Fluid Density Operating Design Hydro. Test Press. Pneum.

Leak Test Radiograph Post Weld Heat Treatment Corrosion allowance Insulation Dimesion Height Volume Thickness Material

Press. Temp. Press. Temp.

Sheel side Water kg/m3 1000 kPaG 3

C kPaG C bar

3 3.9


mm mm mm Full Operating m3 m3 mm

0 0 800 1500

Body Bottom + roof Nozzle Flange Gasket Tank Type

316 316 316 316 EPDM Vertical

1 Parameters Joint efficiency for appropriate joint in cylindrical shell Internal design pressure Maximum allowance stress value Inside radius of the shell course 1.CALCULATION 1 Tank thickness 1.2 Calculation Minimum required thickness of shell 2 Torispherical Heads thickness Outside diameter Knuckle section with radius Crown radius Empirical correction factor head thickness E P S R tcal tact Do r L M tcal tact .

12 802 1.005 1 mm mm mm mm mm .002741302 mm 1 mm 802 48.0.8 0.85 3 515 400 kPa MPa mm 0.

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