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• Use a #2 (soft) pencil only. and give specific examples to support your views. Remember. • Write about one-and-a-half to two pages.Writing Section Writing Section Instructions 30-minute time limit • The examiner will have already provided you a writing answer document on which to write your essay. • You will have 30 minutes to write on one of the two topics. Do not turn the page until the examiner has told you to do so. accuracy. Your essay will be marked down if it is extremely short. legal systems. In some countries the government places a limit on the number of children a couple can have. Different cultures. Why do governments establish population policies like these? What effects do these policies have? Discuss. You may change or correct your writing. • Your essay will be judged on clarity and overall effectiveness. There is no universal definition of the word adult. • You may make an outline if you wish. and 4 of your answer document. but your outline will not count toward your score. Do not leave the room during the time period. Topics Set A 1. you have 30 minutes to complete your essay. and individuals have varying ideas about when a person becomes an adult. while in other countries the government offers economic incentives to a couple to have more children. your signature. Make sure you have filled in your name. • Extra sheets of paper or scratch paper will not be scored. but your handwriting must be readable. Please observe silence. remember to fill in “1” or “2” in the ECPE Writing Response box in the front of your writing answer document. but you should not recopy the whole essay. organization. 2. and your registration number. ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  1 . Write your essay on the answer document you have been provided. religions. and the range. If you do not write on one of these topics. your paper will not be scored. 3. • Write inside the boxes on pages 2. What factors do you think define adulthood? Support your opinion with specific reasons. When you have selected your topic. your birthdate. • You will not be graded on the appearance of your paper. and appropriateness of your grammar and vocabulary. Please use only the space provided on the answer document to write your essay. • Do NOT write your essay in this test booklet. as well as on topic development.

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(language): print the 2-digit code number for your native language (the examiner will tell you the number). erase your first mark completely. day. not in the test booklet. write zero first. Darken the circles. The scanner cannot see very light marks. and year. first name.: print your 6-digit personal registration number. • Fill in only one circle for each problem. If there are pages missing from your test booklet. • today’s date: print the month. tested at center no. raise your hand and a proctor will give you a replacement. and your middle initial. 001. Fill in the following information on the lines: • full name: print your full name in this order: family name. Darken the circles.: print the 3-digit test center number (the examiner will tell you the number). look through the rest of the test booklet to see that it is complete. • Any problem with more than one answer marked will be counted wrong. • reg. • native language: print your native language. • Darken the circle completely so that you cannot see the letter inside. When instructed to. If your last name is longer than 13 letters. • day: print the day you were born. print only the first 13 letters. • lang. Look at the TOP RIGHT of SIDE ONE of your answer sheet. • Mark all your answers on the separate answer sheet. • If you change your mind about an answer. • Do not make any other marks on your answer sheet. • center no. • If you are not sure about an answer. Examinees giving or receiving answers or using notes or other aids will be disqualified. • Use a number 2 (soft) pencil. You should have 16 numbered pages in your test booklet. This test may be machine scored. • sex: darken the circle “M” (male) or “F” (female). Check the pages quickly. Look at the TOP LEFT of SIDE ONE of your answer sheet. • birthdate: find the month you were born and darken the circle next to it. • mi: print the initial of your middle name. Darken the circles underneath these numbers. then first name. • form: darken the circle of the form letter on your test booklet. 1991. • SPKG: do not fill in the space marked SPKG. If it is a one-digit day. Darken the circles underneath these numbers. • Darken only one circle in each of the columns. Make sure the form letter you darken matches the form letter on this booklet. • year: print the last two digits of the year you were born. and whose personal registration number is 100265. including those at the beginning of the number. Examination fees will not be refunded. then middle initial (MI). Look at the columns of CIRCLES BELOW THE BLOCKS: • Find the letter that is the same as the letter you have printed in the block above. Darken the circles.General Instructions Keep your eyes on your own test. born April 3. There are 13 blocks. Include all zeros. and they will fail. • first: print the first 6 letters of your first name. ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  3 . • Your mark must be dark enough to be picked up by the scanning machine. to fill out the information section. Use capital letters to fill in the following information in the blocks. • test center: print the name of the test center. no. • Do this for all the letters of your last name. • your signature: sign your name. Use all capital letters. Use the same spelling you used on your registration form: • last name: print your main family name in the blocks. one letter per block. The example below shows the correct way for Joao Costa Almeida dos Santos. you may guess. so you must follow instructions carefully: • Do not bend or fold your answer sheet. Look at the BOTTOM LEFT of SIDE ONE of your answer sheet.

