep your own record of all match results as the season unfolds or check on the RFL website. This will give you a plus or minus figure. deduct the points lost from the points won so far this season. Then follow this simple procedure to calculate your bet: First. divide this number by the number of games The bigger the difference. if you backed the favourites. the home team will win by only 15 points…so a bet on the visitors would be favourite. Second. the bookies set the handicap at 20. Now identify your best potential bet… For each match being played. imagine a match where the bookies’ quote requires the home team to win by 10 points.

If it ended with the result your ‘ratings’ for each team would predict. Perhaps one team finds the other team’s style of play especially to their liking. without even having to understand the game! 47 . This simple statistical method does not mean you will win every time. Freak results can always happen in sport.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits the results of any other recent league and cup matches between the two teams concerned. You should be wary of placing too large a bet. But if that previous match resulted very differently. But the law of averages should ensure you enjoy a healthy overall profit. special factors may be involved. you can be all the more confident about betting – and betting big if you want to.

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TV 49 . Simple system…devastating results The system is simple. a clear bet on “low total corners” is indicated.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #13: Football The CORNER-COPIA B etting on how many corners there will be in a football match might strike you as crazy. Simply by keeping a note of how many corners a team wins and concedes – both Home and Away – you can pick off easy winnings in the back-half of the domestic season. If both are low-corner teams. Surely the aim is to score? But with the right statistics to guide you. This leaves the field wide open for you and your notebook to clean up. Few football fans collect this vital information Imagine you want to bet on Premiership corners. You won’t find them on the internet easily either. make a note – every time they play – of how many corners they win. many leading bookmakers don’t bother looking at these stats…even if they have them to hand. and how many they give away. and as Europe hots up too. you can make big profits from this market. If both teams have high corners records. For each match. But if the number suggest a mid-range outcome. And incredibly. The reason this system is so successful? Few punters bother to keep and record these stats. you could be in for the tasty reward of 6/4 or even 7/1. You can get these numbers from the national newspapers’ match reports. simply look at the notes you’ve made of each team’s average corners won and average corners conceded. then that’s the way to bet. For each team.

and then cross into the Penalty area. Defensive tactics Some teams will risk running the ball out of the box. The structure you will see most often offers the best opportunities too: Under 11 corners: usually offered at ‘even money’ 50 . you’re ready to start betting with confidence. the greater the width of the touchline. Why style. As the season progresses.. they often concede more corners than they win. Both of them offer a choice of three bets on the number of corners in the game. With this information to hand as the mid-point of the domestic season approaches. For each match for each team. But very heavy rain can waterlog the wings and reduce the count. Clearing lines Some sides clear their lines regardless of whether they give up a corner or not.and the higher the average corner count. as does rain. weather and pitch factors. These 5 factors determine ‘total corners’ Attacking nature High corner counts often go hand in hand with teams who attack with ‘width’ – sides who like to run the ball to the touchline. The Italians are a good example of this style of ‘percentage’ defending. rather than risk conceding a corner.. Windy weather tends to increase the count. Despite their outstanding winning record.. Weather The weather has its effect on corner numbers too. record: • Corners earned • Corners conceded • Also take into account the team’s style..together with their corner-conceding weakness too. Size of the pitch The larger the pitch. Corners betting made simple Bookmakers have two distinct ways of presenting their ‘corners’ odds. you will build a comprehensive record of every team’s corner-winning abilities. weather and pitch factors too? Because these details will help you refine your system to increase your profits still further. or heading a cross from the wings into the danger area.Proven Betting Systems: highlights often flash the corners stats up for each game shown too.

. one football fan betting via the internet made £26. The other method of offering bets on corners looks like this: 0-7 Corners 8-10 Corners 11 Corners and over The big difference is that this market has a middle band of three different outcomes. The trick? Noting results from the first couple of matches. But Beware! Two games is not a large sample. You’ll be streets ahead of the bookies when the first round begins. By the time the second round of the next World Cup or Euro Championships is reached. Insider’s Tip! Make a note of corners data from qualification matches in international competitions. Put a strong bet on your favoured.50 of your £20 outlay if there are fewer than 7 corners. middle band option at 6/4. They don’t bother to collect this data at all! 51 . Then put a smaller bet on the 0-7 band. Your staking plan might be £10 on 0-7 corners. It gives you the opportunity to have a strong bet. you will be able to draw more confident conclusions. You will enjoy the chance of winning on every total of corners up to and including ‘ten’.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Exactly 11 corners: often priced at 7/1 Over 11 corners: usually offered at ‘even money’ If your statistics indicate that the game has paired two teams with a record of low corner counts. This can be very useful when your statistics point to the total number of corners being in this middle band. and hedge your position too.. the statistics could still highlight profit opportunities. How to ‘hedge’ your bet for safety You are in an ideal situation if the figures for two ‘low corners’ teams indicate a match total somewhere in the bookmakers’ middle band. and carefully applying the extra data revealed by playing style. and £15 on 8-10 corners. His analysis produced twelve consecutive winners. this is the structure to look for from the bookmakers. Expect it to pay out at 6/4. You’ll recoup £12. weather and pitch conditions. However. and you should start by betting cautiously. But you will make £50 tax-free profit – plus your winning £15 stake back – if there are between 8-10. Enjoy big ‘corners’ winnings on international games too! In a recent European Championship. Expect this ‘low corners’ band to be offered at 10/3.000 predicting how many corners would be won in selected games.

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ladies’ races. you’ll always make a profit overall. Because. Follow this 7-step system to go ‘Dutch’ on the best opportunity in today’s race card. in any race. apprentice races.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #14: Horseracing The DOUBLE DUTCH “…How to select the two strongest horses in a race…and back them both to enjoy a profit whichever horse wins…” W hy do more professional gamblers operate in horse racing than any other sport? Because around 90% of punters’ money is returned as winnings. and are happy to watch your profits mount steadily. one will always lose. So this system is ideal if you don’t like taking risks with your betting. 53 . First. Grow your money slowly…but securely Of course. a high success rate is assured and long losing runs are all but unheard of. eliminate all amateur races. Here’s a simple but powerful system that takes advantage of that fact. buy a daily paper with racing coverage. Second. Serious gamblers use it to produce steadily accumulating profits. selling races and any race with ‘novice’ in the title. if you are backing two horses to win. The Daily Mail is good for this system. ‘Dutching’ is a system of backing two horses in a single race to guarantee a set target profit if either horse wins. Such races are frequently something of a lottery. you will have two good horses on your side. But if you follow the clever staking plan revealed here.

