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Wordpress Tutorials Resource List

Wordpress Tutorials Resource List

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Published by: John Taylor on Apr 15, 2009
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Making WordPress a Breeze

If you want to publish information to your site quickly and easily, you need to be using WordPress. Even though it’s one of the best ways to publish content on the web, it may seem intimidating to the new user. That’s why we compiled a list of WordPress tutorials and resources that will help you gain the confidence to start using the power of WordPress.

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WordPress.tv - http://www.wordpress.tv
• Simple video tutorial site created by the team behind WordPress • Comprehensive videos on a variety of topics including installation, integration, publishing, themes, SEO, comments, widgets and much more

WordPress.org Support - http://wordpress.org/support/
• Features information straight from the source • How-to information and knowledgebase on just about every topic • Getting started resources, FAQs and an active discussion forum

SpeckyBoy.com - http://speckyboy.com/2008/03/08/
63-essential-wordpress-hacks-tutorials-help-files-and-cheats/ • An expansive list of WordPress tutorials, hacks, and help files • Detailed descriptions of tricks to expand Wordpress’ functionality • Features a wide variety of common and uncommon WordPress tips

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WPCandy.com - http://wpcandy.com/articles/tutorials/the-wordpress-help-sheet.html
• Comprehensive PDF help sheet with code snippets & template files • Available in several languages

WPCandy.com Advanced Tips - http://wpcandy.com/articles/
tutorials/the-advanced-wordpress-help-sheet.html • Advanced PDF help sheet with specific code snippets and what it’ll do for your site • Explanations are very clear and concise

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