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the Rapid

the Rapid

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Published by: jimmyfung40 on May 20, 2013
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The world today is very indisputably observing or experiencing the rapid and frightening rise of the updated or ultra

form of fascism also known in plain words as the western global hegemonic dream. In this uber twisted or avart-garde dream or the warped fascist dream whipped up by the big supremacists with help from their euro minions, the westerner is god. The god who is incapable of doing any wrong. Those who don’t believe in this dream can expect to face the very hot wrath of these supremacists or warped fascists, usually appearing in the guise of the Nato wrecking machine and / or the US hammering and banging machine especially the US military’s dreaded air force. Today, the US quite satisfied at allowing Obama to make pretend that he remains in charge, is preparing its banging machine to go up against the PRC (China) in the near future most likely before 2020. These totally updated or warped minds in the US are now feverishly hatching up all kinds of new weaponries plus new weapon systems in order to truly make sure their banging would be extremely successful. Their new weapons & weapon systems include new ASMs, new types of stealth fighters, new types of combat drones, new types of very snazzy electronic warfare gizmos and new types of AWACS aircraft. To fight these gadgets and gizmos especially the ones that comprise the dreaded airborne threat, China must now assemble a large (really large) force of autonomous combat drones like the one shown above. A force of at least 10,000 such drones are needed. 100,000 would be even better. Such drones must be capable of attacking as well as duelling, plus flying wide-area reconnaissance. This is VERY urgent.

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