20 0. The highest-rated horse in each race is highlighted in the Daily Mail by a black circle. divide the right-hand figure in the odds by the sum of both figures and then multiply by 100.Proven Betting Systems: Third. Then multiply this by the percentage odds for each horse. add these percentages up and subtract from 100. If these are one and the same.g. This horse is the most likely to be in peak condition. if two or more races tie because the top-rated horses previously ran on the same day. find the highest-rated horse. In our example. Finally. divide your target profit amount by the profit margin. Fifth. Fourth. this gives the figure of 55%. 54 . Red Marauder 16). You will find the betting forecast under the list of runners in each race. convert the odds for both selections to percentages. Below 10/11. select the race in which the highest-rated horse ran most recently. Now set your stakes to ensure a profit To make sure your betting is profitable whichever of the two horses wins.20 multiplied by 100 = 20% To set your staking. eliminate all races where the forecast favourite is 10/11 or shorter odds. This figure is profit margin To win. once you have selected the best race to ‘Dutch’. This will boost your potential winnings. there is not enough profit in such short-priced runners to make this system viable. £50 from the race.25 x 100 = 25% The percentage odds for Great Chance are: 1 ÷ (4 + 1) = 0. say. the horses to bet on are the highest rated and the horse named second in the betting forecast. The number of days since a horse last ran is shown by a number directly after the horse’s name (e. back the highest rated and the forecast favourite. The ratings figures are at the far right of the race card. for all the races you haven’t eliminated. Sixth.25 0. say the system above has selected Can’t Lose at 3/1 and Great Chance at 4/1. For example. give preference to the race with the highest-priced forecast favourite. To do this. You’re therefore comparing all the highest-rated horses and seeking the one with the lowest figure for days since last run. This will give you the stakes required. The percentage odds for Can’t Lose are: 1 ÷ (3 + 1) = 0.

2. So on occasion you’ll win a bit more or less than your target profit.91 To ensure £50 net profit from this bet. and then take the answer away from 100. 3. providing you with a steadily growing bank balance with very little risk. If either horse wins your total returns will be £91. 55 . you’ll need to stake: Can’t Lose: 25 x 0. the margin is 55% and your target profit is £50.75 Great Chance: 20 x 0. Work out the profit margin on the race: Add the two horses’ percentages.20 That’s a total stake of near enough £41 (the slight difference is due to the rounding up or down of decimals). Calculate each horse’s stake: Multiply each horse’s percentage by the profit margin.91 = £18. And take note: Sometimes horses start at prices different from those forecast in your newspaper.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits For example. Your staking plan made simple 1. Convert each horse’s odds into percentages: Divide the right hand figure by the sum of both.91 = £22. Over time these differences will average out. giving you a guaranteed net profit of £50. So the figure to use is: 50 ÷ 55 = 0.

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but these can be easily obtained from the website www. Each team aims to score by hitting the puck into the opponents’ goal. an American daily newspaper with a European edition. Games are played in three 20-minute segments. and the main betting opportunity is predicting the winner. Use this simple rating system to predict winners The simple rating system described here will enable you to quickly assess the likely outcome of any match. Six or more games are played most days during the season. your bet is simply refunded. with substitutions occurring regularly.espn. they all play each other several times. In a season. Typical prices from UK bookies might be Pittsburgh 1/3. Rules are kept to a minimum. 57 . You will need some statistics to compile your ratings. buy USA Today. Anaheim 2/1. So British bookies all offer betting on ice hockey…even though they don’t bother to follow even the simple rating revealed here! The National Hockey League (NHL) is the top professional league in North America. Alternatively. meaning each team plays over 80 games. with 30 teams in cities across the US and Canada. But in Europe – and especially in America – it’s big business. Games are contested between two teams of six. If there’s a Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #15: American Ice Hockey The SLAP SHOT “…Want to make easy money at the bookies’ expense? Detailed NHL statistics are free – and yet UK bookmakers regularly mess up their prices…” I ce hockey is a little-known sport in Britain.

and absorbed more shots 58 . Here’s a recent example… In a game between Boston and Vancouver. compile your ‘Defensive Ratings’ to discover how good a team is at shutting out opponents. SOGA 25. • Click on Team Statistics from the ESPN website’s main NHL page and find the column headed SOG.Proven Betting Systems: First.50 and their GAA 3.00/1. • Divide the SOGA by the figure in the column headed GAA (short for Goals Against Average). find the column headed GFA.33. you can weigh up any match in a couple of minutes.00. These figures clearly show Vancouver had the edge over Boston in both ‘offence’ and ‘defence’. Boston’s SOGA was 22.50. This gave them a ‘Defensive Rating’ of 22.33. These show how effective a team is in attack. GAA 2. and this time find the column headed SOGA – this stands for Shots On Goal Against and shows the average number of shots made by a team’s opponents during a match. GFA 3. • The resulting figure indicates the number of shots an opposing team has to make before they score a goal and provides a good guide to the team’s overall defensive abilities. Now.00. Second.00 = 7. Boston’s SOG figure was 32. This stands for Goals For Average and shows the average number of goals a team scores per game.50 = 21. Simply calculate and compare their ‘Offensive and Defensive Ratings’. They required fewer shots to score a goal.10 and a ‘Defensive Rating’ of 12. divide the team’s SOG figure by their GFA figure. • This will show you how many shots a team makes on average before they score a goal and provides an effective measure of their attacking prowess. This gives an ‘Offensive Rating’ for Vancouver of 8.00. This shows each teams average number of Shots On Goal per match. start by compiling ‘Offensive Ratings’. this system worked very well. • Click on Team Statistics as before.30. The statistics for Vancouver were SOG 27. • To produce your ‘Offensive Rating’. Their ‘Offensive Rating’ was therefore 32.00 and their GFA 1.50. • To the left of this.65.50/3.

25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits before they conceded one. Vancouver were therefore highly likely to win this game. if a team’s star player is injured – which occurs regularly due to the physical nature of the sport – they may be slow to update their odds. So look for stories on the internet or in USA Today about injuries to a team’s top players. Multiply your NHL betting profits with UK bookie blunders UK bookmakers largely take their lead from the US bookies when setting prices. However. 59 . If your ratings show that the two teams are at least evenly matched. and in the event ended 6-3 winners. back that team’s next opponents before the UK bookies catch up and shorten their odds.

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look at the ‘Goal’s For’ column. (se the directory listing at the back of this guide for the best sites to visit) First. Second. you will want to check the bookmakers to see who is offering the best 61 . Finally. This gives you the average number of goals they score per game. than on which team is going to win…” T o calculate the likely total number of goals that will be scored in a match.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #16: Football The TOTAL-ISER “…With the right information at your fingertips. look at the latest league table for the division you want to bet on. For each team. simply add together the ‘Average Goals Scored’ so far this season for the two teams playing. Simple! As with all profitable football bets. add together the averages for the two teams playing each other next. But the data you need is easily available from the internet and in national newspapers. simply divide this number by the number of matches played so far. this system starts with compiling your own set of statistics. Got that? Simply add together the ‘Average Goals Scored’ for the two teams playing. it can prove more profitable to bet on how many goals will be scored in a game. Now it’s time to find the best betting price… Once you have referred to the statistics and made up your mind on a betting opportunity.