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The most modern (1) is often called a superhighway. for calling c. trusty d. but on the other hand we must also consider them as being alive. walk Reading Read the passage. elementary 1. but today roads must be made for cars. a. In each example. because they multiply d. Do not mark your answers in this test booklet. Remember. The first things we study in school are very _______.GCVR GCVR GCVR Grammar. you have 75 minutes to complete problems 1 through 120. Vocabulary Choose the word or phrase that most appropriately completes the sentence. Long ago roads were only trails for people and animals to walk on. Vocabulary.” a. Viruses may be considered as regular chemical molecules. since they have a strictly defined atomic structure. travel d. you may check your answers within the GCVR section only. Work quickly but carefully. then select the word or phrase that fills the blank in both meaning and grammar. way b. If you do not know the answer to a problem. then answer the questions following it according to the information given in the passage. and buses. shifty c. Each problem has only one correct answer. is called Cloze Read the passage. ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  5 . fill in the circle on your answer sheet that corresponds to your answer choice. If you finish before the time is over. 20 cloze. Mark all your answers on the separate answer sheet. For the test problems. to call b. Do not turn the page until the examiner has told you to do so. road c. because they have a complex atomic structure b. you may guess. numbered 51 through 170. because they have a regular molecular structure Please observe silence. Here are examples of each kind of problem. There are 40 grammar. be called d. because they move c. You have one hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) to answer all 120 problems. Do not leave the room before the end of the time period. a. “What is that thing?” “That _______ a spider. Cloze. Why does the writer say viruses are alive? a. and Reading Section Instructions This section of the examination contains 120 problems. raise your hand and a proctor will explain the examples to you. If you do not understand how to do the problems. trucks. 40 vocabulary. the correct answer is underlined. since they are able to multiply in unlimited quantities. Grammar Choose the word or phrase that best completes the conversation or sentence. and 20 reading comprehension problems. Do not go back to the listening section of the exam. sturdy b. Do not spend too much time on any one problem. Please remain in your seat until the group is dismissed. None of the actual test problems can be explained.

a. a. have had to d. _______ economists’ predictions. but she can also speak three languages. worthy b. than c. Not only is Lisa d. a. The movie The Lost Weekend is really _______ seeing. we could have finished at 64. Dr. of trying 53. a. for trying c. higher than of d. that of 60. someone must have d. couldn’t have to 54. brings out 61. Simpson. Dr. a. Because recognizing b. Briggs’ recommendation was different _______ Dr. Higgins _______ the best in his interns. must have someone c. brings up c. have to c. worth it d. as high as those of b. we didn’t need to meet the applicant after seeing her resume. _______. would have had to b. a. We will have to be very efficient during our meeting. In order to finish the paper on time. that they tried d. must someone have b. Whereas is Lisa 57. we’ll finish up to b. the teacher took extra time teaching it to her students. brings across b. than that of b. Despite c. a. a. I have an appointment this afternoon. Joseph _______ miss the lecture.Grammar Grammar Grammar 51. a. The towers of the new bridge are fifty-six meters _______ the old one. On the contrary 59. An inspiring mentor. that b. worthwhile c. gets 58. The fisherman wanted to free the dolphin without letting the fish _______ away. we should finish until d. a. Although b. to try b. Ann will be amazed _______ how fast her grandson has grown. higher than those of 6  ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  . To recognize 62. for d. than of d. getting b. What qualifications _______ in order to become president? a. Not only Lisa is c. Although Lisa is b. worth 52. to get c. get d. so _______ eleven thirty. The investment company was accused _______ to take all the money. It suffices saying b. a. have someone 63. the stock market still has not recovered. By recognizing c. Recognizing d. Suffice it to say c. a. as high as c. _______ great at math. in 55. Regardless d. brings over d. To say suffices it d. To suffice it 56. at c. a. _______ the difficulty of the material. we’ll have to finish by c.

