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Code of Practice The installation of this product is covered by BS8203 Code of Practice for the Installation of Resilient Floorcoverings. The ambient temperature of the areas to be covered should be at least 18C 24 hours prior to, during, and after installation. Material must be allowed to acclimatise unpacked in the area in which it is to installed for a period of at least 24 hours.

CI/ Sfb May 2010



Boxes are clearly marked with a batch number and the product should be checked for match before laying. Note: Architecton has a directional design and tiles should be laid chequerboard fashion as indicated below.

Laying Architecton Tiles Careful planning and consideration is necessary if the desired overall effect is to be achieved. It is customary to start laying tiles from a central position. A chalk line should be struck halfway across the width and length of the area to be covered to determine the centre point. Once these two guide lines are struck it is recommended that a single row of tiles be laid without adhesive, widthwise and lengthwise to check both positioning and patterning. Apply adhesive according to the manufacturers instructions. Start laying tiles from central axis, place tiles into the adhesive, pressing firmly and evenly making sure not to trap air bubbles, proceed along and across centre lines working outwards. Tiles must be thoroughly rolled using a 68kg roller to ensure adhesion. Border tiles are now cut to size by placing them on the last square tile stuck and scribing them using a spare full tile placed against the wall as a template.

Subfloors Must be dry, smooth and flat. Please refer to separate SITES & SUBFLOORS data sheet. Adhesives Suitable adhesives include: Gerflor* Gertec / Gerfix E120 F.Ball & Co F44 F46 Laybond L47, L80 Tremco Treadfast 105, 108 Henkel Thomsit K188E, K188S *Please refer to ADHESIVES data information. separate GERFLOR sheet for usage

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