William Hill. and lose if you use the other. With Bookmaker B. There’s only one score in his middle band. the difference between them means that sometimes you will win if you use one bookie. Corals and the Tote have shops in High Streets all over the country. and Bookmaker B is for “3 or more”. who may be offering a little more in an effort to win you away from the ‘big boys’. you actually get two chances of winning. Although neither of these markets is better than the other. Ladbrokes. as well as telephone betting services and internet operations. A good place to start looking for the best odds is with the ‘big four’. Competition in the Total Goals market between UK bookies is fierce. and on the internet. you would be betting on “exactly two goals” being scored. Bookmaker A 0-1 Goal 2-3 Goals 4 or more Goals Bookmaker B 0-1 Goals 2 Goals 3 or more Goals The first difference between these two systems is in the middle bandings. Most football games end with between 0 to 6 goals scored. in their shops. Use their prices as a standard. The other difference is that Bookmaker A’s final band is “4 or more goals”. there aren’t too many fancy twists you can give to the Total Goals market. You will often find their offers advertised in the newspapers. So bookies invariably offer three different ‘bands’ of Total Goals. Here are the two most popular ways of presenting the odds. and then check out the smaller firms. Champions League and international matches too.Proven Betting Systems: odds. Here’s how ‘total goals’ betting works Though bookmakers may present their odds differently. who offers you only one chance of winning. So the odds won’t be as attractive as Bookmaker B. Bookmaker A offers you a bet on “either two or three goals” being scored. 62 . They all have a full range of “Total Goals” betting for the Premiership. Because Bookmaker A is giving you two goals in his middle band.

4 goals.. If you bet on Bookmaker B’s 3 or more. Bookmaker B 0-1 Goal 2 Goals 3 or more Goals Especially profitable IF. • Your statistics predict a goal tally of just over 3 goals. for example. so long as it is 2 or less. The highest banding here allows you to focus your bet on a big total.. With this option you have the opportunity to back the 0 or 1 banding. This will make you an overall profit whatever the total. starting at 4 goals rather than the 3 goals band quoted by Bookmaker B. Bookmaker A 0-1 Goal 2-3 Goals 4 or more Goals Especially profitable IF.. • The statistics predict a high scoring game of 4 or more. you may be offered around 8/11. The banding 0-1 would normally be priced at around 3/1. But a bet on 4 or more is likely to be priced at about 2/1. This selection would normally be priced at around 8/11. The middle banding covers them both with just one bet. 1. 63 . • Your analysis points to a low scoring match. This can make a big difference to the odds you get. and for every total above 3. and will normally be priced at around 11/10.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits It all depends on what the statistics tell you Here’s how you can get the best out of both Total Goals systems. and also 2 goals exactly too. • Your statistics throw up a solid bet on 2 or 3 goals. The final banding here will pay you for 3 exactly.. with exactly 2 offered at about 11/4.

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and the bet will cost you £15 (£1 x 15 bets). ‘Lucky 15’ is the bet for you. you might choose four horses to win four different races. You get 10% extra. • Your selections will be automatically ‘permed’ for you into fifteen bets by the bookmakers. there is a 10% extra bonus if all four selections win. take a ‘Lucky 15’ slip from the bookies’ cashier – and make four selections on horses. if a horse you’ve selected comes in at 5/1. If the returns from a winning bet are £500. the bookie pays out on 10/1. Betting odds-on is recommended rarely. six doubles. football teams.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #17: All sports The LUCKY one-five “…Turn £1 into £21. for example. Transform small stakes into the biggest winnings with these insider’s tricks… • To place a bet. most bookies will pay out double the odds. • Write your unit stake at the bottom of the slip. four trebles. the bookie will pay out £550. dogs. For example. For example. £728 or even £7. and one fourfold. too! Plus. But some independent bookies will pay out treble the odds. So go for four short-price bets on horses and dogs.216 using this clever ‘big money’ system…” A re you looking for a quick and easy ‘fun bet’ that also offers you the chance to make big money? If so. If you only get one winner. but the multiplication factor 65 . Start with £1. He will give you four singles. whatever.

216). • If one horse wins. three doubles £12. £64 on the double). back them to end 1-0. Here’s how: First. Next.096. Imagine you back four horses at even money in a Lucky 15 with a £1 stake.560 plus 10% bonus = £7. The return on your ‘perm’ will be spectacular… Four narrow home wins backed in a Lucky 15 with a £1 stake costs £15. you would have won just £14. and one treble £8). one four-fold £16. if you’d backed all four horses as singles worth £3. total £6.048. With one correct score.09! How to make long-priced bets on football pay Using the Lucky 15. Four correct scores generates £7.75 each (to make a total outlay of £15). Take Note: some betting shop rules exclude football bets from this bonus – so shop around. • Four winners. and you could make big money. you receive £21 (7-1 at treble odds). plus £4 for the winning double). because you have four singles £32. Two correct scores generates £80 (£16 on the two singles. seek four matches that you expect to result in narrow home wins. £1 stake). total £80 plus 10% bonus = £88). • Three winners nets £26 (three singles return £6. you’ll get your stake back. and your winnings will be £88 (four singles £8. You’ll usually get odds of at least 7-1 for this outcome. four trebles £32.56 and effectively thrown away £57. £512 on one treble). you receive £4 (£3 for trebled odds.Proven Betting Systems: in the Lucky 15 means it can be highly profitable. £192 on three doubles. you enjoy a net profit of £73. six doubles £24. Three correct scores produces £728 (£24 on three singles. four trebles £2. 66 . It will cost you £15. you can cash in on that treble-plus bonus. By comparison.216. one four-fold £4. six doubles £384. That Lucky 15 bonus means that you can get treble the odds on the one selection – and at 7-1. So with 4 winners. and find one who does. • Two winners nets you £8 (two winning singles return £2 each.

