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Published by Sheij Marquez
erotic interracial romance
erotic interracial romance

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Published by: Sheij Marquez on May 21, 2013
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Want to Play secrecy456 Adam walked into the Devils' Playground tattoo shop.

His business was the best tattoo shop in town and he'd be damned if he let someone ruin him. But the people who tried to make his business look bad had paid for it. He smiled over at his two co-workers and best friends, Max and Derrick. Max had red hair with hazel eyes and was the wild one of the three. Derrick had ice-blond hair that fell into his silver eyes and always made the ladies sigh around them. They were just your run of the mill bad asses with nothing to do, but start trouble. "Hey boss you bone anything good lately?" Max asked as he pulled a sheet a paper out of his pocket. "It's going on three days and counting. Ashley and I have been fucking for a pretty long time and I don't think you're going to win this time." Derrick, the quiet one, also pulled a piece of paper out of his shirt pocket and turned a shit eating grin on Max. "Well I've been having sex with Chantal for about...two weeks." Max turned to glare at Derrick before he muttered "bastard" under his breath. Adam smiled at the two before he pulled his sheet of paper out. He looked at both of them innocently. "Damn Derrick you might've had a chance, but I'm sorry to say that me and Katy have been fucking for a month." Derrick and Max looked at Adam with disdain before they pulled a hundred dollars out of each of their pockets. Adam smiled at both of them while they glared. It was a little game they played all the time. They never saw themselves as men who believed in committing to one woman. Occasionally they would pick up women that they performed tattoos on and other times it was the ever faithful bar. Adam walked behind the front desk, while Derrick and Max went and dealt with their clients. He sat down and observed the pile of work he had to do before he could get to the job he wanted to do. He thought back to when he saw Nick the other week and the way the man had been fascinated over his new found treasure. Why the hell can't I find someone like that? Erica was always the timid black girl at the back of the class. The innocent virgin, until last week that is. She thought she had found the one, the person she'd been waiting to give her virginity to and he'd taken it alright. Her first time lasted a whopping 2mins 45secs and she wasn't even the first of them to go to sleep. Now that she was free of her virginity she felt she deserved the chance to try something new. She stopped in front of the tattoo shop. She'd made sure to research the practices of the place before she finally picked it as the one to go to. The words "Devils' Playground" glowed in red above the shop. She pushed her glasses up on her nose and walked into the establishment. She saw the man behind the desk and instantly got wet. "Welcome to the Devils' Playground. How can we mark you?" His deep, dark voice ran over her body and made her instantly aroused. Her nipples hardened beneath the tight white t-shirt she

had on and her pussy started to become wet. The man behind the desk stood up and stared at her through bright green eyes. He was an easy 6'7'' with long, thick black hair that framed a beautiful face. His body was covered in black, tribal tattoos that only added to the raw sexual appeal he held. She lowered her eyes and saw a pair of perfect legs covered in black jeans. This man was a freaking warrior she thought. She raised her eyes back up his body to his face and she saw the sexiest grin on a man she'd ever seen. It didn't help that he had a dimple in his left cheek. She had to bite her lip from groaning, but then she raised her eyes to meet his. A perfectly arched brow was raised over his eye. Whoever this woman was she was going to be the death of him. She had cute little glasses on her face, but they only added to her beauty. She had chocolate eyes that were raised at the tip. A small face that held two pouty lips that were made for kissing. Her coke bottle body was small, but the tight t-shirt and jeans held a lovely pair of assets that he wouldn't mind playing with. He smiled at her while she took her time admiring him. "Can I help you in anyway?" Erica looked up in shock at the man who was mocking her. She smiled shyly at him. "I came to get a tattoo, a really small tattoo." She said nervously. "Damn, I'm sorry babe, but we don't do tattoos." He had to stop from laughing when she looked at him in shock. Then she began to laugh at him. "I have a book of designs here if you wanted to decide or I could an original for you." He imagined her wearing one of his designs and nearly came in his pants. "Well I'm not good at deciding so...I'll let you freestyle on me." Erica felt her cheeks go hot as she let the last part loose. That could mean anything, but he took it for the professional meaning. "If you follow me this way I'll be able to help you." She followed the man to a small room that held a dentists' chair and a rolling stool inside. She observed all of the tattoo equipment and began to get nervous. No there's no going back remember. It's all or nothing. Erica sat down in the chair and gripped the arm rests. She watched as he sat his large form next her and it was all she could do not to jump on him and ride him into the night. "So sweetheart what's your name and what brings a good girl like you to this shop?" He asked her mainly because he wanted to know, but also to calm her down. She bit on her lip before she answered him. "I'm Erica and I'm here because I'm tired of being the good girl." She looked into his green eyes and he smiled at her. She had to catch her breath because of his raw sexual power. "Well Erica I'm Adam and I'd love to help you become a bad girl." They both laughed at each other. He started the machine and Erica watched in horror at the speed the needle was going.

"Well where do you want your tattoo." Erica unconsciously pointed to her right hip and raised her shirt. She wore jean that were low on her hips so she wouldn't have to worry about pushing them down. "Wait how badly does this hurt." She blurted out into the room. Adam tilted his head to one side before he looked at Erica and shrugged his shoulders. She looked at him in horror and watched as the needle slowly came in contact with her skin. She felt as if she were being stung by red ants over and over again, but she couldn't move because the tattoo would mess up. She closed her eyes and got ready to hang on for the ride, but the pain started to turn into...pleasure? Her hip became numb, but the machine created a sensation that left her wanting more. She looked down at her hip and saw Adams' head inches away from her wet pussy. His head was so close to her that she could feel his breath. Adam knew she was getting turned on by the tattoo, but it was taking everything in him to focus on getting this right. He moved his hand over her body creating intricate curves and lines that added to the beauty of her body. The tribal design was one he'd designed years ago, but he hadn't found the right person to try it on. He was close to finishing her tattoo when he felt fingers run through his hair. He looked up and gazed into Ericas' face. She began to lean forward beckoning him to claim her mouth, but instead he quickly looked away and began to finish her tattoo. Erica looked away in shame. Who was she to think that some man, white man at that, actually wanted her? She felt cold and numb all over as Adam finished her tattoo. When he'd finished she got up to leave, but he grabbed her hand and pulled her in for a kiss. Adam stuck his tongue deep inside her mouth and played with her tongue. He flicked and stroked the inside of her mouth making her moan. He reached down and grabbed her ass in both his hands. He slapped each cheek before he massaged away the pain he caused. Erica was on the verge of cumming from this man. He broke the kiss off and stared down at her through hooded eyes. She licked her swollen lips which caused him to moan in pleasure. He turned away to right something on a piece of paper and she noticed it was his number. He stalked up to her and pushed her up against the wall. "You said you were tired of being a good girl, but you're still one of them. You want to be experienced; well those men that you're dating aren't going to help in any way. But when you want to play you can call me." He opened up the door and she walked out slowly, but not before she turned around and looked at him. Let the games begin. "The camera is programmed to take pictures for up to one hour. There's a bathroom through this door right here. When you're done I'll be in the office that's right next door here and the pictures will be downloaded to my computer as soon as the hour is up. Any questions?" Adam looked down at the blond-haired couple and smiled. "Well go ahead and when you want to start just press the button on top of the camera to start."

