46 Nickel Special Teams

Defensive Special Teams Playbook

The 46 Nickel
“Special Teams are Special”

Weak Corner and FS) and take them where they want to go. When kicked they find their man and block him. Sam and Rush take #2 to their side (still have near upback). FS is alley player and must fill to the ball. Sam. the weak corner and Spur are the force players. The key point is to stay with them and don't quit until the play is whistled dead. Bronco Return vs. Spur must take #1 strong. Can stem from Grizzly front to create confusion. If it's a fake. Vs. Spread Punt.46 Nickel Special Teams Punt Return "Bronco Red" (Red = Return) Position Nose Ends Sam Rush Mike Spur Whip FS Weak Corner Strong Corner Coaching Points    Alignment 0 3 Wide 9 Wide 9 4 7 4 Backer 7 Center Assignment Block LS (cannot make contact until he releases) Block Guards Take near upback Take near upback Block Tackle Cop TE Block Tackle Block Personal Protector Cop TE Punt Returner   Nose cannot attack LS. must wait for him to release. Spread Punt 1 . the returner will make the blocker right. Rush and FS. FS alerts defense that it is a fake.all key punter and make sure ball is kicked. All defenders engage their man immediately (except for Spur.

fake Spur and Whip responsible for #1 strong vs. Four technique to call bull rushes tackle to keep him from blocking other defenders. Returner will use MOF technique and check fake 1st. will drop off late and cover #2 away from the call (spread punt). End away from call mans far upback/wingback (may have to drop early). . open sets (spread punt). Four technique away from call will drop off late and cover #1 to the call if #1 is a TE or upback. then be a returner 2nd. If given an "I'm out" call. Must give an "I'm out" call. open set. cover #1/give an I'm out call)/Away: Man near upback/wingback Same as Sam To call: Bull rush tackle/Away: Drop off late and cover #1 (unless given an "I'm out" call) To call: C gap rush/Away: Cop TE Same as Mike A gap rush to call Same as Spur Punt Returner/MOF technique vs.46 Nickel Special Teams Punt Block/Field Goal Block "Bronco Blue/Brown" (Blue = Block left/Brown = Block right) Position Nose Ends Sam Rush Mike Alignment 0 3 Wide 9 Wide 9 4 Spur 7 Whip 4 FS Backer Weak 7 Corner Strong Center Corner Coaching Points      Assignment Slant A gap away from call To call: Rush B gap/Away: Man far upback/wingback To call: Contain rush (vs.

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