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The Work by MBA9_GROUP 8

Leading company in pharmaceutical industry
Group 8 Member Names
1. Đào Thúy Hà

4. Trần Ngọc Quỳnh 5. Nguyễn Minh Phương

2. Vũ Kiều Chi 3. Nguyễn Hồng Trang


Modern technoly &Traditional character • A listed company with the capital of 6 million USD • The most famous brand in Vietnamese Pharmaceutical sector.

. One of the leading companies in development and promotion of Vietnamese traditional medicines, average growth rate of 25%. • Wide range of product with strong R&D.

• Two WHO GMP-complied factories. • Nationwide distribution with 7 branches • “GREEN PLAN” for substainning input of natural resource in the company.

ECO4FAMI- Brand of 4 fuctional products
• Ingredients: Combine of Polycias with Sea cucumber • Benefits: enhancing memory and sexuality

• INGRIDIENTS: Combine of Polycias with Radix Angelica sinensis • Benefits: Easy mind, enhancing memory, healthy skin

• INGRIDIENTS: Combine of Polycias and Panax Ginsen • Benefits: Enhancing memory, awaken

• Ingredients: Combine of Polycias with Chrysanthemum • Benefits: Enhancing memory, good for eyes

GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL . OUR MISSION • To offer the superior natural health care products at reasonable price.ECO4FAMI’s vision and mission OUR VISION • To be a famous brand of functional food accepted by wide majority of Vietnamese people. to help women smartly care her family.

so the policy of creating a material area for Traphaco‟s products will be strongly supported by State agencies Legal regulations on FF is not as strict as drugs. The ability of R&D in TRAPHACO. especial in advertisement The price of FF will not be imposed ceiling price like drugs The relationship between Traditional Pharmaceutical product and fuctional products: Exploiting the biodiversified natural resouce in Vietnam that have been experienced long time ago. The trend of social: like to use the natural products The policy : Vietnam has policies to help the farmers.Why to choose • • • • The well. Use the current distribution system of TRAPHACO.known Brand TRAPHACO in healcare sector. GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL • - .

modern life with stress. advancing scientific evidence that diet can alter disease prevalence and progression. environmental and food contamination leads to the change of disease patterns. These include an aging population.Market need  The income of Vietnamese is increasing. advances in food science and technology. change in consumer awareness and expectations. they have more money to spend on    heath protection and beauty care In big cities. and changes in food regulations. . Consumers have switched from an emphasis on satisfying hunger to an emphasis on the promising use of foods to promote well-being and to help reduce the risk of disease A number of factors are responsible for changing consumer attitudes toward foods and reshaping food supply trends. lifestyle are increasing. consumers„ desire to enhance personal health. Chronic diseases related to nutrition and food. increased health care costs.

FF accounts for 1/3 of total products in the pharmaceutical stores.Functional Food – Vietnam Market  Fuctional Food started entering Vietnam in1993  Currently.  Vietnam pharmacy companies especially traditional pharmacy companies started R&D and market their own products .  Observe an increasing number of foreign FF products imported to Vietnam Market.

Functional Food – Vietnam Market Functional Food growth in Vietnam Domestic Functional Food by categories (2000-2005) 200 150 Billions (VND) Foreign Number products 100 50 Number firms Number of firms 0 200020012002200320042005 Others Cod-liver oil Calci suplimented Ginseng Minaral suplimented 2005-2006 2007 Year 2008 2009 .

COMPETITION Imported Products Domestic products Time of appear Price Chanel 2000 2002 High price Multi. -Improve function .level Distribution Retailer online Dailly for healthcare Reasonable price Pharmacies. supermarkets Use -To support treatment.

WHO BUYS ECO4FAMI The middle to upper income class ( VND 15 mio/ per month) Two income working professional families Women typically 35.60 year olds living in urban areas Consumers prefer natural products GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL .

Take advice .People today have more brain activities. supper markets…). This leads to less fatigue and lightheadedness . multi-channel. Work. Simultaneously.Social network .It is a daily consuming product.The house-wifes always want to take care of their family. No need a description of the doctor to buy the products Easy to take products when they are out Communication .Office workers can go online. . so the price must not be too high Customer Covenience Can buy the products from every where (drug stores. they also want to show their knowledge and intelligence by using modern and high quality products.Solution . schooling and life always have a lot of pressure. reading papers . -Eco4brain creates peace of mind to buyers that their relatives are adequately cared Cost -The total cost is very small in comparison with the total income.Mass media (TV at dinner time) .

