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NACO BV 10, Anna van Saksenlaan 2593 HT The Hague P.O. Box 93056 2509 AB The Hague The Netherlands Telephone: +31 70 344 63 00 Telefax: +31 70 324 53 02 E-mail naco-haag@naco.dhv.com Dutch Trade Register, The Hague 27246015 DaNang International Airport DaNang, Viet Nam



4 million passengers in the year 2015 and 6. tender documents NACO US$ 175.2008 Master plan. The landside development included new departure and arrival roads and parking facilities in front of the terminal building for 1200 vehicles.000 m2 Team Investment Area The new passenger terminal at DaNang International Airport with a total floor area of 40. The Terminal meets international standards regarding safety and security and is equipped with all modern facilities to ensure efficient airport operations.9 million passengers in 2020. costing and tender documents.naco.nl/english/worldwide-experience/danang-airport. The terminal accommodates five contact positions for aircraft up to type E and 14 remote parking positions.html 2/3 .000. | DaNang Internati… Project Client Period Services Airside Development and New Terminal Building Design Middle Airports Authority. costing. preparation of the preliminary and final designs of the land and airside development and passenger terminal building.31/03/2013 NACO. Aviation Administration of Viet Nam 2006 . Netherlands Airport Consultants B.000 m? was designed to handle 4. Services: review master plan. preparation of program of requirements (in close collaboration with the Project Management Unit). program of requirements. design. www.V.000 44.

Established in 1949. www.V. ng their goals for airport development at more than 550 airports around the world. | DaNang Internati… ts B.html 3/3 .V.nl/english/worldwide-experience/danang-airport. airport design and airport engineering services. Netherlands Airport Consultants B.31/03/2013 NACO. is a global provider of airport planning.naco.