" Erica obeyed and he got to work on cleaning her up. If it was him in their fucking the blond well. She lightly traced the head with her fingers and grabbed his heavy sack and squeezed him. It was about Erica damn she was fine. He stuck his tongue inside her pussy and tongue fucked her. "Erica baby lift your leg over my shoulder. She rubbed her juice over the tattoo he'd done then she got off the bed and walked over to him and stuck her fingers between his lips. Plus an animal like you needs to be trapped.." Adam groaned in frustration as she lay on the bed and raised her knees.let's just say she'd be begging him to stop. She rose up on her elbows and looked at him. She looked at him desperate for the orgasm only he could give her. but she was hell bent on showing him that she didn't need him. Erica moaned then moved away so Adam couldn't make her come. She threw her head back and cried out. "Erica baby let me help you." Erica ran her fingers down his chest and to his pulsing cock. Adam bit his lip to keep from crying out. He didn't believe in all that soft sex shit. She arched her back and spread her legs wider. The room began to fill with sounds of her wet pussy being fucked hard. Her cunt was so wet that her juices began to flow out of her around the toy. Her juice just flowed out of her and she dipped her fingers into the juice.. She tsked at him and walked to the bed.The couple walked inside of the room that held a bed.. The pink toy slowly disappeared into her chocolate pussy then reappeared. "Not until you learn how to fix that potty mouth of yours. but she wouldn't be able to handle him. Now!" Erica smiled then laughed at him. Adam sat down in one of the chairs and thought about the dream he'd had last night. His parents would shit on themselves if they ever found out what he did. She increased the pace of the toy and fucked her cunt faster.. He was from a good family that believed everyone should be a doctor. and bathroom. but of course he was the oddball and not to mention the only one with black hair. "Adam I'm cumming!!!!" Erica's pussy became soaked. He'd started painting nudes a couple of years back. That toy can't give you what I can. "Erica take these fucking handcuffs off. He'd be damned if he gave into her. Adam leaned in to her ass and licked her sweet pussy from behind. She smiled then bent over in front of him to grab the vibrator off the floor. another part of his obsession with sex. Adam moaned and bit his lip. She pushed his head deeper into her cunt and he laughed. He was on the verge of cumming and he wasn't even fucking her yet. She slowly slid the toy in between the wet lips of her pussy. Erica walked over to Adam and ran her fingers through his hair. He ran his tongue up and down her pussy hard and he sucked on her cunt. . Adam walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bear then he stepped outside to the pool. It started off like it usually did with him butt naked in his bedroom and his hands handcuffed behind him in a chair. He walked down the hallway in the loft and away from the door so he wouldn't here their cries of passion. Adam was going crazy with watching her play. camera. He greedily sucked the juice off her fingers and damn near begged for more. Erica gripped his hair and began to scream as Adam drove her to another orgasm. He glared up at her.

.." Erica asked and he arched a dark brow at her. She slowly raised herself up and then lowered herself back down on top of his cock. Erica began to feel a tingling sensation at her spine and it began to work its way throughout her body. "Erica you're going to have to learn how to talk dirty if we're going to keep playing this game of ours.. She wasn't going to be able to take much more if he kept this up. The alarm on Adam's watch stole him from his thoughts.AAAHHHHHH!!!!" She came and soaked Adam's face with her juice. She slowly sat down on him and moaned at his thickness. She threw her head back and screamed. Adam began to fuck her even faster and she felt the release work its way through her body.." Erica smiled shyly at him. She could play this little battle of control. "I thought I handcuffed you. Hell it made her feel sexier. He'd love to have a painting of her on the wall. Erica lifted her shirt and looked in the mirror at her new accessory.. . He smiled darkly when he got one hand free. Erica's eyes widened. While she was fucking herself on his cock he was working his hands out of the handcuffs. He cursed and began to walk towards his office so he could consult with the couple he was going to paint a picture for. Adam felt his balls tighten and his cock get harder." Adam grinded his hips in the air beckoning her to come closer. She moved away and Adam smiled at her darkly." Erica cried out and her eyes began to water. He began to jackhammer her cunt and her breasts were bobbing all over the place. The black ink of the tattoo made her look sexier." She whispered to herself. but he didn't care. He brought them around and raised them in front of her face. but they'd just have to deal with it.. He dipped his head and grabbed one nipple with is mouth and sucked on it hard. "Come here baby and sit on my cock. Adam was going fucking insane from Erica." He smiled before he put his hands around Erica's hips. She began to scream even louder. "You did sweetheart. She was screaming and crying out his name. He looked at the bare walls in the loft and thought about Erica. She looked over at the number that had been lying on her bedside table for a couple of weeks. "Baby you're going to be begging me to stop when I'm done.I can't take much more. She gripped his shoulders then his hair. Not that it helped any.sending vibrations through her tender spot. but I'm magic. "Please Adam. "Just call him. He looked down at his lap and began to rearrange himself. She took a deep breath as she reached for the phone. but they both knew he controlled whom. She grabbed the number and walked downstairs to the living room." Adam began to pump Erica on his cock hard and fast. She was going to pay for teasing him.. Almost there he was about to. He was about 12inches and he spread her cunt wide. Erica walked over to him and her pussy hovered over his cock.. "ADAM!!!!! OOOHHHHHHHH.

you were free tonight and wanted to go to dinner?" She rushed out the last part and cringed while waiting for his answer. The dress barely covered the tops of her thighs and barely covered the back of her ass.. "Hello?" The dark. This man was gorgeous.. Damn no man should be this sexy she thought." He laughed over the phone. "That's okay maybe another time. "But we could eat at my place. "Hot damn Erica let's go find you something to wear!" They ran into her room and began to search through her closet. It turned out right didn't it?" She almost moaned at him.. The dress was even having a hard time holding her breasts in." Erica laughed and agreed to go over his place." Erica slumped her shoulders in defeat. Erica was afraid he'd see her pussy juice running down her legs. "Hey Erica you ready to go?" His voice was a husky purr. He'd even took a trip over to Nick and Nynias' place for advice. "Yeah it turned out good. He knocked on the door and almost came. "Bianca I'm not used to this type of thing okay so back off!" Erica reached for the phone and dialed the number. Nynia sat there and laughed at him when he told her he needed dating advice then her asshole husband started laughing too..ummm. Adam came up to Erica's door nervous as hell. Tonight Erica was going to learn a few lessons in Bad Girl 101."Will you just call the damn number already? All the suspense is killing me!!" Erica glanced and glared over at her friend Bianca. sexy voice replied on the other end. Erica was on the other side with white dress on. but I was just wondering if. "Hey Adam this is Erica from the tattoo shop the other-" "Hey sweetheart how's that tat doing. Erica nodded and invited him into the . She was a Brazilian beauty with the thick body to match. Her friend looked at her expectantly.. The ringing on the other line seemed to go on forever before he picked up. "Well Erica what did he say?" Erica looked at her friend then smiled. I'm not that bad of a cook once you get past the heartburn. Adam licked his lips and smiled at Erica. "Oh I'm sorry sweetheart I can't go out to eat tonight. He had on a black shirt with black pants and black wrist cuffs to match. "So around 8 o'clock I'll pick you up okay?" Erica gave Adam her number and hung up the phone. He was the epitome of bad. He'd got nothing out of them both.

He smiled at her slowly before he took his fingers out of her. "Say it baby say "Please Adam make me cum"" She rolled her eyes back and whispered what he told her to say. "Erica can I taste you before we leave." When she didn't respond he smacked her pussy . He got up and leaned over her to kiss her. She got even wetter when he licked his lips. He smiled at her as she walked up to him.. He watched Erica's ass giggle as she walked to her bedroom. She pulled on him trying to make him sit up but he only leaned in deeper and began to lick her faster. Erica gazed at Adam and saw he was looking directly at her pussy. He played with her tongue then he started to tongue fuck her mouth. He growled and began to fuck her harder. Her sopping cunt got even wetter when he tweaked her nipples. but instead of pulling him away she pushed him into her pussy." She couldn't say the word "cum" she wasn't used to saying that. He flicked his tongue over her clit then sucked it in his mouth.. She slowly came back into her body only to find that Adam was still fingering her cunt. Erica grabbed another chunk of his hair with her other hand. Adam came in behind her and shut the door. Keep it cool Adam don't scare her off yet. She moaned and grabbed a chunk of his hair. but she must have because he carried her to the recliner and spread her legs wide. She wanted him to taste her and make her cum a thousand ways. Erica walked back into the living room and he swore he saw a glimpse of her wet pussy. He walked up to her and leaned down to her ear. Fuck I'm not going to make it to the car he thought. "Make me. He broke the kiss. He stuck two fingers deep inside of her and stuck his tongue out.. but she got even wetter when Adam groaned out loud. "Yeah let me just get my purse and a few other things.house. He looked up at her and they both watched each other as he leaned down licked her pussy from top to bottom." Those few other things being a condom and underwear for tomorrow if something were to happen. "Adam please let's go have sex. She tasted her juice on his tongue and moaned at the sweetness." "Listen Erica I'm going to teach you a couple of lessons. She was almost embarrassed at how wet she was. For one when we're together you're going to talk crude and nasty you understand. "Erica what do you want me to do to you baby?" His voice vibrated into her pussy.. "Please Adam make me cum!!!" The orgasm knocked her back deeper into the chair and she screamed his name. "Scream it for me now!!" Erica threw her head back." Erica didn't even feel herself nod.