SWOT ANALYSIS Strength .Advantage in finance . marketing herbal remedy. companies with 2 modern factories in Vietnam which achieved WHO GMP . .Very successful with “Polyscias" image with "Hoat huyet duong nao" product.Trafaco is one of leading pharmaceutical Weakness -Lack of experience of marketing for functional food. -Technology is less modern than foreign manufacturer‟s. -Dont have experience in Multi level sale channel which is most effective way of foreign manufacturers.Have 40 years experience in R&D. . -Design and packing of product is not attractive. Opportunity GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL Threat .Enthusiasm and experienced staffs and managers.

. Medicine manufacturers not have WHO GMP + Due to pollution of environment and food. . product from + Attractive packing design. unfair competition.Competition with domestic products: + Awareness about important of health. friendly with environment.SWOT ANALYSIS Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat .Chance to export to foreign countries. will change to produce functional food consumer want to use functional food to -Unapparent management policy leads to improve resistance.Ceiling rate is not applied for functional .Vietnamese functional food market is very . nature.Material is cheap and abundant. imitation.Consumer has loosen trust of functional food. GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL . + Consumer's psychology : like to use + Market develop quickly (200%/year) and imported products. food‟s benefit because of exaggeration of . account for 50% total product in pharmacy + Foreign suppliers have good strategy to + Consumer has trend to use product penetrate Vietnamese market.Government gives high priority for development. .Competition with imported products potential . some distributors. .

so Traphaco should pay attention in intellectual property issue to avoid imitation. .  Invest in developing technology in long term period to produce higher quality product.  Should focus on marketing activities to create unique products and services and make difference with competitors.SWOT ANALYSIS – CRITICAL ISSUE  Traphaco has chance to be successful to develop functional food.  Regulation for functional food is not apparent.

the elder(grandparent.The most clever and wise WOMAN when she decides to choose ECO4FAMI to care of her family. natural fuctional food with reasonable price that help to enhance and ensure the health of all member in a family • Target buyer: SMART WOMAN .Work in office.MARKETING STRATEGY • Branding ECO4FAMI as a safety. child. . • Target user: Man (hunsband). They do not have much time. woman in the FAMILY GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL .


“ Nature & life”. “ For strong Vietnam”…. www. Healthy organize or Programs/campaigns sponsor • Name programs/campaigns focusing on FF product like “ Be a smart woman”. Business woman Forum • Hold specific meeting with outstanding speaker • Publicize meeting via sending mail list & newsletter provided by authorized body • Attend. Create belief from signing up social networks • www.com.com • Play as a member of this network.NETWORKING/LOBBY Thru Authorized body such as Woman Association.lamchame. share experience & opinion… GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL .webtretho.

Letter – sized brochure . Holding Q & A booth.Impressive printing & using high quality paper GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL . benefits of FF New product or supplementary used as promotion gifts . schedule sticker…. introduce on products from nature.ADVERTISING tablet alarm. rewards program..Simple & on 01 page . free health check period.

FF & Life…. professional conference to attract interest from customer Public a magazine on benefit & usage of FF We are friends with all competitors EASY TO UNDERSTAND Hotline to consult -How can I use FF? .COMMUNICATION Heath care tendency of the world . Tu van tieu dung – Wise consumer Newspaper To be near our customer GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL . Gia dinh tre – Young Family.Real story Suc khoe & Doi Song – Health & Life Newspaper. -Make new habit to customer .New products of Trafaco .co organize seminar.Promotion program . .new invented -Women & FF ….

. increasing reaction times. + Health care range of product for family: include 4 products for kid. and improving mental clarity.Packaging: 2 types: + 30 tablets in 1 plastic box: small box can be brought to everywhere. GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL . price is lower per tablets. Product . +Benefits: It is a recognised brain tonic. +Delivery service: Develop delivery team. + 90 tablets in 1 plastic box: saving choice. parent and grand parent . trengthern of the body and it can be responsible for enhancing memory. .Feature: + Product is made from herb.Additional services: + Free consultant service by phone: create free line at number 18006612 to consult to customer.Marketing Mix P1.Design: + Bright color which is suitable with age range: + Image is simple and impressive. The range of product are developed from the main ingridient that is Polyscias (that was patented for TRAPHACO) plus suitable herbal for each type of user. improving both short and long term memory.


Price: .Price is higher than domestic product to position brand and focus on developing additional services.Price for big box is cheaper than small box.We spend 30% of sales for marketing to build brand of products in the first year and 20% of sales in the next years and focus on supplementary service to create perfect product package. .Price is cheaper than imported products to make competition advantage.Marketing Mix P2. . . 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 3000 2000 1000 GILEAD0CONFIDENTIAL Domestic Product 1 ECO4BRAIN Imported product .

