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Let’s Remind CT Republicans,
The Anti-Middle Class Agenda of Scott Walker Has Not Yielded Positive Results For Wisconsin Families:
44th In the Nation for Job Creation A Declining Middle Class Stagnant Wage Growth. Elimination of Workers’ Bargaining Rights Appointee Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison for Stealing 20K From Veterans. • • • • •

The CT Republican Party Believes In the Leadership of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, So They Invited Him To Be The Keynote Speaker At Their Pricey Party Fund Raiser.

Join Us On May 20th in Stamford
• 4:45pm–Gather at the Metro North
Train Station At the Corner of Washington Blvd and South State St. Hotel, 1 First Stamford Place.

That’s Not Leadership. That’s a Mess.

• 5:20pm–March to the Stamford Hilton

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