And while we're there you're going to learn a whole different vocabulary. She screamed and moaned while he fucked her hard. She squeezed his sack while he fucked her face. got into his car and headed towards his house. One month later . "We're going to my place to fuck baby." Adam smacked her ass then rubbed her cheeks. Erica sat up and watched as he stripped and his cock sprang out of his jeans." He demanded she quickly complied and stood there in the middle of the room naked." Adam spanked her ass hard and gave her three brutal strokes of his cock. "Adam. "What did I tell you Erica? None of that soft shit do you understand?" She nodded her head then rephrased her request." Erica did as she was told and almost came from her excitement. Erica followed closely behind as he dragged her by her arm. Maybe tomorrow they'd play a different game he thought as he dipped a finger into her ass. "Go to the bed and bend over. He opened up the door and threw her on the bed.. Adam walked inside of his home and walked upstairs to his bedroom. He looked up at her through hooded eyes and she began to get nervous.causing her to cry out. He felt her juice run down to his balls and between his legs. They walked out the door. Now!" Erica did as she was told and cried out as he shoved his cock into her pussy. He began to fuck her slowly his hands gripped her hips tightly while he slid his cock deep into her pussy. He watched as Erica's eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. Adam pushed his cock in between her lips and slowly began to fuck her face. He cock squirted cum inside the condom and he leaned over onto her back. Her legs became numb and her pussy began to leak around his cock. She wouldn't be able to take all of him. Fuck that was good he thought. He slowly ran his cock in between her ass. He rose up and gazed at her ass from the back. He began to jackhammer her cunt from the back and watched as her ass and breasts went everywhere.. She screamed and gripped the sheets tighter. Erica gripped the sheets tighter and her pussy began to tighten up around his cock. She leaned back and moaned.harder please. Damn her she likes this shit he thought. "Take off the dress. but he couldn't stop fucking her. "I said do you understand?" She nodded and watched as he stood up then pulled her to her feet. Her pussy was sucking the cum out of him and he came finally. "Adam fuck me harder!" He increased his pace then thought fuck it. "Adam I'm cumming. Adam circled around her and came up behind her. "Turn around and get on your knees..ahhhhhh fuuucckkkkk!!!!!" Her pussy creamed Adam's cock..

. She grabbed his cock with her hands and began to fist him hard. Adam laughed into her mouth before he broke the kiss. He bent down to her other nipple and began to suck on it hard. just thinking about him made her pussy quiver in excitement. She walked into the living room throwing down her keys and chunking her heels into a corner. Erica moaned and ran her hand through his hair. Then he walked out of the kitchen. He broke away from her nipple and began to kiss her.. Her chocolate nipples tasted sweet and he'd be damned if he let her go. Adam began to pull off Erica's skirt and her panties while she unbuttoned his jeans. His long black hair fell a little past his shoulders.Adam. She almost screamed when Adam stuck two fingers into her ass and began to fuck her pussy and ass at the same time. Her juices gushed out all over his fingers and hand. fast.ooooohhhhh fuck. Ericas' head fell back in ecstasy as he began to bite and suck. She dug her nails into his chest making him groan. She grinded into him hard letting him know she wanted it now." Adam started licking her clit hard. Her nipples instantly puckered and hardened more when he rubbed them with his thumb.. "Mmmmm. Adam was here again. hard. His body was covered in black ink tattoos that resembled beautiful tribal designs. He stripped off her button-down shirt and tore off her lace bra. Last night he'd made damn sure she barely made it to work on time. then he began to mimic the motions he was planning to perform on her. all 6'7'' of his muscular body.. Just looking at him made her want to cum right then and there. deep. "Sweetheart you know better than to leave me here alone. Adam began to stroke his thick cock as . She watched through heavy eyes as he laid her down on the couch and lowered himself between her legs. and then he started biting her clit. Parts of her were still sore from all the experimenting he felt like doing to her body. Adam continued to pump his fingers inside her ass and pussy after she came. He stuck his tongue deep inside and began to play with her." He came towards her a dark. Erica was on the verge of cumming and all Adam could think about was kissing her. Adam drove his tongue deep inside her while fucking her. she remembered running her hands through it last night and longed for another feel. He flicked his tongue over hers. Adam growled low in his throat as he watched Ericas' eyes roll back in her head. powerful man with sex on his mind. gripping chunks of it in order to hold on for the ride. He dipped his tongue in and out of her sweet mouth while she moaned and tugged on his hair for more.Damn she thought as she walked up the sidewalk to the house he's here and I've barely recovered from last night! Erica glanced at the black and chrome Harley Davidson parked in front of the garage. He picked her up and she instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. "Ungh. She moaned again as he dug two fingers into her juicy pussy." Erica cooed. Adam dipped his tongue into her pussy before he became an animal. Erica looked up at him and licked his lips. He grinned at her before he took one into his mouth. It took all my power not to come to your work and fuck you in front of your boss. Adam. His piercing green eyes focused on her then turned into a hot brand marking her body from head to toe. He pulled her up off her couch and sat her on her knees between his legs. She rubbed herself on top of his cock when he sat down on the couch with her in his lap.

He moved his hips up into her mouth while she sucked on him hard. She tried to swallow as much of him as she could. She glared up at him. but some of his cum started to fall out of her mouth. Don't think that you can walk away from me. Then she began to lick his cock up and down and sucked his heavy testicles into her mouth. She grabbed chunks of his hair and pulled his head back. Adam gave Erica a dark smile before he got up to answer the door. Erica moaned as he came into her mouth." Erica moaned as he grinded into her cunt hard then sighed. He groaned when she put her hand around his thick cock and began to rub him up and down from base to tip.he watched Erica lick her lips then bite her bottom lip. She bobbed her head on top of Adams' cock and started sucking him harder. "Adam I need you now!" She pulled Adam back inside and closed the door. Adam was in the middle of pulling Erica onto his lap when the doorbell rang. She took the head into her mouth and rolled her tongue all around the tip. The woman was flirting with her man. Erica moaned around Adams' thick cock and began to move faster. . "I didn't take you for the jealous type baby. "Did you like her? I bet she loved you!" Sarcasm dripped from Erica's mouth while Adam walked up behind her. She licked her lips as Adam bent down and stuck his tongue deep in her mouth. It was a battle of control in the game and she refused to lose it. They had been playing this game ever since their first night together. His spine began to tingle as cum started to gush out of his cock. She looked up at Adam and watched him watching her. She was smiling and looking at the huge erection that Adam was sporting." Erica looked at Adam and began to walk away when he grabbed her and shoved her against the wall. She ran her hands down his stomach and grabbed his cock. Erica stuck her tongue out and licked the head of Adams' cock. Plus you don't own me. The woman on the other side of the door sneered at her and she gave her a shit eating grin. Erica watched as Adam walked to the door butt naked. "Suck on me baby" Adam ran the head of his cock over her lips. "Is there a problem baby?" She asked in a husky purr. He started tongue-fucking her mouth making her pussy wetter than before. He bit his lips then put his hand in her hair. "Erica sweetie I own every inch of your body sweetheart. Erica got up and walked to the door butt naked and pushed her front to Adams' back. his cock was straining for another release. Whoever was on the other side of that door was going to get an eyeful and probably an ass whopping for interrupting. He began to groan as his balls became tight underneath his cock. Adam opened the door and she saw through the cracks that it was a woman dressed in a brown uniform. Adam pushed Ericas' head down faster onto his cock. He crowded between her legs and started rubbing his cock through the lips. He slowly brought her mouth down on his cock and began to slowly fuck her mouth.

but I took it up a couple of years ago. He undid his pants and took out his cock. "This is where I do my nude paintings. He rubbed her nipples through her bra. Adam moved away from her and slid her down to her feet. Adam began to stroke himself through his jeans. The pink vibrator slowly disappeared into her cunt then came back into view sticky and soaked from her pussy. She began to moan and arch her back. He slowly stroked it up and down imagining it to be Ericas' mouth and Ericas' pussy. I take pictures of couples while they have sex and then they choose the picture they want me to turn into a painting. Adam had driven them to a loft on the outskirts of town. Fuck this is going to be one hell of a painting he thought. She got out of the passengers side and walked behind him into the house.. She smiled and began to take the rest of her clothes off. "What's this for?" She asked as she walked over to the big black bed. Adam reached down and began to unbutton her shirt. Damn this woman has got me whipped. Her brown ass was wet from his tongue and her juices. "Adam. It was sleek and sophisticated. She looked at him questioningly. "I want to have a painting of you on my wall sweetheart." He said. From this position she was looking directly into the camera." Erica walked over to the pile of clothes and dressed. He led her to a bedroom that had a camera in the middle. She leaned back on the bed and raised her knees up. "Open it.." He whispered into her ear. "Put your clothes on baby I want to take you somewhere." Adam walked up behind Erica and handed her the box. Adam walked over to Erica and she moaned in relief. He increased his pace and pounded her cunt harder." She turned onto her stomach and began to fuck herself from behind. Adam took the vibrator from her cunt and turned her onto her back. Erica opened the package and saw the pink vibrator that was inside. His eyes glazed over as he watched Erica begin to slowly fuck herself with the vibrator. "Adam what's in the package?" Adam smiled over at her and shrugged." Erica turned around and looked up at Adams' face. Adam walked over to the camera and turned on the timer. "I guess we'll both have to find out when we get to the destination. Her creamy cunt was getting wetter and he couldn't take anymore. Adam took one of Ericas' nipples into his mouth and damn near came. She cooed and moaned while he licked her from behind.oooohhhhhhhh I need you. "What do you want me to do baby?" He stuck two fingers inside of her along with the vibrator. I need it actually."Adam who's the one that made you scream for mercy last night? Or did you forget about begging me to make you cum?" Adam laughed then kissed Erica. nothing at all like the man on the side of her. I know it's weird. She cried out as he entered her slowly then began to pound into her fast. .