but I still believe it _______. has had to b. delay to send c. a. a. it went 68. Helen’s decision to retire _______ surprise. will be happen c. altogether isn’t it clear if d. was caught in my 76. their best c. which everyone d. might have eaten b. their best they could b. altogether it’s clear not only 69. not always have been 74. are approaching c. who his d. could not be able to eat 72. a. a. might happen 73. Now that he has started law school. his b. you _______ it right away. a. caught me in b. with their best d. might not be able to eat c. but _______ I should go forward. she went d. a. have been approached 71. delay sending b. they arose c. After the interview. From the angry crowd _______ many objections. a. Susan felt unable to say how _______. it arose b. cellular phone sales _______ 450 million a year. caught me by c. that everyone 67. All the students tried _______ to win the recycling prize. I bet I’m not the first person _______ that you have a wonderful singing voice. will have happened d. whom his 75. a. a. tells you 77. Learning is a lifelong process through _______ must go. will delay sending d. as their best 78. Eric _______ give up his volunteer work. David Smith is the name of the man _______ daughter I met. there arose d. they always have not been c. could have eaten d. I have carefully examined the customer’s complaint. would delay to send 70. it everyone b. a. has approached d. has had c. I know that our football team has not beaten yours for many years. If you _______ your application. they have not been always d. they have not always been b. a. you’ll miss the deadline. Since this soup is very hot. whose c. it’s not altogether clear how b. a. did it go c. According to a recent report. did she go b. it’s altogether not clear to c. were approached b.Grammar Grammar Grammar 65. happens b. who telling you b. there arise 66. The principal stands by all her decisions even though _______ popular. who tells c. a. everyone c. has been d. to tell you d. a. was caught by my d. was to ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  7 .

does just d. make it possible 80. They are registered 8  ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  . nearly low as b. much too really hard c. worked for a b. has lack of b. Having _______ knowledge of computers is now a very important job skill. is lack c. is lack of 87. close related c. Dogs and wolves are two _______ species of mammals. being cared for by d. would be like c. just does c. a. This project is _______ for an introductory-level class.Grammar Grammar Grammar 79. Many people worry about _______ their old age. Those register c. worked a c. too much really hard b. a. as lower than 88. nearly as low as c. closed related d. _______ for the special website design class should sign up by tomorrow. closely related b. It seemed like _______ concept to learn. of what she was d. Those registering b. she was 84. a working d. a. somewhat confusing b. a. a. a. Henry didn’t get the job because he _______ a college education. make possible c. a. related closely 86. the salary committee could not believe _______ thinking. a somewhat confusing d. doesn’t just 89. would it be like b. a. lacks d. The Olympics _______ for athletes from all over the world to compete with each other. a. really much too hard d. it would be like 85. what she was c. a. Bill _______ play the piano. it would like d. confusing somewhat c. as nearly low as d. he plays the violin and flute too. just doesn’t b. what was she b. to care for c. really hard too much 82. make it possibly d. The temperatures this year are _______ those of last year. a. They are registering d. work for 81. a confusing somewhat 90. possibly make b. caring for during b. When Ellen submitted her application for a raise. a. I like to imagine what _______ to live in a foreign country. being cared for in 83.

keeping a. portrayal a. He placed large windows on (96) walls of the house so that the breeze and sound of the water could flow through the house without hindrance. this beautiful house in western Pennsylvania is actually built over a waterfall. 97. underneath b. placed c. no d. 93. 99. Wright took much care in (95) Fallingwater as harmonious with nature as possible by linking the house to its natural surroundings. passage b. anchoring c. maintaining c. number Fallingwater is recognized as one of the most unique and innovative works of American architecture of the twentieth century. mimic c. spotted b. variation d. arrange b. over a. 100. not a. 98. many c. ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  9 . still c. Fallingwater is open to the public with its original setting. furnishings. place b. Today. a. minutely d. and (98) connect the house to the change of seasons and the (99) of time. few a. Designed in 1935 by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 95. other b. which cascades (94) it.” which (93) the natural shape of rock ledges. changing c. Wright also proposed covering the building in gold leaf in (97) to imitate the color of dying plants. 92. Furthermore.Cloze Cloze Cloze This passage is about a famous house. and artwork intact. preserving b. supporting a. 96. covering d. order c. that a. he added a (100) of outdoor terraces where people could enjoy the cool air of the wooded valley. the house appears to be suspended above the waterfall. remaining d. viewed a. holding b. 91. balance c. into d. As a result. thereby b. contain a. kind b. 94. Wright (91) the house above the waterfall by (92) it to the rock next to the falls with concrete “trays. appear d. establishing d. directed d. attempt d. across c.