and so on…until a win is achieved. Like all Tote betting. All the money staked goes to the winning punters.g just writing ‘Favourite’. e. choose three or more horses to finish first. your bet will be declared void. But don’t 67 . the Trifecta is a pool bet. Second. You could bag £30. second and third.000 pay-out…” A ll horseracing fans dream of winning big money from small stakes.000 or more with your £1 bet! But your chances of success are far too remote to be worthwhile. second and third in that order. less a deduction for the Tote’s profit. • Un-named selections. Better to try a ‘perm’ bet…using clever maths – that doesn’t require a university degree. And the Trifecta – a betting opportunity offered by state bookmakers. • Trifecta bets that include a non-runner will be void.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #18: Horseracing The TIGHT & CURLY “…Five simple steps to cracking the Tote Trifecta’s £30. And if a Trifecta is not won. the Tote – enables you to do just that. save wasted time by bearing in mind the Tote’s rules for using the Trifecta. are not accepted in Trifecta bets. the pool is rolled over to the following race. • If the field is reduced to less than 5 runners before coming under Starter’s Orders. How to perm a Tote Trifecta bet First. You can have a single £1 bet on three horses to finish first.

to cover these three horses in any possible order. Third. 68 .Proven Betting Systems: worry about getting the order right. this will cost you £2. Ripon and Yarmouth commonly have winners mainly from the top or bottom of the draw. Kempton.500 betting shop terminals…via the Tote itself at every racecourse…by phone through the Tote Credit Club (0800 269188)…and on the internet at http://www.40.php. Fifth. Leicester. Fourth. Then pick three well-drawn horses with decent form and back them in a three-horse Third Horse C Horse B Horse C Horse A Horse A Horse B Extra Tip: This can be a good bet to use at tracks where there is frequently a draw bias. get a Trifecta betting slip from one of Tote Direct’s 4. fill out your slip with this system: First Second Horse A Horse B Horse A Horse C Horse B Horse A Horse B Horse C Horse C Horse B Horse C Horse A Betting 10p per line. Chester.tote-betting. The tracks at Ayr. observe the early races without betting on any of them. To spot which way the draw bias is running. you will place a total of 24 bets.

80. Here’s all you need to know… For any match the bookmaker quotes a ‘handicap line’ for both teams.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #19: Football The GRASSHOPPER “…Master the secret art of Asian Handicap betting today…and make a profit even if your team loses…” F ootball betting is a firm favourite among serious betters. and your bet wins. Asian handicap betting makes life much easier by reducing the number of possible outcomes for any game from three to just two. This means you can still win your bet even if your team loses. your total return would be £1. Punters can then back the team of their choice to win after the handicap has been taken into account. For example. say Liverpool are playing Aston Villa in the Premiership. The decimal odds show the total return (including the original stake money) to a successful £1 bet. If you bet £1 at odds of 1.80. Asian handicap odds may be offered as follows: Team Liverpool Aston Villa Handicap Line –1.00 1.80 The money line represents the odds on offer about each team. But predicting whether a match will result in a home win.5 Money Line 2. 69 . draw or away win can be tricky.5 +1.

If Aston Villa wins. For example. giving them a GDF of 15. the handicap match is a draw and your money is returned. Do the same for the away side. No matter what the Asian Handicap says. you win the bet. draw or lose by no more than a single goal. you need to add (in the case of the underdog) or subtract (if backing the favourite) the handicap figure from your team’s goal total. while a plus figure is the advantage a team begins with.5 goal headstart.00. if you want to back Aston Villa. Spurs have scored 29 goals at home and conceded 14.Proven Betting Systems: Want to back Liverpool? In this Asian handicap. • To calculate the outcome of an Asian handicap bet. say Spurs are playing Newcastle at home. Newcastle have scored 15 goals away but conceded 26. Then simply take the number of goals scored by the home team at home and subtract the number of goals conceded at home. Now start using this easy method to find winning bets To predict the likely outcome of a match. the underdog a plus. find the following figures: • goals scored by home team at home • goals conceded by home team at home • goals scored by away team away from home • goals conceded by away team away from home. which means that as long as they win. If Liverpool wins by one goal. taking the number of goals scored away from home.e. This will give you a goal difference figure (GDF) for the home team. then your original stake is returned. clearly indicating a probable win for the home side. Comparing the teams’ GDFs will give a good indication of the likely outcome. giving them a GDF of –11. In contrast. In this case. your winnings will be paid at odds of 2. • If the handicapped result is a draw. the bet is lost. and subtracting the number conceded.5…but of course. A minus figure shows the ‘head start’ a team gives its opponents. you will get back twice your stake money. The difference is 26 in Spurs’ favour. i. the handicap gives them a 1. you can assess the handicap lines quickly: • The favourite always has a minus handicap. So they will need to win by two or more goals. Look for Handicap Lines 70 . they will need to beat their handicap of -1. 1 and a half goals doesn’t exist in football.

back the side with the higher GDF if they have a handicap of –1. 71 .25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits offering good returns for that outcome. • With a difference of 13 or more. a draw is the likeliest result. bet on a single-goal victory for the team with the better GDF.5 or better. Grasshopper’s 3 secret tips… • Where the difference in GDFs is less than 6. • If the difference is 6 to 12.

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with prices more generous than they should be for away wins! Here’s how to spot the Away Teams to back… 73 . Ask the cashier. Most Australian matches on UK fixed odds coupons come from the Victoria state leagues. Your greatest advantage over the bookie is that in the Aussie leagues. Make sure your bet gets placed in time… Remember. To get involved. Australian football is just the same as soccer in the UK – except there are far more leagues. you simply need the Australian Football fixed odds coupon from a betting shop.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #20: Football The KOALA KICKER “…Keep backing away wins in Australian soccer and you could turn £20 into £1. almost as many games end in victory for the visitors (38%) as they do for the home side (41%). home advantage does not count for very much. bets must be handed in to your bookmaker by Friday evening UK time. Perhaps because the sport is mainly amateur and crowds are small. the Australians are 12 hours ahead of us! So even though all Australian football matches take place on Saturday. Yet British bookmakers frequently price up Australian games as though they were English league matches.280 next summer…” T he British summer can be a dull time for football fans – but the good news is the Australian football season offers some great opportunities for you to clean up while everyone else is waiting for August to arrive.

Proven Betting Systems: First. betting a £20 stake could win you a cool £1. Second. repeat this calculation for the Away team – this time though. Your bet will then include every possible combination of three matches from the total shown. But if the system finds 6 winning matches for you. mark a ‘2’ in the first column. choose the six games offering the biggest superiority to the visiting team. So if Lalor United have a home rating of -4 and Fitzroy an away rating of +3. and in the column headed ‘Perms’ write ‘Perm any treble’. you might find that the home team.280! The average odds of an Away win are 3/1…so a winning treble will return a massive £640 to a £10 stake.280! 74 . Stake £1 on each. in a match between Lalor United and Fitzroy. • Use the ‘Long List’ of around 45 matches (on the left-hand side of the coupon). and if all six are aways you will win 20 x 64 = £1. look at the Home team. • If there are more than six. you might discover that Fitzroy have scored 12 and conceded 9 goals. If so. using only goals scored and conceded in Away matches. work out whether the Away team has a superiority of five goals or more. And with that perm (above). and place your bet. • Note the total number of goals they’ve conceded in their home games so perming them for every possible treble would require 20 bets. Third. Special Conditions! • Only place bets those weeks you have between 3-6 matches that offer an Away team with +5 superiority. • Note the total number of goals they’ve scored at home so far this season. mark them with ‘2’. For example. Against each chosen match. has had 10 goals for and 14 against in home matches. you will outwit the famously dim British bookies on Australian soccer. Fourth. Lalor United. they’re worth backing for a win.footballfedvic. This gives them a net score of +3. This gives them a net figure of -4. They will be a clear pick to win this game. Or visit http://www. look at the fixed odds coupon from your bookmaker. • If you have four to six to access the stats this simple system requires. For example. Fitzroy have a superiority of 7. Following this simple system.