She came back into her body slowly and saw Adam leaning over her with a grin on his face. Adam looked down at Erica as she began to fall asleep.and eat. I came over to talk. "Look at you. He was working her cunt and making sure she knew who she belonged to. but you have to promise you won't judge me or her when you see her.. "I thought you were going to leave me in there. Just then an older version of Adam walked into the kitchen. Adam smiled as he leaned down to hug his grandmother. Well come on in I'll fix you something to eat to put some meat on those bones. yet his grandmother would always see the small lanky boy." Adam laughed out loud at his grandmother. She had red hair and green eyes that lit up the sky when she smiled. She pulled on Adams' hair.Erica arched her back and was crying out from Adams' cock. Adam walked up the gravel trail to the warm cottage that lay ahead.. . He was easily 280 lbs. Margaret was a beautiful woman and age only helped to increase her beauty." He watched as his grandma filled the table with food. I just finished eating. "Grandma I'm not hungry really." His grandmother led him into the small kitchen and sat him down at the table." Her voice held a lilting Scottish accent. where the hell have you been?" His gruff voice entered the kitchen. "Adam you naughty boy it's about time you came to see your grandparents. "Hey baby you okay?" Erica nodded her head and Adam picked her up. He led her into the house and into the kitchen. "I've met somebody and I want you to meet her. Erica closed her eyes and absorbed Adams' warmed. Her legs began to shake and her body began to tingle and go numb." Erica teased. He smiled as an older woman opened the door and walked out towards him." When both of his grandparents nodded in agreement Adam went outside and pulled Erica out of the car. "Laddie. He pulled his grandson into a bone crushing hug. but he didn't eat it. This is going to be the beginning of something good he vowed silently. He looked up at both of his grandparents and looked them in the eyes. Nolan walked into the kitchen and pulled Adam out of the chair. you're as skinny as a pole. "Adam I'm cumming!!!! FUCK ADAM!!!" Erica blacked out as the most intense orgasm she'd ever had washed over her. Damn this is one helluva man she thought. Adam almost lost his heart to her right then when she smiled at him. He sat down and began to fill a plate with all types of food. "Hey grandpa I missed you.

"You guys don't care if she's black?" Nolan looked at his grandson before he popped him upside of the head. "Well sweet how did you meet my grandson? I hope he's being nice to you. Then Margaret came forward and slapped him on the arm. Adams' real mother died a few years after he was born. Adam looked incredulously at the both of them. "We came over in the early 30's from Scotland. . but he just shrugged his shoulders in response. He's still living. but they've decided that they really don't get along." Nolan and Margaret smiled at Adam then smiled at Erica. "Lassie if you're the one who made our Adam this happy then welcome to the family. "Erica my grandparents are the ones that mainly raised me." He threw a menacing glare towards Adam and Erica began to laugh. The man put her down and the woman immediately snatched her up. She's a wretched woman she is. If she makes you happy then be with her because you're the one who's going to be in a relationship with her. She looked back at Adam and he smiled at her then introduced his grandparents to her." They smiled sadly at Erica." The woman came up behind the man and smiled at her. Everyone this is Erica. "Adam and his father don't have a good relationship. Adam looked at both of his grandparents in confusion. "For even thinking that her race would be a problem. "What the hell was that for?" Nolan glared at Adam. "Erica this is my grandpa Nolan and my grandma Margaret. We had Adams' father while we were here and we also lost him here. They laughed and talked for a while before Margaret pulled her away into the small living room. His Scottish accent made her warm on the inside. We're not in love with her. The man came up and pulled her off the ground into a hug. She started to tell them how she met Adam and how they started to fall in love. "Hello beautiful I hope Adam has been treating you well?" She smiled at Erica and Erica almost lost her breath. While my parents were at work I was here baking cookies and fixing the house with my grandparents. They looked at her. Colin. and then broke out into full blown smiles. Erica turned to Adam questioningly. has dedicated his life to Adams' stepmother. It's a beautiful place full of fresh green air and a peaceful atmosphere." Margaret left the table to grab more tea and Nolan turned his kind green gaze onto her. Adams' father." Adam smiled at his grandparents then guided Erica to the dining table. you are.Erica looked at the man and woman who were inside of the kitchen." Adam sat Erica down at the table.

" Adam gazed at his grandfather with sadness in his eyes. "Maggie I love Adam so much I wouldn't hurt him. "Well Margaret I-" "Please call me Maggie." Erica looked into the kitchen and saw Adam with his grandpa." "But I've never given myself to someone. Trust me I know what it's like to be lonely in a world full of people. He should considering how sweet you are." Margaret turned to Erica. Maggie burst out with laughter. but now the only one that matters is my own. We know what you mean about "control". I used to worry about everybody's opinion. He makes me smile and laugh. I've never seen you smile so much. hell am I even good enough for her?" Nolan glared at his grandson.." Erica smiled at Maggie. You know you're good enough for her.Margaret turned around to face her. "Grandpa I don't know what to do. He grew up in a home that didn't want him to have his own dream." ." Erica began to blush as Maggie looked at her. I don't know what I would do without him. "Adam is a hard man to love sweetheart." Erica looked at Maggie. I wouldn't leave this place for anything because I love the natural warmth it gives off." Erica smiled at Margaret. "You stop that foolish talk.he's just. she's changed you Adam. "I just don't understand why he needs to be in control all the time.words can't even describe how he is. In the kitchen Adam turned to his grandpa. I feel reborn when I'm with him. "Honey we know all about Adams' lifestyle. I don't know if I can. "Look at this place.. it's small and needs a number of repairs yet we refuse to let Adam buy us a new home. "You're in love aren't you? Don't fight it Adam just accept it and give yourself up to her." Nolan looked at his grandson and smiled.." Margaret smiled at Erica." Maggie looked at her with kind eyes. "Well he has helped me a lot. Now I'm not telling you to leave him I'm just saying that he's been hurt too many times in his life and he seems to love you with all his heart. He turned and smiled at her and she almost lost her breath. You can't have control all the time sometimes it's taken away from you. "Grandpa I don't know if I can. Adam don't lose your savior. Adam. Erica was quickly falling in love with this man.. I mean when we.. He was forced to conform to his fathers' views hence why he's the rebel that he is.... "I know sweetheart and that's why he loves you.I mean.

"We're going to see my baby. He smiled to himself she was so cute when she was worried." Adam had to hold back his laughter at Ericas' shocked expression. Her belly was rounded and it was obvious she was likely to give birth any minute."Adam either you give yourself completely or lose yourself to the coldness you're surrounded in. Erica the beautiful woman in front of you is Nynia and the little girl is my "child" Elizabeth. The ugly man on the floor is Nick. The door opened and a tiny figure jumped out and into his arms. He brought Erica to his side and introduced her. "Cece go beat up your daddy for me please. He laughed and tickled her while her mother came to the door. Erica gazed down at her stomach." Nicks' voice boomed through the door. She would love to have a . A few hours later Adam led Erica out to the car. "Everybody this is Erica. "Don't let that bastard in until he gives me my car back." Erica laughed at Adam and then looked at the people in the room. Nynia was gorgeous and the glow from motherhood only added to her beauty. but everyone can't be as beautiful as me." He put Elizabeth down and she ran over to tackle her father. He gazed down at Elizabeth. After Elizabeth had turned two they decided to have another child. "So where are we going now?" Adam looked at Erica and smiled. which is short for Ceara. Adam walked in and led Erica in behind him. She turned in her seat to look at him. He drove out of his grandparents' driveway and headed towards his friends' home. He looked at her and his heart ached for her. but I refuse to call her by her first name so I call her by her middle name Cece. He went to Ericas' side and opened up the door. They drove until a large brick home came into view. Either way you have to make a choice and both of them cost you the control you seek as safety. He had some thinking to do. She was still in shock over his confession about a baby. "Adam!!!!!! Cece missed you!!" Adam glanced down at Nick and Nynias' child. "How much did you miss me Cece?" Adam laughed as she spread her arms wide and squeezed his neck with all her strength. He knocked on the front door and a squeal sounded from the other side. "Adam come in here and close the door!!! I swear you're paying our next electricity bill!" Adam gazed down at Nynia who was heavily pregnant." Adam gazed at Nolan and hugged him fiercely. I know he looks hideous.