doing a. development. a. prevention b. versions a. ceiling b. 102. establish d. 106. onto a. hatch d. getting c. The new species were identified by noticeable differences in physical features. measures to protect the remaining forest fragments are (110) . habitat. arrive c. (109) that Sri Lanka has already lost much of its forests. Frogs and other amphibians are important indicators of ecological balance. 103. Some are tiny and dwell on the ground. Once c. reduction d. Given b. levels c. through c. 101. preservation c. 107. taking d. so that when the eggs (104) the tadpoles have no difficulty (105) their first swim. 104. 110. nest c. sizes b. emerge b. floor a. trivial Several new brightly colored and diverse frog species have recently been identified on the tropical island of Sri Lanka. samples c. Since many frogs produce chemicals that could have practical applications in health care and medical treatment. reproduce a. The remaining new frog species give birth to their young by producing eggs on the forest (106) . Indeed d. they are a potential source of new drugs. lodge b. 105. 109. going b. therefore a decline in their numbers would be considered a warning that (108) of the natural environment for a particular area is needed. Such a. above b. Thus. consumption a. 108. Five of the new species lay eggs in homespun baskets suspended (103) water. species d. and genetic (101) . insistent c. These frogs bypass the tadpole stage and emerge as miniature (107) of their parents. crucial b. make-up d. canopy d. ensuring that frogs are protected by preserving and restoring their habitat is very important. whereas others are large and (102) trees. 10  ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  . modifications a. similarities b. prohibited d. from d.Cloze Cloze Cloze This passage is about frogs. inhabit a. reside c.

surpasses c. he is on a _______-calorie diet. a. articulated d. we’ll have to end the meeting at three o’clock. underway 112. You can definitely _______ Sarah to get the job done. taunting c. interlocking c. processes b. encroached c. In the last century. a. count on c. a.Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary 111. She saved a lot of money through _______ financial planning. declined c. outreach c. detached d. When I returned from my vacation. Linda _______ in school because she studies a great deal. Donna lost her purse and was _______ searching for it everywhere. Plans to build a new elementary school are _______. obscurely d. counterparts d. a. upkeep 116. trespassed d. fortified d. With a bit of _______ Mark might agree to take on the project. postscript b. dusting 117. decomposed b. boundaries d. glaringly c. precarious d. a. To lose weight. I found a huge _______ of work to do. look at b. we _______ on a new era of peace and prosperity. coaxing b. intimidated c. elevated b. The thought of snakes and spiders _______ him. frantically 121. aggregates 120. they’re _______ when they play soccer. vexing d. disgusted 119. apprehended b. conducive 118. backlog d. contracted b. a. figure out d. a. Even though Bob and Jim are good friends. regard to 113. The professor _______ his students so much that they were scared to ask him any questions. collaborated 115. embarked b. a. a. rivals b. constraints ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  11 . ensues 122. a. prudent c. Due to time _______. excels d. a. functions c. a. reduced 114. contrasts c. unspeakably b. despised c. impudent b. supersedes b. diminished d. a. wandered 123.

