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Examples affirmative Examples negative I work. I'm working, I worked. I was working. I have worked. I have been working. I had worked. I had been working. I'll work. I'm going to work. I'll be working. I'll have worked. I'll have been working. I would work. I would be working. I don't work. I'm not working. I didn't work. I wasn't working. I haven't worked. I haven't been working. I hadn't worked. I hadn't been working. I won't work. I'm not going to work. I won't be working. I won't have worked. I won't have been working. I wouldn't work. I wouldn't be working.

Simple Present Present Progressive Simple Past Past Progressive Simple Present Perfect Present Perfect Progressive Simple Past Perfect Past Perfect Progressive will - future going to - future Future Progressive Future Perfect Simple Future Perfect Progressive Conditional Simple Conditional Progressive Conditional Perfect Conditional Perfect Progressive

Examples interrogative Do I work? Am I working? Did I work? Was I working? Have I worked? Have I been working? Had I worked? Had I been working? Will I work? Am I going to work? Will I be working? Will I have worked? Will I have been working? Would I work? Would I be working? Would I have worked? Would I have been working?

I would have worked. I wouldn't have worked. I would have been I wouldn't have been working. working.