"Adam we're baking cookies do you want some?" He smiled down at her. Elizabeth came up to him and smiled. Adam glared at Nick as he continued to laugh on the floor. "No she doesn't know and yes I'm in love with her.. He had baby blue eyes and dimples that were an exact match to his daughter. Her eyes were a golden. Adam punched him in the arm. "No. "She's the woman I've been dating. She was cute and cherubic. I feel like I need her now and without her. well. "I think I've found the one and before you start laughing again may I remind you that you were whipped worse than I was.child. "Don't worry about him. are you seriously telling me that you're in love? Does she know how you feel about her?" Adam shook his head." Then Elizabeth stomped away like a woman on a mission.I don't know what'll happen. "Good because someone won't be getting any and I don't want my cookies going to waste. Nick was a wickedly handsome blond. "Of course sweetheart I'd love some. Adam interrupted the silence. Adam glared at his longtime friend." Nynia and Nick turned to look at Erica. Nick burst out laughing and Nynia just shook her head and came up to Erica. Damn I'm so deep that I can't get out or maybe I don't want to. Or did you forget running from the police and ending up in jail for Nynia?" Nick lost his smile and got serious." . Nick looked at him and smiled. he's just a little senile. not to mention she was only two. Then she gazed at the little girl. green and she had a head full of black curly hair that fell to the middle of her shoulders. It's about time Adam met a woman of worth." Erica smiled at Nynia and allowed herself to be dragged away into the kitchen. "Well." Adam rolled his eyes. then at Adam." She gave him a hug then turned to glare at her father. Adam began to laugh while Nick put a hurt look on his face. "Adam. "Could you stop insulting me for a couple of minutes?" Nick glanced at him innocently. Does she know that you're really a vampire that sucks blood?" Nick started to laugh again.. even better would be having Adams' child. She had dimples and cute pouty lips. His friend led him to the couch to sit. well our little Adam has finally met his woman. She looked like she was on her way to becoming a heart breaker.

" Nick gazed sadly at his friend. "Adam is pretty isn't he? Everytime he comes over and mommys' friends are here he has to turn around and leave because they start to go crazy!" Erica smiled at her and then Elizabeth leaned in and began to whisper loudly. "If you ask me I think he's sick and every time he comes over he makes mommys' friends sick..I just feel like when we're together we can take on the world. "Yes I love him. but if he's good he can have one. but she didn't mind. I want. Adam doesn't treat me like I'm some little girl. The little girl seemed to be attached to her." The women erupted into laughter once again. I fell in love once and when I told her she laughed in my face and told me she was just in it for the sex. "Adam it's about time you let go. Just let go of all this anger you have and love her. "Do you love Adam?" Erica looked at Adam playing with Elizabeth on the couch." Nynia and Erica laughed at Elizabeth. I just." .Nick gazed thoughtfully at his friend." Erica smiled and watched as Elizabeth came up to her. Erica looked at her in disbelief. "He really took out three police officers?" Nynia laughed. When he's here they start to fall out of their chairs and talk funny. "I told daddy he couldn't have any." "Nick I don't want to let go and have it thrown in my face again. He treats me like a woman. "You can't have your cake and eat it too. Because of him I feel beautiful. He doesn't care about society and its rules and he's helped me to break out of the box. I can't imagine being without him.. I swear I wouldn't trade that man for anything. telling her stories about how she met Nick. I wake up sometimes and just smile to myself. I don't want to fell that hurt again. The woman was so funny. Nynia grabbed her daughter and gave her a plate full of cookies and a glass of milk.no I need to be in control." Elizabeth turned on Nynia with a stern expression too developed for a two year old... She deserves a whole lot better than you from the looks of her." Erica was enjoying her time with Nynia in the kitchen. I never imagined myself to be with a man like him. "Yeah and then he was still fighting all the way to the car and the jail cell. "Take these cookies out to Adam and your father. But she seems to be in love with you too. Erica followed Nynia to the table and Nynia turned to her with a serious expression. Elizabeth looked at her.

This was the longest two minutes of her life. Why is there something I should know about him?" Nynia shook her head. "Yeah you love the man. Jones came in. She jumped out of bed and ran to the toilet and threw up. "So did he tell you about himself besides his obvious likes and dislikes?" Erica thought for a moment. A few moments later a knock sounded on the door and Dr. Adam pulled Erica down on top of him as they lay in the bed. He was on the path to marriage. As you can figure out he's been alone most of his life.Nynia smiled at Erica." Erica looked at Nynia. Erica sat in the cold waiting room nervously waiting for her name to be called. but the woman left him." Erica got up and walked over to the nurse. "Well he won't be alone with me. She almost screamed. He is one in a million isn't he?" Erica shook her head. His father practically disowned him. She looked at the test and it held a plus sign. He held her softly to his heart. She grabbed her phone and made an appointment to the doctor. She looked at the clock again and nearly broke her ankle trying to get into the bathroom. "No he just told me the basic story about his life. "No that's for you to talk about with him. which is why they don't talk anymore. Erica was pacing back and forth in the bathroom. He was an older man with brown hair that was graying around the edges." Nynia looked at Erica and fell in love with the woman right then. "No he's the only one and no ne else can compare to him. Erica smiled as Adam slowly pulled her clothes off and then slowly pulled his clothes off. The next morning Erica woke up to an empty bed with a rose on the pillow next to her. A nurse came out of the back with a folder in her hand. But I will tell you he's had a hard life. "So Erica what can I do for you today?" . The nurse led her to a small room while she waited for the doctor. but she needed to be sure." Erica and Nynia talked for a few more hours before Adam took her home. She smiled softly at Adams' thoughtfulness. Tonight he wanted to show that he was more than a person who could give her sex. but the smile quickly disappeared. He wanted to show her that he could love her better than anyone else. "Erica Jackson?" "Right here.

"Erica I'm happy for you and I'm glad that you're happy.. She jumped off the desk and ran to hug Dr." Dr. Her face slowly formed into a grin then a full out smile. How have you been lately?" Giselle walked over to Adam. "Well from the results Erica it shows that you're pregnant. He heard the bell ring over the door. thank you!!!!! You don't know how happy this makes me!!" She started laughing and gave the doctor another hug. "Well sweetheart I didn't have anything to do with the babies. Adam sat in his tattoo shop going over the transactions for the day. By the way does the father know yet?" Erica shook her head.. but he will very soon." She smiled to herself and thought about the life in her stomach. Jones.how do I put this? I want to see if I'm pregnant. Erica sat on the cold table with shock at the news that was read to her. "I came to see if I am.Erica took a deep breath." Dr. Jones laughed and looked at her. but you're certainly welcome. Jones looked at Erica with kind hazel eyes. Hopefully this would prove to be more of a blessing than a curse. She smiled at him with hazel eyes. "I'm sorry we're closed for the day." Adam looked up and held his breath. Jones looked at her and smiled kindly. "Adam long time no see. He laughed." Erica went into the restroom and did the duty then came back out with her sample." Erica froze in mid-jump. Dr. Now let's talk about your new diet for the next few months and let's talk about the things you need to do in order to get ready for these babies. thank you. "No. . Her honey blond hair fell in curls around her shoulders. She was still beautiful from the last time he saw her. "Babies?! As in TWINS?!!!! Om my gosh I'm having twins!!!!" Erica ran over to the doctor again and gave him a hug. He came back into the room a few minute later. "Of course we can see if you're pregnant. She gave it to the doctor and waited as he ran the tests. The man was still fine as hell and it didn't help that every time she was around him she got wet. Giselle Harris stood in the middle of the doorway with a barely there silk dress hugging her curves. Let's just get a urine sample and I'll run the tests. "Thank you.