pressure c. inexact 129. the professor ______ her colleague’s contribution to the study. augmenting 125. gravely d. a. We found the physics professor’s explanation _______. vigilance b. overwhelm 134. magnified 135. Even at very high temperatures. the company will have trouble finding a replacement of his _______. It would set a bad _______ if we changed the rules just for one student. overlap d. eminent c. vain c. a. virtually 12  ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  . reserves c. a. acknowledged d. this material still _______ its shape. burden b. a. precaution c. intentional 131. The newspaper caused an _______ insult when it spelled the visiting dignitary’s name wrong. adversity c. a. amplitude d. a. wave d. certified 130. retains 127. illuminating d. accredited c. Record amounts of snow last winter led to a _______ in demand for snow-removal equipment. a. It is best that a judge be as _______ as possible when deciding cases. perceptible d. persistent b. overcome c. capable 126. surge 132. eventually c. precedent b. infringement d. endeavor 133. In her speech. overrun b. equalized b. infinite b. That _______ man cannot stop looking at himself in the mirror. a. resolves d. a. reforms b. a. overt b. periphery c. imprecise b. provocatively b. a. impartial c. futile d. inadvertent c. a.Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary 124. manifestation 136. a. equality b. inadequate d. If Daniel leaves. There have been _______ no changes in the striking workers’ demands. caliber 128. Neither of them is home during the day because their work schedules _______. attributed b. stubborn c. durable d. Kate had to overcome a great deal of _______ to finally achieve her academic goals. differentiation d. The trousers developed for industrial workers are made from a very _______ fabric.

What were the _______ causes of Sam’s poor sales record? a. emerged c. fervor c. a. Ms. occurrence b. We added more memory to our computer for _______ performance. The large rabbit _______ from the hole. injected 140. salutary 143. I had a _______ that the schools would be closed. enhanced c. elementary d. execution c. characterize d. basement c. whisked b. specialize c. erupted b. pulse 149. vetoed c. a. caravan d. compartment 144. The owner of the business _______ the latest tax bill she received. a. After yesterday’s snowstorm. squalor d. exhibit b. a malocclusion c. a. pervaded c. amended b. an excursion d. fatigue b.Vocabulary Vocabulary Vocabulary 137. a. a. The tall grass _______ in the gentle breeze. outrage c. cabinet b. A feeling of fear _______ the crowd as the storm approached. Our _______ on the train was so small that the trip was very uncomfortable. His low chemistry score is just _______. depletion 138. disputed d. component c. swayed c. an aberration 147. a. Good times are just _______. underlying b. whipped 150. distended 139. rectified d. rocked d. over the edge b. lapsed d. retaliated b. a. glint d. liable b. suspended b. at the limit c. a. hunch b. Joe is such a good student. mindful c. adherence d. a. founding 148. argued 142. Rebecca was held _______ for the damage her dog caused to her neighbor’s property. followed by three smaller ones. There are several unique traits that _______ native birds of this region. Winchell is a strict teacher known for her _______ to the school board’s rules and regulations. imply ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  13 . a. under the wire d. notorious d. presentation 141. around the corner 145. upheld 146. Mary went to the doctor because she was suffering from extreme _______. a delusion b. a. amplified d. a.

They cultivated it in the highlands. expansion of the Aztec civilization throughout most of Central America brought the Aztecs into contact with the Maya. or “bitter water.Reading Reading Reading This passage is about chocolate. Over time. The Aztecs traded with the Maya for cacao. c.400 kilometers. Afterward. Unable to cultivate the tropical cacao in the temperate highlands where they lived. How did the Aztecs first acquire cacao? a. c. and prices matched the quality of goods. d. and ten could buy a rabbit. Regulated by special government officials who ensured that weights. the mixture was poured back and forth from cup to pot until thick foam appeared on the surface. the Aztec marketplace included both vendors of prepared chocolate and dealers of raw beans. partly to have more of these precious beans. They preserved the seeds using special ingredients. the Maya of Central America prepared a chocolate drink using cacao. the Aztecs conquered large portions of Mayan territory. They cultivated it in fields. to ensure a fair price for the quality of the goods c. b.” from golden goblets. The Maya refused to trade it with the Aztecs. Moctezuma. What did the Aztecs do to ensure a plentiful supply of cacao? a. to restrict the use of cacao as currency d. They ground cacao seeds into a paste that was blended with water. The Aztecs also viewed chocolate as a valuable commodity. so that buyers knew the origin of the beans 155. Men hauled cacao in woven backpacks from Honduras to Tenochtitlan. a distance of approximately 1. What is the main purpose of the passage? a. to explain how commodities such as cacao could be used as currency c. and other ingredients. According to the author. the capital of the Aztec civilization. so that chocolate drinks would be of high quality b. Cacao was so precious to the Aztecs that it was not only used as currency but also to pay tribute. as evidenced by the report of an early explorer who noted that three cacao beans could buy a turkey egg. 151. Dishonest sellers would sell counterfeit beans by artificially coloring inferior lots of cacao or even by disguising amaranth dough or avocado seeds with cacao hulls to fool customers. what indicates that cacao was valuable in the Mayan civilization? a. They regulated the sale of cacao. Around 200 BCE. They accepted it as a tribute payment. b. b. They conquered Mayan territory. Cacao was a valuable commodity in this civilization. to explain why the Aztecs conquered the Maya d. a tax imposed by the emperor. peppers. 153. d. According to the passage. Honest cacao sellers would divide the beans into separate piles according to their origin. why did the Aztecs regulate cacao? a. d. c. By the fifteenth century. 14  ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  . four could buy a pumpkin. to describe the history of the cacao trade 152. the Aztecs depended upon trade with the Maya. drank fifty cups of xocolatl. It has been noted by historians that each day the emperor of the realm. cornmeal. They traded for it with the Maya. measures. They discovered it in the wild. Moctezuma drank fifty cups of xocolatl a day. to demonstrate why cacao was a regulated commodity b. 154. An explorer noted its use as currency.