-Opening period–1 campaign -Discount 5 – 10% month .Opening period . “Hanh . exchange 4 empty boxes to get 1 full -Renew decoration once per 6in months box. Promotion -Buy 3boxes get a remaining box in group. email-marketing.Team 2 people introduce and consult about product at some .Special event: New opening period year. Promotion Tool Implement 3. buy 1 get another product group. . as: discount. social networks.All period Marketing function. ngoisao.First 3 years + Build a website for this product group which has online shopping function.Point of purchase: decorate product’s cabinet at nu”. GILEAD Online -Develop a website for productCONFIDENTIAL group with online shopping . seminar marketing main pharmacies and supermarkets . -Put banner in some popular websites: vnexpress.First year . “The gioi phu nu” appropriate with product’s design Point of -Put banner at pharmacies and supermarkets. O2TV . TV shopping.Direct marketing and activation: introduce products at pharmacies and supermarkets in -Exchange 4 empty boxed with 1 full box. Print and outdoor ads. relationship and in health of family. .Online marketing: Public .First 3 years purchase -Decorate and cabinet and shelf of point ofin sale withimportant suitable image . pharmacies and supermarket which is phuc va gia dinh”.Marketing Mix P3. Promotion: Time Mass -Advertise in TV through programs for woman and health care -First 6 months : TV. functional food.Publish in magazine for woman: “Phu “New fashion”.Promotion campaign sampling: implement some events of year such and color.net .Public relation and of event: health care workshop. role of woman . radio. advertising such as “Suc song moi”. women‟s day… Direct . event + Using other online tools: Forum.Hold 1 seminar per 3 months about health care.

com .Marketing Mix P4. Place: Channel Pharmacy Supermarket Targeted customer All customers Woman Implementation Distributed by all agent of Trafaco in Vietnam . VTC and media company to carry out. 1 staff have 20 phone call per day. -Co-operate with VTV. Intimart. -Coordinate tightly with delivery team -Through website eco4fbrain. BigC -Sell in all supermarkets in cities Call centre has responsibility to call and introduce new product.Co-operate with company supply payment method GILEAD tightly CONFIDENTIAL -Coordinate with delivery team Time All period -First year Goals Sales Branding/sal es -2nd & 3th year 1 month after advertising in media. All period Branding/sal es Branding/sal es Branding/sal es Telesale Existing customers of Trafaco Retired and free customers Office staff TV shopping Online shopping All period .Sell in big supermarket in big cities: Fivimart.

Sale strategies. seminar or presentation .Sale Strategies 4. Cold Calls Customer get customer HIGH SALES QUALITY Face to face meeting Professional Association.

8 small boxes /month.Increase the number of shops by 20%.Increase the sales by 25% Year 3: .Focus on the 10 biggest cities of VIET NA M Year 2: . all cities and provinces .Other chanel by 30% .Other chanel by 20% . .Sale Target Year 1 .Increase the number of shops by 20%.Increase the sales by 25% (*)Select the top shops base TRAPHACO’s CRM data . 200 small boxes/month .300 top shops(*) sells average 4 big boxes/month.Other chanel: 200 big boxes. 15 cities and provinces .

000 6.000 16.000 8.480.000 18.000.376.000.000.000 14.000 2.Sale Forecast Sales 20.000 Price (000VND) 120 300 Revenue (000VND) 4.896.000 4.000 .000.775.000 6.000 14.800 17.000.000 GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL 11.000 0 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Sales Linear (Sales) Sales year 1 Sales year 2 Sales year 3 Boxes Small one Big one Total 40.

000 3.000 1.000 .775.000.844.280.000 7.000 Year 2 14.220.777.000.000.000 Year 3 17.821.250.376.422.BUDGET PLAN Year 1 Sales Commision Salary COG Marketing Other expence 11.000 6.000 1.000 341.000 Profit (284.500.000 711.000 2.776.000 888.555.000) 995.400.800.000.600.000 533.400.250.920.412.800.000 511.600.000 1.000.000 3.244.000 426.

Evaluate effectiveness of each step.Build company culture to make objective of company become objective of each staff.Convenient website: www.smartwoman.Flexible process but In time .Customer services staff is enthusiasm. . each method to control and revise to make it more reasonable Physical evidence: .2 mordent factories: .Free line: 18006612 serve from 8 AM to 22 PM . friendly with precept “Customer is relative” Process .vn (in plan) GILEAD CONFIDENTIAL .Delivery team is professional. friendly (wear uniform) and amusing .Marketing Mix – other issues People: .Call centre: 8 staffs serve from 8 AM to 22 PM .

Thank you! .

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