" Giselle tossed her hair over her shoulder. I wish I could know what she did. "Yeah you're right. Giselle would always get what she wanted. She was one reason why he didn't have a good relationship with his father. but that doesn't matter because he's in too deep now. Erica was walking around Adams' house with her hand on her stomach. For a couple of hours she'd been trying to figure out how . She was having Adams' children. How have you been doing?" Adam looked over at Giselle with blank eyes." Adam got up from his desk and pushed his way around Giselle. She was his stepmother who was trying desperately to get him into bed. Adam pushed Giselle away. He stopped as he realized his hands were shaking." Giselle looked at him with pouty eyes. You act as if you're some saint saving everyone from injustice. You're only with him for the money. No screw that she was the whole problem." Giselle walked around the front desk of Adams' shop and stood next to him."I've been doing good Giselle. Adam walked over to her and pushed her out of his shop. "Giselle get the fuck away from me okay? I'm not playing anymore with you. "Adam you know you want me so how about you stop playing games. "I've been doing well and you're father says hello. His father didn't like him around Giselle and his father felt that he always had to be in control. Adam gazed at Giselle then sighed. but Adam practically had to beg for his father to give him something. She looked down and smiled at the sight. I'm surprised my father hasn't found out the dirty slut you truly are. "We've missed you Adam you need to come home and see your family. Aren't you the same man who has sex with women as if it's a game?" "Who the hell told you that shit?" "Oh my little friend Katy told me. She twirled around in the middle of the room then sat back down in the chair. "Giselle you need to stop this little game you're playing with me." Giselle tossed her head back and laughed. He locked the door and went back to his work. Oh don't worry she wasn't hurt she was just surprised that my stepson was such a good fuck. He couldn't let Giselle get anywhere near Erica because if she did all hell would break loose." Giselle walked over to Adam and pushed her breasts up against him. It's not right and as much as my father hates me I refuse to hurt him.

I think this might be a better time than you think. "Okay sure what did you want to talk about?" Colin looked at her with sad eyes. but the similarities stopped there. but anyway enough about me I just came by to thank you for giving my son the life and happiness he deserves. and then she thought about walking around the house all day with her hand on her belly." Erica tried to figure out were that side of her came from. "Adam isn't here. Because of me Adam has had a fucked up childhood. "I'm Adams' father Colin. "Yeah and I'm king of the world. You should've stepped up instead of quitting." . but I'll let him know that you came by.to tell Adam she was pregnant. I know you've already found out how bad of a parent I was and I know there's know excuse for the way I treated Adam. "First I wanted to explain myself. On the other side was a man the same size as Adam. When I lost his mother it was like I lost everything in life." Colin looked at Erica." Erica tried to reign in the anger that bubbled to the surface before she opened the door. I guess that's all my fault. "May I come in?" Erica moved to the side to let Adams' father in. Colin looked at her. She walked over and looked through the peep hole. She thought about just telling him the news straight up. Don't think that Adam doesn't love you he's just hurt. Erica stopped her pondering as a knock sounded on the door. "That's okay I didn't come here to see Adam. He didn't have the happy life that his friends had. She thought about spelling it out in a cake. right?" Erica moved over to sit by Colin." Erica grabbed Colins' hand. "You can't help what you feel Colin. I couldn't stand the thought of looking at Adam everyday. but she thought it was too conventional. "Well you can do everything to get your son back." Erica walked over to the couch in shock. His face was full of hard lines that looked to be from stress. Either way she had to tell him the news soon. "Who is it?" A pause sounded before a deep gruff voice answered. This man had red hair and blue eyes. Adam only made it worse considering he's an exact replica of his mother. Except she was full of life and happiness while Adam is cold and dark. Who was she to tell Colin that he couldn't visit his own son? Colin smiled at her. but Adam needed a father and a mother. I came here to see you. I was so focused on getting love from another woman that I just refused to let anything interfere with that. Adams' mother was all I had and when someone else came along I did everything to hold on to that." "I hope you're right Erica. It's not too late for you and Adam.

"Colin it's not too late to give your son what he needs. He looked up and saw Nynia staring at him." Nynia scoffed at Adam. Adam sat in the middle of the living room floor surrounded by Ceces' toys." Colin smiled at Erica then looked down to see her hand resting on her belly. "Does he know yet?" Erica looked at him puzzled. It was 10 o'clock and Adam still hadn't made it home." Colin looked at Erica fiercely. "Adam you have to take a chance. He looked at the clock and saw . She had gone upstairs with her father earlier." Adam gave Nynia a droll look. You can show your love to these children. "Adam she deserves you and its about time you let someone take care of you." Nynia walked over to Adam and punched him the arm.Erica grabbed Colin into a hug.." "Nyn I'm sorry it's just I don't want to scare her off. "Know what? Oh." Nick walked into the room.OH!!! No I just found out today. but he's going to be a father and well you're going to be a grandfather if you want to be. She went upstairs to go to sleep. "I would love to be a grandfather. "You know I'm tired of you making fun of me and if you don't stop I'm going to beat up your husband. Don't assume that she's going to hurt you just because of your past experiences. Are you really going to let a woman like that walk out of your life?" Adam looked down at the ground. Erica sighed as she closed the door behind him then looked at the clock.. "She deserves someone better than me." Erica laughed as Colin pulled her into a bear hug. Nick was probably reading her a story. Stop trying to save the world and start trying to save yourself." Adam got off the floor and pulled Nynia into a hug. But you have to be the one to make the effort to change. Hopefully he'd be home when she woke up. Then he walked over and punched Nick in the arm. Adam walked outside to his car and drove to his house. "Hey if you're going to kick anyone's ass it needs to be yours. "If you didn't scare her off when you got naked there's a big chance you won't scare her when you drop the L-bomb. They talked for a few more hours then Colin got up to go back to his house.

"I swear Adam you do the best damn tattoos this side of the equator.." She sighed his name then bit her lip. What do you want me to do to make it up to you?" Erica arched her brow then pulled the covers off her body revealing the skimpy baby blue lace bra and thong she was wearing. Adam pulled Erica closer to his body as he turned on his side.that it was 12 o'clock no doubt Erica would be worried about him. The orgasm came on her so fast that she didn't have time to prepare for it. He lowered his head to her lips. Erica ran her fingers through his thick hair. He looked her deep in the eyes. He savored each stroke of his tongue against hers. He groaned as Erica dug her nails deep into his back. He pulled away from her lips slowly then traced her bottom lip with is tongue. "Adam. He positioned his cock then slowly moved inside her wet core. "Adam I need you now." Adam laughed while he pulled off his clothes. The news she had for him could wait until tomorrow. "I don't know you figure it out. He walked over to her and leaned in for a drugging kiss." Adam smiled at her. I love you too. He lowered his head to her breast and began to suck and lick on her nipples. "Hey fathead it took you long enough to come home." . Erica woke up and looked at him with her chocolate eyes." Erica smiled as Adam pulled her into a hug. He slowly slid off Ericas' bra and thong then settled himself between her thighs. but he'd be damned if he let someone else take her from him. "I love you too Adam.. Fuck she was too good for him. He slowly slid deep inside then slowly slid out." Adam stopped licking her breasts. He walked upstairs and saw her in his bed cuddling his pillow." Adam increased the pace of his strokes and Erica arched her back." Ericas' eyes widened in shock then tears filled her eyes. "I'm sorry it took so long. Adam sat in his shop adding another tattoo to his faithful client Todd. "Erica I love you. "Erica baby I need you. Her body began to tingle and she felt her pussy squeeze his cock as she came.

"This woman is my bitch of a stepmother. "Adam. "Adam why are you kissing her?" "I didn't Erica she pulled me down for a kiss and-" Giselles' snotty voice entered the conversation. "Adam sweetheart I'm here to take you to lunch." Giselle turned to Erica." Erica looked at him with disappointment." Adam walked up to her. Erica sat there with a shocked look on her face. "Baby this isn't what it looks like. Adam barely heard the bell on the door ring. "Adam?" Erica asked. You know you want to. Adam turned around and wanted to die right then and there. Adam walked over to Giselle angrily." Giselle grabbed Adams' head and pulled him down for a kiss. Her legs were encased in a pair of skimpy blue shorts. "Hi sweetheart I'm surprised Adam didn't tell you about me. He almost cursed when he saw who was waiting for him in the front. She's just trying to ruin everything. Adam. "Get the fuck out of my shop or I'm calling the police." Erica looked over at the blond woman. but he didn't miss the familiar voice. "Then what is it Adam." Giselle smiled at him sweetly.Adam smiled at Todd." They both laughed and Adam led Todd up to the front counter. "Todd you're just saying that because you want a damn discount and you're not going to get one. Adam." Giselle shook her head and tsked at him. So how long have you been fucking?" Erica looked at the woman with cold eyes. "Really? So you didn't walk in here wanting to kiss me? Please Adam we know the truth. Adam felt so ashamed that it was all he could do not to beg her to forgive him. He grabbed her in his arms. Giselle stood in the middle of the shop wearing a white t-shirt that fit and hugged her breasts. "Really Adam and you have . Come on one time won't hurt. "We've been seeing each other for about six months." Giselle turned to Adam with a look of mock shock on her face.