The game is widely misunderstood by UK bookies and the betting public – yet there is no need to be a baseball expert to cash in on the opportunities it offers. So. and sometimes two a day.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #21: Baseball The MONEYBALL FORMULA “…This simple system can defeat the clueless British bookies to net you £580 profit for just £11 risk…” F or a golden opportunity to relieve your bookie of some of his dosh. Simple! The American Major League Baseball (MLB) season runs from April to October during which each team plays 162 games at the rate of six or seven a week. there are plenty of betting opportunities for you to enjoy 75 . They change places when three members of the batting team are out. look no further than baseball. The team that scores most runs in nine innings wins the game. they are shown on Sky Sports and Channel Five. All you need to do is check and compare some simple statistics that are available on the internet. And if you want to watch the games. players try to hit the ball out of reach of the fielding team and run a complete circuit round the field to score a ‘run’. As batters. It is played by two teams of nine who alternate as batters and fielders. Enjoy 6 months of steady summer betting The game itself is similar to rounders.

last year Al Leiter of the New York Mets had 84 runs scored against 76 . calculate the TRA to discover the total average number of runs a team concedes when a particular pitcher is playing for them. you will see straight away that team A should have an enormous advantage. For example. How to spot your winning opportunity Most high street and internet bookies now accept bets on the major competitions as well as individual Second. • Find the total number of runs scored against the pitcher (shown under the heading R). You can bet either on the winner of a match or on the total number of runs scored. • Use the ESPN website as before. and calculate the pitcher’s Total Runs Average (TRA). British bookies regularly make mistakes when they set the odds. look at the pitcher’s ‘Earned Runs Average’ (ERA) on the website. The World Series. the ERA statistic doesn’t give the full picture. Third. Take note: between 7 and 8 runs is an average total in a baseball game.6. It is an average for the season so far. • Then divide by the number of innings he has played throughout the season.Proven Betting Systems: throughout the summer. The World Series gets most of the publicity and betting action. study the most important player in any baseball team: the pitcher. so they have no chance of hitting it well and getting a run. get the statistics you need from http://sports. His role is to throw the ball at the batters as fast and accurately as possible. but you’ll get better gambling opportunities with individual games. for example. Fourth. To get the edge. Fifth.5 and team B’s has an ERA of 5. leading teams meet to decide the contestants for baseball’s ultimate prize.espn. You see. compare pitchers’ abilities easily: If you are weighing up a game and team A’s pitcher has an ERA of 2. • Multiply this by nine (the number of innings in a game). It won’t take much to get the better of your bookmaker and turn the tables. After the regular season. go one step further than the average punter. By keeping track of readily available statistics’ you’ll be in a position to spot some gilt-edged betting opportunities! First. Hundreds of games are played during the season and with so many matches to keep track of.go. This gives you the average number of runs he concedes through poor pitching during a game.

Any team with a TRA advantage of 2 runs or more is well worth backing. over 100 matches you could well be looking at a net profit of £580 for the season! 77 .63. using the statistics given here. There are so many games played in a baseball season that the best approach is to use a long-term strategy for the summer. Typical odds are 10/11. His TRA is therefore (84 x 9) ÷ 208 = 3.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits him and played in 208 innings. so if you bet £11 each time and get 20% wrong.

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most powerful two-wheelers around. Prices are available from all the major bookmakers for the separate races – but time and again. But the good news is that you’re not alone. There’s no relationship. The sport is poorly understood among bookmakers too…and there lies your route to turbo-charged profits. you may not know much about Superbike racing. forget everything you know about Formula 1 racing. dangerous and some people are actually mad enough to race them. a good position on the starting grid is essential. which starts in March and finishes at the end of September. Mistake! In F1. The bookies price up the sport in a similar way to Formula 1 motor racing. Not that the clueless British bookmaking industry knows this. The big difference between grid positions in the two sports. Avoid the bookies’ key mistake… First. The ultimate challenge for professional riders is the World Championship series.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #22: Motorbikes The DREAM MACHINE “…How the Rainmen could make you 350% profit in this year’s Superbike World Championship…” U nless you’re already an enthusiast. They can reach speeds of more than 230 miles per hour. it’s nowhere near as significant. But in Superbikes. They’re noisy. giving you the chance to fill your boots. Superbikes are the fastest. is that in F1 the cars line up in 79 . the bookies get their prices wrong. which bookmakers have totally failed to grasp.

Instead. including a list of all this year’s But such favouritism is unlikely to be Betting Systems: rows of two. Of 14 Superbike races last year. only four were won by riders starting from pole. Yet the bookmakers take no account of the weather in their prices! Keep up with the best riders by following the World Championship on TV – for full details. Plus. see the BBC’s website at: http://news. back any of the top riders who – because of a ‘poor’ starting grid position – are being quoted at odds of 3/1 or better. But in Superbikes riders line up in rows of four. but only a very few have the skill and nerve to sustain an attacking drive in dangerous wet conditions. you are right behind the leader on row two. Turbocharge your winnings by 42% The rider who qualifies for pole position (first on the starting grid) in Superbikes almost inevitably becomes the short-priced favourite. Many riders can perform well when it’s dry. So bookmakers often price riders who are placed back on the grid more generously than they ought to! In one race last year for instance. so if you’re eighth on the grid.stm 80 . More realistic odds would have been 9/4. so if you are in eighth position you are four rows from the leader. victorious rider Ben Bostrom was priced at 9/2 as he was further down the grid. watch out for the rain The weather has a tremendous impact on Superbike racing.

