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1. Acoustic Echo Cancellation. In this project, stereo audio signal is loaded on to the DSP kit via LINE IN port.

Currently this has been tried with DSK5416 kit. Few issues being faced while implementing the same are listed below. a) Unable to perform computation within codec read time period. Codec is configured to read the audio at the rate of 8000 samples/sec, which requires the algorithm to be performed within a time of 1/8000 sec(125us).Currently while implementing the same with DSK5416 KIT, the algorithm takes about around 3 ms (442459 CPU clock cycles, found using the clock function in CCStudio ). For just reading and writting a sample from codec (without any processing) requires about 70-80us (115 CPU clock cycles).It is required to read a sample , process it, and writting the sample ,to be completed within a time limit of less than 125us.Please find the attachment for the project which was used. How to synchronous processing time and reading/writing time? b) Unable to seperate left and right channels using codec. Another requirement is to read both left and right channels seperately (desired signal in the left channel and the sound to be cancellaed in the right channel). But even by using the sample program given in the cranes user manual, it was unable to achieve the same. 2. Another project involves interfacing of 2 DSK kit. A pseudosequence will be loaded into one kit and it will be converted into analog form with the help of stereo codec.This output will be loaded into another kit using LINE IN port. What are the method we can choose for give stream of input data in to DSK 5416 and 6713?. What are the functions of CPLD programmed switches in DSKs?.

3) Image Processing Two projects are done ,which involves reading images of size 200 X 200 X 3 pixels and 350 X 350 pixels, for this purpose how to access SDRAM (16bytes) by ccstudio 3.1 using DSK 5416 and 6713?