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History defined the word hero in various ways Full of goodness, is against immoral actions or as someone who is courageous, independent and tirelessly willing to make a difference. Whether these people lived in the 15th, 17th or 21st century, all examples of heroism over history help to display this.

Moses A Biblical Hero

Well known biblical character

Moses was:
Faithful Humble Spiritual

Chosen by God to free the Jewish people from slavery

Lead them to receiving the ten commandments The fundamental laws of both Christianity and Judaism.

Odysseus Ancient Greek Hero

Well-known and respected Ancient Greek hero. Famous for his clever idea of the Trojan horse. Many other military adventure A controversial hero today
Odysseus was: Proud Cunning Courageous A military leader

Anne Askew Hero of the 1500s

Refused to be silent in an era where women had little rights Women were expected to have no opinions on politics and religion Fought strongly for rights and justice Anne Askew was: Tenacious Independent Persistent Dignified

Thomas Foxwell Buxton Hero of the 1700s

Helped lessen the suffering of those in poverty 17th and 18th century. Donator to society Gave away food and money to those less privileged Released and saved many slaves with Abolition Act of 1833 Almost completely put an end to slavery in the British Empire.
Thomas Buxton was:
Fair Righteous Compassionate Considerate

Heroes in the

st 21


The definition of a hero in the 21st century does not differ much from what it previously has been Either someone who does good by others or someone who may be considered a role model in society Portrayed by media as being important and noble people But the real hero still stands as someone who does not need recognition in order to be heroic

Qualities of heroes have changed over time but there is one thing that all heroes have in common. All respected and admired based on qualities and the importance of them in their era. People who displayed these characteristics through their actions were given the label of being a hero.