• Athletic players with a wide range of shots (like Roger Federer) perform best on clay courts. tel. • Powerful players with big serves (like Lleyton Hewitt) do well on grass surfaces such as Wimbledon. price £22).com. form is a major factor. they frequently disagree on prices and get them wrong. also found in the ATP book and on its website. The world rankings are crucial. Here’s how to raid the bookies’ wallets. You can check which surface any professional player does best by using the Official Guide to Professional Tennis (available from The Tennis Gallery. Second. This gives you some ‘gilt-edged’ opportunities to clean up. Or look up their website on http://www.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System #23: Tennis The DOLLY SHOT “…How to find and use the three key factors deciding EVERY tennis match you can name…” T ennis is not the bookies’ favourite sport. clay or hardcourt surfaces. find out which surface suits which players best. Outdoor tennis tournaments are played on grass.. The three secrets to successful tennis betting First.atptennis. 020 8715 8866.. But not as important as the third factor… 81 . each demanding different skills and suiting different individuals. • Hardcourt surfaces also favour the big servers.

By betting with different bookies it was possible to get odds of 5/4 on both.betbrain. You can be sure to line your pockets with this strategy.Proven Betting Systems: Third. if one player has beaten the other in their last three matches. For instance. the bookies couldn’t decide who was the favourite – Lindsay Davenport or Venus Williams. there is every likelihood he will do so again – even if his opponent is higher ranked. Don’t bet on two players at 10/11 for instance…you’ll end up out of pocket. in a recent Wimbledon Ladies’ Final. You want to look for opposing players having the same odds at different bookies – and then bet on you can sometimes guarantee yourself a profit by backing both players by ‘shopping around’. But Note! You must only bet when both players are at Even money or more. you would have been guaranteed a return of £450 and a ‘net’ profit of £50 whichever player won! To spot opportunities like this. 82 . If you had staked £200 on each player at these odds. go to www. check the head-to-head results between the players about to meet each other. Now make sure-fire profits betting on both players With just two possible results in every tennis match. For example.

your winnings are (300 – 240) x £5 = £300. But you can get round this risk by betting ‘in running’ – that is. avoid any risk of losing your shirt.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits System# 24: Cricket The BURNING STUMP “…How to win money whenever England take to the field…” C ricket is a sport ideally suited to spread betting. • The bookies quote a ‘spread’ between two figures. for example. if you think they’ll score less than 220 runs. If England score 300. • On the other hand. a bookmaker quotes a spread of 220–240 for England’s first innings in a match. ‘live’ whilst the match is being played. Here’s how spread betting on cricket works. you decide whether the final score will be higher or lower than the spread. You can make big profits and. The final cricket scores often differ significantly from the initial spreads quoted by the bookmaker. place a BUY bet. • The most popular spread in cricket is the number of runs in an innings. So if. by taking sensible precautions. the spread offered by the bookies changes constantly. you win (240 – 190) x £5 = £250. Limit your risk by betting ‘in running’ Your potential gains and losses from spread betting can be huge. Every run 83 . • Say you think England will score more than 240 runs. During a game. place a SELL bet. If they score only 190.

Take the loss. always bet against the crowd. closing all your losing bets when they are just £50 down means you can let your winning bets ride to give you a tidy profit overall. the spread will fall fast. then it gets pushed up. The selling becomes more attractive. Add to your profits with this clever system In Test match series. But less informed punters will keep buying…even though the spread has become unattractive. • If the spread quoted by the bookies moves to within one point of where your potential losses exceed your stop loss. • This requires strong discipline. On the other hand. don’t bet when the match starts! Wait and watch the first few overs instead. If there are any decent batsmen left. Popular bets – like.Proven Betting Systems: scored or wicket taken affects the price they offer to potential punters. Now use this winning system… First. a buy bet can offer value. • Also look for players who are especially injury-prone. There can be good opportunities here. the bookmakers also quote spreads for individual players based on the total runs they score or wickets they take during a series. This is a good time to place a sell bet on total runs. if a couple of wickets tumble at the start of a match. So ‘selling’ them can be highly profitable. Stick to it. the spread will normally rise by 20 or so – even though the batsmen have done nothing more than fulfil normal expectations. • Well-known players in poor current form are often quoted at too high a figure. This means you don’t have to wait until the match is ended to win (or lose) your bet. England to win the Ashes – offer great opportunities for straight-thinking sports fans. a sell bet on their series performance should generate a tasty profit. close your bet. and save yourself for another day. say. If they take part in only one or two matches. If the batsmen reach 20 or so without loss. Don’t make their mistake – place a sell bet. Third. If more people buy than sell a spread. You can “close” your position at any time. 84 . But think about it: even if you are right only half the time. Use this fact to protect yourself: • Set a stop loss of (say) £50 per bet.

so they use decimal rather than UK fractional odds. for the first time. they allow individual punters to bet directly against each other – rather like an informal bet between friends on Grand National day. 85 .. Simply use the Cash Converter at the back of this book. You can then “lay” the horse to them for them to “back”. you can board the gravy train too. you can easily convert decimals. The exchange makes its money by charging a small commission (5% or less) on each wager. By using internet betting exchanges. here’s a new way you could make money from their rotten tips. you can win big money by backing Britain’s worst horse tipsters…” A re you sick of bad tipsters? Well. they don’t quote odds or take bets themselves.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits FREE BONUS SYSTEM: Horse racing The DEAD BEAT “…Thanks to the ‘bet exchange’ revolution. Now get all the horses running for you…. you can bet against him very easily using a bet exchange website. you can make money backing horses to lose.. This is not a new idea – bookmakers have been doing it for years! But now. Read on to discover how you can join the select few who have learned how to turn a losing streak into gilt-edged profits. Instead. you set the odds These websites are not bookmakers. Most exchanges are international operations. However. All you need to find is someone else who thinks the horse will win. At a bet exchange.except the loser! If you think a certain horse has no chance of winning his next race.

First. but this is a quick and simple procedure.Proven Betting Systems: • Let’s say you accept £50 at a price of 2. £200). all the other horses in the race will be running for you. 86 . Third. the lower figure shows the maximum amount backers are willing to stake at this price ( • Click on ‘Tipsters’.g. • Take a good hard look at the table showing this season’s performance of over 60 newspaper tipsters – best at the top. It shows you the best (i. deposit some funds in your account before you can start betting. You can see that. • If the horse wins. week in…week out. but it’s free • Then go to ‘Naps Table’. worst at the bottom.racingpost. you should have no problem getting takers.00 (even money). They use them to back horses rather than lay them. Then go to Betfair and lay them! First.e. So as long as you are offering similar or slightly better odds to the bookies. identify the country’s worst tipsters…and offer to lay their selections. You’ll need to register before you can start ‘laying’. you will have to pay the other punter his winnings of £50. Here’s how to take money off these punters. you would have nine horses on your side and only one against you! Why this system is so exciting Most people use betting exchanges as substitute bookmakers.80). at www. Betfair. you get to keep the £50. Look at the upper figure in this box. In a ten-horse race. • See which horses the three worst-performing tipsters are recommending today (also shown in the table). • If the horse loses as you expect. If you are happy with these odds. because you are laying rather than shortest) odds you can offer currently to get a ‘lay’ bet accepted (e. Second. Here’s how. and look across to the pink column headed ‘Available to Lay’. 1.betfair. sign up at the world’s most popular betting exchange. then follow the on-screen instructions. at www. • Go to www. click on the ‘Lay’ button and enter how much you want to bet in the ‘betting slip’ window. Click on ‘New User’ at the top right of the homepage. find the horse you expect to lose. plus his £50 stake returned. you need to register for this service.

