Comparison of adjectives

Adjectives have 3 degree of comparison: Positive degree Comparative degree Superlative degree .

Many adjectives form the comparative and superlative using er and est Positive Thick Long Comparative Thicker Longer Superlative Thickest Longest .

If the adjective ends with a consonant with a vowel before it. the consonant of the positive comparative degree is doubled before adding er or est Positive Hot Big Comparative Superlative Hotter Hottest Bigger Biggest .

form the comparative by adding r and the superlative by adding st Positive Nice Brave Comparative Nicer Braver Superlative Nicest Bravest .If the adjective ends with the letter e.

If the adjective ends with the letter y. change the y to ier and iest for the comparative and superlative Positive Pretty Funny Comparative Prettier Funnier Superlative Prettiest Funniest .

Some adjectives form the comparative and superlative by adding the words more and most .

less. ing or ed Positive Helpful Useless Willing Annoyed Comparative More helpful More useless More willing More annoyed Superlative Most helpful Most useless Most willing Most annoyed .Words ending in ful.

Words with 3 syllables or more Positive Wonderful Significant Comparative More wonderful More significant Superlative Most wonderful Most significant .

Others Positive Normal Afraid Comparative Superlative More normal Most normal More afraid Most afraid .

Some adjectives have irregular forms Positive Good Bad Many / much Comparative Better Worse More Superlative Best Worst Most .

.Use as … as for positive degree.  This box is the biggest of all. than for comparative degree and the for superlative degree  This box is as big as that box.  This box is bigger than that box.

When a sentence has more than 1 adjective. the position of the adjectives generally follow this order : 1 2 3 Opinion Size or shape Age Pretty Clever Small Round Old Young 4 5 Colour Origin or race Blue Pink Chinese Australian 6 Material or type Cotton Musical .

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