"Didn't know what Adam?" Giselle laughed. She put on her best hurt face and started crying. "Colin you'll never believe what happened to me!!!" She sobbed out. They sleep with women and whoever sleeps with the same woman for the longest wins the game. but Colin would buy her another pair. "So Adam how was it. He threw the cold water over his face. Oh and the prize is one hundred dollars. "Oh sweetie Adam and his friends play a little game every once in a while. Adam ran to his car and drove home hoping he could catch Erica before she left the house. She smiled to herself. She told him to fuck her roughly and make it look like rape. She looked at Adam with hatred. Colin looked at her with concern etched on his face. Don't worry you won't have to deal with me anymore. "Adam. She was on the way upstairs when Colin came out of the kitchen. He picked up the box with shaking fingers then ran out of the house. but was sadly disappointed when she wasn't there.been together for six months? Adam that's a new record you've probably won the game for the rest of eternity. Adam ran outside after Erica. but he couldn't wake up from the nightmare. Was I good enough for you?" Adam walked up to Erica. but this time he'd given her a reason to leave. Curious Virgin N. He lost that little bitch he was seeing and now he's going to lose his father forever. Giselle had made a stop at a lovers' house before she came back home. "What happened baby? Who did this to you?" Giselle looked up into his eyes. She drove off down the street like a bat out of hell." "Don't touch me! I'm glad to know that you got something out of our relationship. She walked through the living room angrily. He had to find his woman and his baby before it was too late. He dropped to the floor and looked over at the box next to him." Erica ran out of the shop and got into her car. Just like everyone else she'd left him. Oh wait Erica you didn't know did you?" Erica looked at Adam confused. He ran to the bedroom. Giselle walked into the house like she owned it. She was still upset.O. And guess what sweetie you just made Adam a hundred dollars richer. Then she rolled her Jimmy Choos and her expensive clothes through the dirt and broke one of the heels." Erica tried to stop the sting that came into her eyes. "Baby I can explain. That damn Adam he was going to pay. Colin I tried to go and talk to him to tell him to come . He walked into the bathroom and ran some water in the sink. but a tear escaped her eyes.

"How much longer did you think I was going to let you hurt my father? So who helped you look like you just finished fucking." Colin looked to Adam. Anger radiated from his body in waves while Giselle ran and cowered towards the couch. Yeah you know Todd right?" Giselles' eyes widened in fear... Colins' angry voice entered the home. He held his hand out.wanting to. Colin held Giselle in his arms. Well it's about time I listened to my son and trust in him. She couldn't believe Adam actually found her out. "Hey sweetheart don't worry Adam can't tear us apart. but quickly stopped when Adam pulled her suitcases and started throwing them on the lawn. but you caught me. . "Yes sweetheart I wasn't going to tell you. but he dragged me to the ground and finished the job!!!" Giselle fell into Colins' arms as sobs racked through her." Adam looked over at her." Colin looked down at her thoughtfully. "Good because from what I've heard Adam has been in the kitchen all this time.home. "Baby were did you leave Adam? When I find that man I'm going to kill him!" Giselle looked at him with sincerity in her eyes." Colin gave her a dirty look and pushed her away from him. I've given him everything and he's trying to take you from me? That bastard is going to pay!!" Colin pulled her face into his hands and looked in her eyes.. but was stopped when Adam grabbed her wrists. She looked at Colin. "I should've known when my son didn't like you. I'm through with you. He forced me in his car and he raped me!!!! I ran from him. her plan was working perfectly. She could feel the anger coursing through his veins at his son. "I'm going to kill him.. "Like he trusts in me. Colin looked at her. "Colin he's lying he just doesn't want us to be happy!!!!" Colin looked at Giselle coldly. Giselle secretly smiled to herself." Giselle looked at Colin and began to protest. I was going to forget about all of his because I didn't want to ruin the little relationship the two of you have. Oh wait don't answer that I know the man I think I did one of his tattoos. I'm "in to deep" right? Isn't that what you told Adam? Well listen bitch. Get your shit Giselle and get the fuck out.fuck me!!! He was so disgusting!! He did this to hurt you. Instead I didn't listen and I put him through a life of hell. She ran outside to try and save her clothes. you don't own me and you never will. Adam came out of the kitchen. He looked at me and told me I was the reason he was staying away!!! He told me ever since you married me he'd been wanting to.

Erica cringed at the man." . Erica looked at both of them. First you leave him. "Well since Cece is at her grandparents' house and since we have a few minutes we're going to get your man back." Adam smiled at his father then pulled the wedding ring he'd bought for Erica. Adam walked back into his fathers' home and looked at him. She looked at them cautiously. But right now you need to save your energy right now because I have a feeling you're going to be doing a lot of begging. Nynia rolled her eyes at him then slowly started to join in." Giselle took her ring off and along with it went all her dreams. Erica looked at both of them like they were crazy. "You're WHAT!!!" Nicks' voice boomed through living room. Since they were Adams' closest friends she thought they would be able to help her. and then Nick came over and picked her up." Erica looked in Nicks' eyes and saw a mischievous twinkle. And since I owe him for helping me get my beautiful wife back I'm going to help him get you back."The ring." Nynia gazed at Erica. Nynia came over and gave her a hug. He wasn't her father. "Do you still love him?" Erica nodded her head as tears flowed out of her eyes. "Have you told Adam yet?" Nynia asked her with kind eyes. "What's so funny?" Nick shook his head. You are one hell of a woman." Colin walked over and pulled his son into a hug. Nick started pacing and running his hands through his hair. Karma was a bitch. She had come over to talk to them about an hour ago. but damn for some reason he made her feel terrible. Nynia turned to her. "Son I'm the one who needs to apologize for all the shit I've put you through. Erica looked at them and grimaced." Nick looked at her in disbelief then started laughing. "I'm sorry dad. now. "Nothing it's just that Adam has a lot on his hands. Yeah he was going to be doing a lot of begging. and then you don't tell him about being pregnant. "No I haven't. "What are we going to do?" Nynia shrugged her shoulders. in my hand. "Erica sweetie you have to give him a chance. Of course he's going to have to work for it. The same identical look resided in Nynias' eyes.

" Nynias' warm voice came through the phone. He was going to get his woman if it damn near killed him. "Baby please all the stuff about Giselle wasn't true. but if he fights us tonight then he really wants you.. "Nynia he's going to come over here and he's going to probably kill everyone in his way. He jumped in his car and began to drive when his phone started to ring. Erica doesn't want to see you ever again. "I know he's crazy. Adam had successfully bashed the door in and he came through looking like a wild man. "Hey Nynia I'm kind of busy right now. Adam spotted Erica. Don't even come over here-" Adam shut off Nynias' voice as he turned the phone off. "You want me to open the door?" Colin looked at the door then shook his head. She was on the verge of an orgasm just from looking at him.." Erica was beginning to respond when a loud knock sounded on the door. but we need to see how much. "Sweetheart he's going to hurt himself." Then he smiled at her and she almost caught her breath. Erica looked at Nynia like she was crazy. I just want to let you know she's at your house only to get her stuff so you would know to stay away from her. but he's a hell of a man." Erica shook her head at the man." Erica looked at him. He was still shaking his head from the absurdity of it.well you know. He was for sure Erica would have been here. He looked at the ID and saw that it was Nynia. Nynia just smiled at her.Erica looked at them both. What did she get herself into? Adam walked away from his grandparents' house in defeat. He pushed down on the gas and sped off towards his house. Instead of help he'd received a beating from his grandpa and his grandma gave him a tongue lashing in her native language. It was the same smile Adam gave her when he was planning something. They had locked all the locks on the door to insure that Adam couldn't just use his keys to get in. I-" . "Sweetheart I've never known Adam to fight. He turned to look at Max and Derrick. Colin walked out of the kitchen and looked at Erica. Then all of a sudden the door was being beat in by Adam." Nick threw his head back and laughed. "No he needs to work for it. Especially since you're pregnant. "Yeah I know fathead so listen up.