How do beetles with big horns differ from beetles with small horns? a. to illustrate one use of beetle horns b. Adapted with permission from Natural History. c. What criticism does the passage make of early naturalists? a. only rarely. but are quickly and fully formed during the last molt to the adult stage. They rarely observed live specimens. in museum display cabinets 159. as in mammals. in the naturalists’ laboratories c. Its purpose is still unknown. d. 156. with well-fed larvae giving rise to larger-horned adults. They collected and examined only certain species. According to the passage. 160. on observations of beetles in captivity. in the larval stage d. Some early naturalists speculated that horns are sometimes used in defense against predators. b. Why does the passage mention mammals and reptiles? a. The stag beetle family is much smaller in number of species but includes proportionately more horned varieties. When horned beetles are observed more carefully under both natural and controlled conditions. 158. often had little time or inclination to observe the behavior of beetles in their natural habitats. Big-horned beetles are older. It is used to attract females. d. c. Where did early naturalists study beetles? a. in their natural setting b. Though most are hornless. some scarab species develop horns that are hollow skeletal outgrowths of either the head or thorax and so are analogous to the body outgrowths that give rise to horns in mammals and reptiles. It helps stag beetles to build homes. one held by Julian Huxley. Still another viewpoint. Big-horned beetles are more aggressive. or. what can be inferred about the stag beetle horn? a. Big-horned beetles were better nourished as larvae. while other biologists speculated that horns could be used to lacerate plant stems. a large group of beetles that includes two families: the scarabs—or chafers—and the stag beetles. permitting the beetles to feed on plant saps. is that horns serve no function and are merely byproducts of increasing body size. most of them collectors. d. to explain how beetle horns develop c. The final size of the horns is believed to depend on nutrition. Beetle horns do not develop gradually. b. They drew conclusions from uncontrolled conditions. we should learn how horns are used and why they develop. They formed hypotheses based on only a few cases. to dig burrows. It is a defensive tool. to compare the size of beetle horns 157. Most horned varieties of beetles belong to Lamellicornia. b.Reading Reading Reading This passage is about beetles. ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  15 . or as weapons in fights between males. ©1980. Big-horned beetles frequently feed on plant sap. Darwin thought that horns might be ornaments that impress females. Speculations on the use of horns were therefore based mainly upon examinations of pinned museum specimens. to show where beetle horns develop d. Early naturalists. c.