If in a week you lay ten horses for £50 a time at evens and three of them and check out their ‘Titanics’ section.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Click on ‘Place Bet’ – then all you have to do is wait for your horse to lose! Five more ways to increase your betting profits you can make good money laying at betting exchanges. Bottom line is. The messages posted here concern horses experienced punters expect to lose – this could save you a lot of time and trouble on research. giving you a guaranteed return! #3.90 and wait for any takers. #4. if you back ten horses for £50 a time at evens with a bookie and find three winners you would be looking at a net loss of £200…! 87 . Less 5% for Betfair’s fees. Offer 1. These are the ones most people want to Try laying two horses in a race. By you would make £200. costing you a fortune. If the best price available on Betfair seems stingy. advertise for a better one! Say the betting page shows that the shortest price backers are willing to accept for your selection is evens (2. Visit the ‘insiders’ website at www. #2. as long as you don’t get too greedy. Once you’ve cut your teeth on Betfair. You can back a horse at one exchange and lay it at a shorter price at another – giving you a guaranteed profit! #5. try other exchanges such as www. that makes a very handy £190.00).theracingforum. Don’t be tempted to offer long odds about horses you think have no chance of winning – one day that 100/1 shot will romp home. At least one is bound to lose. Stick to laying relatively short-priced horses.

Proven Betting Systems: 88 . Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Website Directory 89

Proven Betting Systems: 90 .

But watch out! While spread betting can prove very lucrative if you call the direction of a cricket innings or financial index correctly. offer accounts that limit any possible loss to a figure which you can • Note that spread bets are the one form of gambling debt recoverable under UK law. So the spread betting bookmakers’ criteria for authorising new accounts is very strict.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Spread Betting Accounts: How to Protect Yourself with a Stop Loss System There are several dedicated spread betting bookmakers now vying for your custom • Comprehensive range of Sporting & Financial Markets • Flexible markets – bet after kick-off • 24-hour Financial trading • No commission. They want to know that your credit is good. brokerage or stamp duty • Instant executions 91 . • If you want to enjoy spread betting without risking too much money. City Index at www. • All references you give when applying for an account will be followed up. apply instead for a ‘budget account’. you can lose your shirt if you get it wrong. Some firms. and which suits your pocket.cityindex. like Sporting Index.

index@williamhill. credit or deposit • Live pricing • Strong US Sports Markets William Hill Index at www. credit or deposit • Live pricing • Excellent standard of operators • Wide range of markets • Free £100 superiority bet on account opening 92 • Live pricing • Innovative markets • Offers 3 different types of account to suit budget • Offers widest range of markets • Minimum stake as small as 50p IG Index at www.igindex.sportingindex.Proven Betting Systems: Sporting Index at • Switch/delta • Wide range of financial markets • Average range of sporting markets • Switch/delta facility.

Scottish Division 3.ananova. For example. Newsnow is a very sharp collector of Part of the ‘365’ network.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits INFORMATION SITES Here is a selection of information websites that I use on a daily or weekly basis. motor sports and golf. Newsnow uses a huge network of specialist sites as providers for the news A very useful site for breaking news. one of the worlds leading aeronautical designers and the Ferrari Marenello Formula 1 team was first released by the official www. with few of the time-consuming graphics that slow other news sites down. and maybe you will find sites that you like An excellent site which cleverly covers a wide range of the relationship between Agusta. instead of requesting ‘football’ you can specify a single area of that sport e. www. and receive information on that division just seconds later. For example. and probably rates as the best news site I have seen. updated surprisingly quickly. Quick up with some of their provides an at-a-glance update that is easy to use.g. and this can result in the information being virtually news-site “exclusive”. This information was of immense worth to the professional investor.newsnow. but appeared on www. and uses Reuters as a 93 . but these will get you off to a good start… General News Sites www. Ananova offers a free email alert facility which can be tailored to suit clients’ particular needs. www. Good all-round service especially for sports such as football. www. There are plenty of others.

94 . www. and NBA. and available to the reader ‘as it happens’. “Media Information” can be of use at Recently revamped to include an informative “Match Centre” zone for each of their competitions. Soccer I find the official sites can be of immense use at Can be handy for injury news although not released as quickly as I would like. provides all the information that you will need on any fifa US-based site that provides a very useful sports news service for Excellent site that has only one downfall – it is a nightmare to navigate. for injury and suspension information as well as for draw and tournament detail. Covers a fair range of the more popular sports and they archive all old headlines for viewing. www. Professional site dedicated to Soccer. www.fifa.scottishfootball. Tennis www. Also very good for Tennis and Golf information.atptour. www. News service is well laid out and archived items are easily found.football365.Proven Betting Systems: news provider. as well as a fairly quick news service.soccerage. Useful ‘team news’ pages allow you to pin-point your researches quickly www. www. Accurate and This is the official ATP website.sportal.fifa.uefa. once you have mastered its unexpected twists and turns.soccerbase. MLB.

net Good site for player info if you want to make tennis a sport you specialise in.pgatour. 95 Golf www. Offers the same service as pgatour. ground. • Live Index: Quick way to find out a monthly schedule of play with start times and venues.europeantour. an excellent service for tee-off times. Information is quick and accurate. Cricinfo is the market leader when it comes to providing information on leagues and tournaments worldwide. use the F5 key or the right click function to manually refresh the The first dedicated cricket site to go live on the net.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits www.cricinfo. Packed with stats and historical form. The jewel in the crown is the live hole-by-hole coverage which at times gives you crucial leader board changes faster than the TV coverage! The important point to make here is that you should not wait for the automatic page refresh. Incredibly quick and easy to use. Some useful tools on cricinfo. leader board info. • Stats Guru: Enter whatever player. or team you are interested for the European • Run Rate comparison charts produced for international matches. In general. The only top-class US tour golf site on the net. as they give an accurate feel to how a game is going.tenniscorner. Cricket www. general golf news and comprehensive tournament schedules. but what a beauty. and The Stats Guru will supply you with all the information you are likely to need. www.

planetdarts.110sport. but they are often still first up. live score site that covers a wide range of sports. Punctuality can be A good site.Proven Betting Systems: Snooker www. 96 . Draw format displayed quickly and in an easy-to-view Good. Good level of news. Good layout of draw information. and “live scoring” facility for selected tournaments. that is well laid out. www. Livescores The majority of dedicated sports websites provide live scores for their particular sports. especially on obscure A longstanding website that provides a fair service for soccer live scores. Darts www. with some interesting areas to explore. Worldwide service with an easy-to-use index.wetten-schwechat. Well-organised site that covers all of the season’s tournaments. and in the main including a world ranking page. updated quickly and easy to download. but here are two score specialists who might prove useful on occasions.