I'm. That's even better because I wasn't planning on waiting to get a family started with you. If you men value your lives you'll move. She threw up her hands in defeat and ran to the kitchen to get some water." Adam looked at her.I love you so much. "How can you guys be smiling when you've just been in a fight?" ." Adam looked at her. Erica took a deep breath. "Well I said that because he usually doesn't. I'll give up my businesses for you. but Max and Derrick need to move. but it seems like he'll make an exception for you." Adam tried to make his way towards Erica. Erica looked at the blood bath on the floor then she turned to Colin." Erica looked at Nynia and smiled. "Baby you can have control. But I have to tell you something. Max. but he was stopped by the men.. but I deserve to be fought for. I'll go join a boxing class if you want me to fight that bad. Erica broke the kiss to see all the men smiling. He looked at them. Erica took the opportunity to grab Adam and pull him down for a kiss.. I'll make sure that you don't have to lift a finger for the rest of your life. Adam deepened the kiss and stroked his tongue along hers. I want to be in control. He turned and pulled Derrick in a headlock while he punched Max in the stomach. "Well I'm having twins and I love you. He punched Nick in the face then was wrestled to the floor by Derrick. Erica looked at him with tears in her eyes. He hated when his baby was upset and if these idiots didn't move out of the way he was going to kill them.. "Nick I don't give a damn about hurting you. She moaned softly into his mouth." Erica felt her breath catch. "Adam I know the truth about Giselle and I'm sorry about leaving. She ran back in and threw the water on the men. "I thought you said he wouldn't fight them??!!!!" Colin shrugged his shoulders. You want me to go fight for you? I'll do it.I'm pregnant. and Derrick made a wall between him and Erica." The three men looked at one another then looked back at Adam. "Adam. You could be having twins for all I care. Tell me what you want me to do baby I'll do it. They broke apart and started shaking the water out of their faces.Adam was cut off as Nick.. Nynia sat there and looked at the men like it was a TV show. That was all the encouragement Adam needed. I'm tired of being walked over." Erica looked at Nynia. "What does that mean? Am I supposed to leave you now that you're pregnant? Well screw that shit I'm here to stay.

His muscles tensed as his orgasm slowly climbed up his spine. Erica threw her head back in pleasure at the sensation. They both moaned at the contact and he carried her to the bedroom. He then picked her up in his arms and slowly slid her onto his cock. She pulled his hands around his back and locked them behind him. It's a little game we play.Nick smiled at her. Adam threw his head back and moaned.I need you to be in control for me. She came around to face him and almost came from the look he was giving her. She watched as his cream began to come out from the tip of his cock. She cried out in protest when Adam slid her off his cock and put her on the bed. He sped off and drove to the loft he used when he did his paintings." Erica smiled up at him then slowly slid her mouth over his slick cock then back up again. He walked over to the bedside table in the bedroom and pulled out a set of handcuffs. Erica slowly lowered herself to his knees and slowly licked a trail from his sac to the tip of his cock.. Erica began to massage his sac with one hand and stroked his cock with the other. Before he could come Erica pulled away from his cock. Erica ran in behind him and looked at him." Erica shook her head and went back to kissing Adam. "Erica I've always had control in my life." Adam laughed darkly then tore off all of Ericas' clothing. His sac was hot and heavy underneath his thick cock. She looked down at his cock and moaned at the sight. So I want you to be in control for me baby. . With every step up the stairs his cock slowly entered her wet core and slowly slid out. He looked at her then went to sit in a chair. Adam sucked in his breath. She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock then slid her mouth back down his cock. "Erica I'm going to fucking lose it baby. but she would do anything he wanted her to do. Adam felt his sac tighten beneath his cock. She didn't want to put him through this.. "Adam I want you now. hard and fast. Erica responded by kissing him back harder and then she bit his lip. He picked her up and carried her back to his car. "Baby what's wrong?" Adam shook his head then slowly began to kiss Erica. "Fake fight sweetheart." Erica looked at Adam incredulously then walked over and grabbed the handcuffs out of his hands. His eyes were heavy and he was biting his lips. She leaned down and sucked the juice from the head of his cock. But when you're around I don't know what to do. His cock was proudly erect and thick waiting for her to ride him. I'm always doing something crazy and I have no control over the way I feel for you baby. She slowly bobbed her head up and down while Adams' head fell back in ecstasy.

"Baby I thought you wanted to be in control?" Erica shook her head. She moaned as he sucked her nipple hard between his mouth. They both groaned at the sensation. Adam growled at her and Erica gave him a secret smile. . He smiled at her then carried her to the bed. Adam took the opportunity to suck on her breasts while they swayed in his face." Adam growled then put his hands around Ericas' hips. Adam pulled her face in his hands." Erica slid on his lap. His spine began to tingle and he looked at Erica. He laid her on the bed softly then leaned in to kiss her deeply. She felt her juices run down her legs as she came closer to Adam. Erica slowly rode his cock then she slid her tongue into his mouth for a deep kiss. She walked over to him and stood over his cock. She pushed his head away from her nipple then slid her sticky fingers between his lips. Fuck put your leg over my shoulder. His tongue flew quickly over her fingers and it made her cunt throb even more. He pulled away then leaned down towards his jeans. "I'm not teasing baby. She looked him deep in the eyes as she rode his cock slowly. He started fucking her hard and deep and he groaned as her breasts started bouncing everywhere. I'm taking control. Her eyes were glazed over and she was panting fast. Erica felt the orgasm pulse through her with a powerful force. She sat back down on Adams' cock and he gazed at her with confusion. She swayed her breasts in his face and he caught one of her nipples between his lips. She played with his tongue and explored his mouth with her tongue." Erica thought about obeying. His eyes watched her fingers as she slid them in and out of her pussy. Erica slowly broke the kiss and nibbled on his bottom lip. He increased his pace and started fucking her faster and he felt the familiar tightening of his balls. She started grinding her cunt into his cock and almost came from the heat his cock was sending through her core.Erica moaned at the taste of Adam. She slid two fingers between her legs and rubbed her swollen cunt. When she couldn't take it anymore she slowly slid down onto his cock. "Baby let me eat you. She leaned up on her knees and leaned over Adams' head. Adam looked at her through dark green eyes. but instead shook her head and slid the fingers he finished licking back into her wet cunt. He looked at Erica. Adam looked at her. "Erica stop fucking teasing me and sit on my cock!" Erica laughed at him. but didn't let his cock enter her. She slowly faded from her blissful orgasm and gazed at Adam. He gave her two hard strokes and watched as she went over the edge. She went into another orgasm as she felt Adams' cum squirt inside of her. Erica reached behind his back and took the handcuffs off. "No baby I want us to be in control.

They had his thick black hair and his sinful smile. "I'll take that as a yes. He then grabbed Erica into his arms and gave her a deep kiss." Erica laughed at Adam. He'd finally got what he wanted." Adam smiled and picked his children up. but they had their mothers' gorgeous brown eyes and her open honest face." Adam twirled her around in a circle. "You told me when I was ready to play to give you a call. Two Years Later "Daddy's home!!!" Adam came into the house and smiled as his twin boys laughed and reached for him. "I love you Adam."You know baby I've never regretted meeting you and I'm glad I did. a family. He leaned over and picked up Jaden then turned to pick up Zach. For the rest of my life. He smiled at each one of them." "I love you too baby." Adam looked at her. "Well are you ready to play?" Erica shook her head in laughter and Adam sighed at the sight. Erica came from the kitchen glowing as usual. but do you remember what I said to you when we first met?" Erica thought for a minute then smiled at him. "How would you boys like to go and visit grandpa?" Adam laughed as they gurgled and slapped his face with wet palms. She looked up at Adam with tears in her eyes. "What's going on? Are you planning something special for tonight? . Baby I love you and I demand that you marry me. Erica looked at him and bit his bottom lip. "Adam there are children present. Fuck I don't know how to do this sentimental shit. It was a canary diamond ring surrounded by smaller diamonds. They were beautiful. It was simple yet extravagant. Erica gasped at the sight of the ring he slipped onto her finger. She was so beautiful his ebony angel." Erica looked at Adam in confusion. She jumped into his arms and kissed him. He was never going to change and that's why she would always love him. "Yes I'm ready to play.

" Erica looked at him with confusion. . "Want to play?" Erica laughed as Adam hurried to get the twins to the grandpas' house. "No. For the rest of her life.Adam shrugged his shoulders while he got the twins an overnight bag together. "What's the question?" Adam gave her an evil smile. She would always say yes to that question. but I have a question for you and I already know the answer and well I don't want to twins around while I answer your question.

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