when lights on a panel are on 164. the trends in the number of people passing by b. Originally. a North American company developed a new device that can help facility managers conserve natural and financial resources by reducing the electricity consumption of vending machines. 165. Home refrigerators keep sodas cooler. d. which activates the vending machine. even when no one is around to buy anything. The device consists of two parts. c. the distance the beam extends from a vending machine d. They think the machine will waste energy. the number of people buying soda from a vending machine c. to compare two methods of improving a product 162.Reading Reading Reading This passage is about vending machines. What is one concern that customers have expressed? a. The first is a motion sensor installed in the wall above the vending machine that emits an infrared beam that extends several feet around the vending machine. the soda machines contain an internal thermometer. ready to dispense a soda or snack at any time. Few would disagree that vending machines are a great convenience. such as a customer. the power controller. which is able to activate internal compressors that cool the beverages. Additionally. 161. even while power is cut off. Vending machines typically cool less volume than a home refrigerator. when someone walks by c. what does the author mean by foot traffic patterns? a. c. They think the cost of soda will rise. energy savings resulting from use of the new device range from 24 to 76 percent. d. According to the passage. Leaving lights running on the front panel solved the first problem. As for the second. Home refrigerators use infrared detectors. called a Vending Miser. b. how does a standard vending machine compare to a home refrigerator? a. instantly bringing it to life. the sensor sends a signal to the second component. They are afraid the machine will work too slowly. this also entails using a lot of power to keep the machines running. the Vending Miser itself periodically monitors the surrounding air temperature and reactivates the machine’s compressors as necessary. crosses the beam. In the last paragraph. Recently. b. 163. saves power by shutting down a soda machine when there are no potential customers present. when power is shut down b. If a moving object. much the way an automatic door works. Vending machines require constant maintenance. the shape the beam makes around a vending machine 16  ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  . What is the primary purpose of this passage? a. Vending machines use more energy to cool less space. to describe a new invention and its benefits b. Unfortunately. They are afraid their drinks will not be cold. When is a machine with a Vending Miser activated? a. They are always on. thinking that the soda machine was broken or that their favorite beverages might get too warm if the machine stayed off for a long period of time. to identify the problems of a new invention c. Depending on air temperature and foot traffic patterns. while using up to five times as much energy. many customers were wary of the new device. The device. when potential energy savings are high d. to demonstrate the usefulness of vending machines d.

the new Ford Truck Assembly Plant in Dearborn. b. 169. Green roofs are becoming more common on automotive plants. 167. annually each spring c. The gardens are designed to be self-sustaining. Green roofs are. They capture less heat from the sun than traditional roofs. b. c. Recognized as having one of the largest green roofs in the world. gardens that are placed on the roof of a building. green roofs improve air quality by filtering the air above them and encouraging the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen through photosynthesis. Experts cite the latter as the single most important advantage of green roof technology. They retain a lot of rainwater. d. by absorbing rainwater 170. after each rainfall b. It cools the building it is on. because the plants store rainwater and return it to the atmosphere. 166. and plants selected based on characteristics such as drought tolerance. How do green roofs reduce the heat island effect? a. ECPE Test Booklet  2012 Sample Writing & GCVR  17 . b.000 gallons of water per year. when first created d. green roofs are aesthetically appealing: they improve the appearance of barren urban and industrial sites. by reducing air temperature c. c. what is one way in which green roofs improve air quality? a. They increase the movement of air around the building. It retains rainwater. Finally. In this time of growing concern over environmental issues from global warming to urban sprawl. Less rainwater also means less water that must pass through the city’s water sewage treatment facilities. In addition to supporting plant growth. a drainage system. According to the passage. It absorbs solar radiation. Green roofs need less maintenance than regular roofs. by reflecting solar radiation b. by promoting gas exchange d. In addition. conserving 50 percent of the rain that falls on the roof each year. According to the passage. the growing medium absorbs water. d. d. following a period of drought 168. what is the most significant benefit of a green roof? a. the Ford plant shows that it is possible to reduce these concerns by means of well-designed green architecture. a lightweight growing medium. Green roofs have a variety of environmental benefits. Green roofs can solve the problem of global warming. requiring little upkeep except for occasional weeding or fertilization.Reading Reading Reading This passage is about green roofs. Furthermore. These roofs are composed of a waterproofing and root-repellent system designed to protect the underlying building structure. They absorb the sun’s heat. they reduce the heat island effect in cities caused by an ever-increasing amount of hard surfaces that absorb solar radiation. as the name implies. It is predicted that the Ford Plant green roof will retain 447. What is the main idea of this passage? a. What runoff there is has been filtered by the roof system. serves as a model for the twenty-first century. c. Michigan. It supports plant life. When do roof gardens need to be planted? a.

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