00 3.95 1. You will get 34 times your money back if you win.00 26.7692 31.5263 11.3333 60.00 7.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Cash Converter Table #1 BETTING ODDS GRID This table shows three different ways of writing odds.25 2.2222 23.3834 54.1818 20.0000 10.9411 3.8971 58.8461 4. You still get it if you win.3300 34.40 3.80 3.5464 55.00 2.00 12.00 17.0000 22.00 5.3333 14.0000 33. So 33/1.5000 13. Euro Decimal: This gives the number your stake is multiplied by.05 2.50 8.50 9.83 1.40 2.0000 41.00 6.3333 9.60 +3300 +2500 +2000 +1800 +1600 +1400 +1200 +1100 +1000 +900 +850 +800 +750 +700 +650 +600 +550 +500 +450 +400 +350 +333 +300 +280 +275 +260 2.80 1.2820 52.6666 7.00 13.72 1.0000 26.50 6.2857 15.20 3.00 9..7777 12/5 9/4 11/5 85/40 2/1 15/8 9/5 7/4 13/8 8/5 6/4 7/5 11/8 5/4 6/5 11/10 21/20 EVS 20/21 10/11 5/6 4/5 10/13 8/11 10/14 4/6 3.50 7.0952 38.6923 8.7142 36.5555 56.00 1. US Lineage: Like Euro Decimals.20 2.3157 26.00 11.10 2.5217 57. plus your stake returned.1052 44.0000 97 . of course! UK Euro Fractional Decimal US Lineage % Take Out UK Fractional Euro Decimal US Lineage % Take Out 33/1 25/1 20/1 18/1 16/1 14/1 12/1 11/1 10/1 9/1 17/2 8/1 15/2 7/1 13/2 6/1 11/2 5/1 9/2 4/1 7/2 10/3 3/1 14/5 11/4 13/5 34. The first you know: UK fractions.00 21.0769 25.6666 42.00 4.3846 16.4117 30.2500 32.87 2.00 19. for instance.0000 51.2631 5.12 3.25 3.6666 27.33 4.4545 47.1111 11.7647 12.7804 50.77 1. becomes 34. only without the stake included.6666 18.75 2.8823 6. But the others might look unfamiliar. like 2/1.80 2.50 2.67 +240 +225 +220 +212 +200 +187 +180 +175 +162 +160 +150 +140 +137 +125 +120 +110 +105 +100 -105 -110 -120 -125 -130 N/A -140 -150 29.0909 10.50 5.50 4.6190 48.00 8.71 1.75 3.60 2.00 10.3636 38.62 2.4444 45.90 1.00 15..37 2.4615 40.7826 35.7619 5.

1538 96.2380 95.0000 81.6166 10/16 1/6 2/13 1/7 2/15 1/8 2/17 1/9 1/10 1/11 1/12 1/14 1/16 1/18 1/20 1/22 1/25 1/28 1/33 1.10 1.0018 76.2328 71.6666 69.3333 94.5384 85.4285 73.15 1.30 1.44 1.7786 80.3333 84.5517 97.3076 93.6521 96.57 1.05 1.40 1.60 1.5100 66.7368 95.11 1.20 1.2857 65.61 1.8181 83.6666 92.50 1.0500 98 .06 1.2352 88.36 1.18 +250 N/A N/A -170 -175 -180 N/A -190 -200 -225 -250 -275 -300 -333 -350 -400 -450 -500 -550 28.22 1.1176 94.62 1.04 1.52 1.4736 90.50 1.5043 88.03 1.3352 75.13 1.16 1.8888 89.14 1.25 1.05 1.55 1.58 1.33 1.11 1.0000 90.08 1.12 1.6375 64.9090 91.5000 62.2173 65.04 1.9230 77.28 1.7142 86.9080 62.07 1.5714 61.03 -160 -600 -650 -700 -750 -800 -850 -900 -1000 -1100 -1200 -1400 -1600 -1800 -2000 -2200 -2500 -2800 -3300 61.09 1.53 1.Proven Betting Systems: 5/2 8/13 6/10 10/17 4/7 10/18 8/15 10/19 1/2 4/9 2/5 4/11 1/3 3/10 2/7 1/4 2/9 1/5 2/11 3.6701 87.9629 63.

27 2.17 2.12 3.05 3.09 2.08 2.00 9.40 4.35 4.46 2.33 2.00 7.45 3.21 2.00 19.31 2.30 3.40 2.85 3.15 3.20 2.32 2.60 5.62 2.75 2.60 3.00 12.03 2.25 2.41 Fraction Decimal 7/5 2.50 9.95 2.28 2.50 4.95 3.22 2.00 21.80 3.35 2.20 5.00= 11/8 14/5 11/4 13/5 5/2 12/5 9/4 11/5 85/40 5/4 6/5 2/1 9/2 15/8 9/5 7/4 4/1 13/8 8/5 6/4 11/10 7/2 10/3 21/20 EVEN 99 .16 2.33 4.50 7.00 15.70 5.05 Fraction Decimal 3/1 4.23 2.80 5.48 2.70 3.85 2.47 2.30 5.05 2.10 5.37 2.04 2.34 2.00 2.80 4.00 3.24 2.70 4.00 13.07 2.90 5..15 4.65 2.55 2.50 8.25 4.38 2.60 2.13 2.00 4.44 2.49 2.26 2.39 2.20 3.90 3.40 5.50 2.90 2.90 4.10 2.10 3.80 2.10 4.42 2.25 Ways To Boost Your Horse And Sports Betting Profits Fraction-Decimal Converter .36 2.20 4.00 5.50 3.00 6.15 2.12 2.30 2.75 3.35 3.00 10.00 26.50 5.55 3.00 11.70 2.14 2.06 2.50 6.25 3.60 4.18 2.43 2.45 2.87 2.11 2.40 3.00 17.00 8.19 2..65 3. With Odds Fraction Decimal 33/1 25/1 20/1 18/1 16/1 14/1 12/1 11/1 10/1 9/1 17/2 8/1 15/2 7/1 13/2 6/1 11/2 5/1 34.29 2.30 4.

Proven Betting Systems: Notes 100 .

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