The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Recorder (NSW : 1913 - 1954), Tuesday 30 March 1943, page 2


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on* are net the only spectres spirit front. An employee in-a-Jjithworks defence undertaking- tetls gow ?a story reckon, ranks 'with which, we the classics. Knocking off in-the eerie hours when ghosts- are1 supptfs was cu: to walk, he cycling-^Awne !along the Bo-mbira when -~be Road, tf'Sioree heard and sulky rattling Cist ducked' to-%i&«ttle ibehina him. He of 'the road' to allow the vthitte'^o It with a clatter and iPass. was-upco One horrified glance, andr 'he him. stiff. 'frozen was Th|p sulky rattled by with; a rush, but there was -' no 'It sign pf a horse attached -to it was sulky, just a phantom outness on The driverless; and poor Woke' whenceV the bike doesn't it know and' he is not makiag :awj' fei came. quiries. that-n^Sas We; understand ~oih this halBBt vowed'to ride1 no' more e'd track It mtjBit alter midnight. tiiSa'B bi' men'Hcne'A that here the iobrietv is net questioned.— 'JSmlgeB
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ghosts Ttey ;the


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