The US is clearly a hyper hypocritical and also very murderous entity ranked most comfortably at the highest of the

ranks of all historically significant fascist entities belonging to our great modern world. The US is trying to strangle Syria using Nato subsidiaries and partners like the CIA, British intelligence MI6, Turk’s MIT, Libya’s LIFG, the Israeli Mossad and arms merchants in the oil fiefdoms and their dealers in eastern Europe like Bulgaria and Croatia. And also al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in the Levant and al Nusra in Syria. The CIA has been at the forefront of arms supplies and training given or channelled to mercenary fighters and infiltrators battling government forces in Syria. So good is this CIA-headed operation that even ISI is now already inside Syria. ISI being the latest extremist group to serve US long-term political aims laid out for the Middle East region. But even the best laid plans serving the best of human treachery cannot always play out perfectly. In recent days, Syrian government forces have turned the tables on the infiltrators and foreign fighters entrenched in the vital centre of Qusair (Qusayr). Qusair had been serving as a major transit point for illegal CIA-Nato weapons and fighters pouring into southern Syria until last Sunday when Syrian army troops managed to flush out most of the CIA-Nato rats from the city. Fighting is still happening sporadically in Qusair but the arms pipeline has at last been temporarily nipped and this has very greatly angered the warmongers in Washington and Tel Aviv. Washington has expressed outrage and anger at the Syrian victory claiming that Syria had received outside help while Israel is now threatening to conduct more air strikes. It is clear the US is wallowing in hypocrisy and in the blood of Syria.

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